wont fade away

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lola i am losing my shit i was doing a google search and came across an article titled 'phil lester hints that he has a girlfriend but the gay rumours just wont fade away; has a dating affair for real?' and it was an article from like 3 months ago so i was like wtf so i clicked it and like apparently the 'girlfriend hints' were the selfie he took with the sarah michelle geller wax figure in like 2013 and captioned with 'selfie with the girlfriend xoxo' ahdgshfk

i’m linking you the article, i just think this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen (link)

the only incorrect thing about this is that phil’s gf isn’t smg, it’s alyssa

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“I wont fade away, be forgotten or just cast away.
This life is mine to live.
Old Scars, Future Hearts // All Time Low

I’ve been listening to All Time Low since my high school years, and they have pulled me through so many tough times and continue to mean more to me than I could ever put into words. This is the second tattoo I’ve gotten in honor of them and their music.