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my old drawings.

Aaaaactually im planing lots of stuffs. (I cover some lines because im not sure about englishes & spoiler)

These are Aus and ask blogs which will be co-operated with my dear friend But i’ll draw new versions with computer. These are only the concepts.

But all these thing will be able to be seen after 11/18 bc i born in korea and my SAT is near. Or never came up if i wont belong to this fandom anymore in future.

I just want to show some of my shits.

Uh.. bye.

Ride With Me (Part 4)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing. 

*Things get tense when (Y/N) meets three members of the Red Skull*

So, considering that two of these characters have yet to made an appearance in the MCU. I am taking slight artistic licence as to what I think they looked like for this AU. Shout out to @assembletheimagines​ for helping me try and pick a face for Hela thanks boo x (I know that Cate Blanchett is going to portray her in Thor 3 but I kinda leaned towards the comic version of her for this AU)  

Part 3


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“Come on you piece of shit work” you growled dangerously. You sat perched at the bar, a new lukewarm cup of tea sat beside to you barely touched as you glared viciously at the laptop screen. You had been risking your life in that motel room for long enough and it was high time to find a place of your own. Or someone to share it with at least.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine this morning” you resisted the urge to glare at the three arrivals.

“Careful Sam, she’d been yelling at that thing all morning” Wanda teased as she stood behind the bar drying pint glasses.

“Roommate search? Looking for a new place?” Natasha asked peering over your shoulder reading the website open on the laptop.

“Living out of my suitcase is getting a little old” you mumble into your mug, you winced after swallowing. The cool temperature didn’t sit well with you.  

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oh my god

anonymous asked:

can i request for a story where Mc was Scorpio's former sweetheart back when he was not yet a god, and now that he's a god and mc met him, she remembers him but he doesn't remember her. but still end up together in the end. please and thank youuuuu!

this is a great request!
Probably might make you tear up, I wrote it and felt heartbroken.

You were both so happy together, he was the best thing he has ever happened to you and you were the best thing to ever happen also. He had such a terrible and horrible life as a human but meeting you in this world helped him be happier and so glad to be alive. But tonight, everything was about to change. As he gets dressed you watch him standing in the doorway as he stands there strapping his gun you look down and bit on your lip trying to hold back tears. He turns around seeing you stand there and he sighs frowning a little bit as he walks towards you, he lifts up your chin with his finger and he smiles softly at you. He wont let you know he is scared to death and his heart is racing, he just wants to make sure you are okay and protected. “I will be back” he speaks softly and you smile a little bit “Be careful” you know what he does is dangerous and you hated it. But you will be brave for him, you will do anything for him. He kisses you softly and than pulls you in a tight hug. You hold him back tight and spoke softly “I love you” he pulls away a little and wipes a tear that has fallen from your eyes “I love you to” he kisses your forehead and you walk him to the front door as he picks up his other supplies that you know is used to kill people. He looks back at you with a little smile “Wait for me” as you watch him walk through the door you walk over to the window watching him go with tears coming down your face, as you looks back and waves to you, you smile and wave back “I will always wait for you” you whisper letting tears fall from your eyes and he leaves.

2 weeks later,
It was just like any other night as you make dinner, when you hear a sudden knock at the door. You look out the window and see two gentlemen standing there, you start to freak out but Scorpio has taught you how to defend yourself. With the baseball bat sitting by the door you answer it and smile “Hi how can I help you?” the gentlemen look at each other and than looked back at you upset. “Mam, are you ___?” you nod “Yes” you choke back a lump in your throat and have a bad feeling about this. The one man sighs and begins to speak, and what he is telling you, you cant believe what has happened and just broke down crying. Scorpio promised to come back, and you believed him. You didn’t want to believe he lost his life in a bomb attack. You were falling apart, your world turned upside down.
A week later, it was happening. You would have to say goodbye and part ways forever, as you watched him get buried you couldn’t do anything but feel frozen, like time has stopped. This was just a dream this wasn’t real. You kneeled down at the grave stone after everyone gave their peace offerings and they said their sorryys to you and so forth. Their sorryys doesn’t mean anything at the time, you just lost someone so important, you lost your soul mate. You run your hand over the letters and hug the grave stone. “I will always wait for you” you cried holding onto the stone for a while, it was getting dark and you pulled away when you just couldn’t cry anymore. You stood up and placed your flowers down and a picture you had of you both, “I will be back soon” you choke out and walk away from the grave. Little did you know, your life will change but in a different way and never expected it and neither did he.

Everything was white, pure everywhere he looked. “Is this what it looks like after you die?” He thought to himself and finally everything cleared up and he looked around at an amazing place “Where am I?” he whispers and looks around as he walks around the field as he walks closer to a huge mansion looking thing a man with long hair steps out dressed in a weird looking suit and the man steps up to him “Hello my name is Zyglavis minister from department of punishments” he looks at the man up and down “Where am I?” he asks and the man name Zyglavis smiles “Welcome to the Heavens, His Highness is waiting for you” as Zyglavis turns his back to Scorpio he feels awkward but follows the man anyways, Maybe he will get more information. As he walks into a huge room, he sees a man sitting in a throne seat surrounded by other 11 men and the man at the throne smiles. “Welcome to the Heavens” he stands up from the throne and walks in front of Scorpio, “I am the king of the Heavens, and I sent you hear to see me because you hold such great power” Scorpio cocks his head to the side wondering “Power? Pretty sure I’m suppose to be in hell because of the shitty life I had as a human and all the things I did”. The king chuckles at his bluntness “I want you to join the Department of Punishments, you are strong and you will be on the same title as Zyglavis a step down I saw what you can do and I am quiet impressed with you when you were a human” he smirks looking at him and Scorpio gives him a look “What does department of punishments even mean? and why are these guys in other weird costumes” as he points to the Wishes gods the god gives him a dirty look “We are wishes gods, and I am the Minister Leon, we pick up the slack that the punishments leave” as he spits out Zyglavis chuckles “We give justice when its served making sure humans pay for their sins, anyone can grant a wish” As they stare each other down someone else speaks up standing next to the god name Leon “Lets explain him everything” and all the rest of the gods agree listening to his Highness explain everything to him, “And so, my dear Scorpio you are given a job just like my other 11 sons of the zodiac and you will lead of course Scorpio and will complete your jobs as a punishment god”. Its a lot to take in but Scorpio sighs and nods “Okay”. As all the other gods apart after introducing themselves, Zyglavis and Scorpio stay in the throne room with the king.
“I’m sure its a lot to take in but it will be fine”, Scorpio looks at him and nods and Zyglavis speaks up “I will drop off your paperwork tomorrow to start your punishment work”. Scorpio thinks about all the nasty stuff that happened to him when he was a human, he saw people suffer and everything and to think he can punish people for being cruel he smirks and the king notices it chuckling. “You seem pleased my dear Scorpio” he looks at the king and smirks evilly “Of course those filthy disgusting humans deserve to be punished” as he says low and cold the king looks at him “All humans?” he asks questioningly and Scorpio nods “Of course not one of them were loyal they were all cruel and down hearted” the king and Zyglavis look at each other surprised than looked back at him. “Do you remember everything as a human?” Scorpio nods “Its a blessing I’m here I hated Earth, nothing was there for me” as he says coldly Zyglavis beings to speak “So you don’t remember that gi-”, The king puts a hand on Zyglavis shoulder and he stops talking looking at the king who has a mixed expression on his face. “Remember what?” Scorpio asks questioningly and Zyglavis just puts on a fake smile “I’m just surprised you remember anything”. Leaving the conversation there the king sighs as he watches Scorpio with Dui who will be showing his new room, Zyglavis looks at the king.
“Your highness, are you ever going to tell him?” he asks and the king nods slowly “Not now, we just need to watch over the goddess of fate, it wont belong until the dark king sniffs her out since he is about to run free even though we been keeping him under control the best we can” Zyglavis nods and leaves the throne room.
As Zyglavis walks down the hall, he sees Leon and Karno with mixed expressions. “Minister ponytail we have to talk” as Leon spoke Zyglavis rolls his eyes “Does the wild lion need help with his work again?” as Leon gives him a evil stare Karno steps in between the two “Leon we should show him the wish now” he sighs and nods handing Zyglavis the wish and now he sighs to looking grave.
“Please gods or the heavens, someone please bring my loving Scorpio back”
As Zyglavis looks at the wish the three of them walk to the reflecting pool, pulling up the imagine they see the goddess of fate, looking at a grave stone crying. “Of course her wishes will get to us faster considering she was once a god” as Karno spoke Zyglavis nodded “we been watching over her and happy for her new human life but it looks like she wont get better now” and he spoke, Leon sighs “They will see each other again” and Zyglavis frowns a bit “He doesn’t remember her though” Leon and Karno look at each other than back at the woman staring at the grave.

“I will always be waiting for you Scorpio, I love you”