wont fade away

Submitted by earthtonataliee.

“I wont fade away, be forgotten or just cast away.
This life is mine to live.
Old Scars, Future Hearts // All Time Low

I’ve been listening to All Time Low since my high school years, and they have pulled me through so many tough times and continue to mean more to me than I could ever put into words. This is the second tattoo I’ve gotten in honor of them and their music.

Thoughts of You

Here I am
Every night
Thinking of you
My body lingers for your touch
My lips crave for your kiss
But all that stops
Now that I see
That we just aren’t meant to be
Though there are memories
That cannot be remade quite the same
I will always remember what we had
You made me feel what I couldnt before
And now that you’ve gone
I stand alone
And weaker than ever
Going back to old habits
And hoping you see
What you’re doing to me
I hide the pain well enough
For you not to question
But I know you don’t care enough to ask
And im left here once again
Trying to mend my broken heart for the third time because of you
And then I think
Why do I still love him?
Why do I still care?
Why do I still want him?
When he doesnt
Those memories wont ever seem to fade away
I told myself to let go
But I cling close to them
Because its all I have left
The memories of happiness with you
Also brings a weight of sorrow
And I will forever question why my heart ever chose you