wont be saved


SO with my final semester ending, I’m reopening my commissions while I’m job hunting and getting ready to move to NY (wow moving is expensive send help) and would 100% appreciate any commissions to help!   

I will draw basically anything as long as it’s consensual so hit me up with ur OCs,favorite characters, mechas, fursonas ect. 

I also do character sprite commissions which can be found here!


Commissions will be done through PayPal and you can email me at mindofjenart@gmail.com! Please make Subject “COMMISSION” and include references!

substitutions are bullshit like there is a reason my great grandma used chicken bones
there is a reason i use blood
there is a reason for these ingredients and rosemary or quartz wont save u from ur botched spell
and the need for substitutions i think comes from ppl tryna distance themselves from unaesthetic craft

killing a chicken isnt light and pretty and wont get u notes
piss doesnt go well with the lavender sprigs u just bought
crushed bone doesnt make a cute IG pic

im sry but a lot of black ass magic isnt rose quartz and cute hand tattoos

its blood
its coochie juice
its dead animals

and if that aint for u then theres always wicca 👀👀👀

i’m in front of you, i’m right here

tell me with your lips, say yes, say yes

without knowing, i’m going to you

i wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind, love is true

Haikyuu Characters Falling

Hinata/Kageyama - The two are racing to practice and Hinata trips over a crack in the cement and and rolls into a tree, knocking an apple loose from its branch, and it falls onto the tiny crow’s head. Kageyama stops and looks back before bursting out laughing and then promptly gets a shoe thrown at his face.
Daichi/Suga - Suga trips over the last step of the staircase and gracefully descends towards the ground, only to be caught princess-style by Daichi at the bottom. The scene is so sweet that everyone within 15 feet of them now have cavities.
Asahi/Noya - Noya is excited and running way to fast for Asahi to keep up with him. He trips over his own foot and completely eats shit, scraping up his knees, elbows, and cheeks. Asahi frantically runs to his aid asking if he’s alright, to which Noya gives him a thumbs up with his face still in the ground. Asahi begins putting hello kitty band aids all over Noya’s booboos.
Tanaka/Ennoshita - Ennoshita falls and Tanaka asks if he needs help up or plans to stay there for the rest of the season instead of playing volleyball.
Tsukki/Yams - Yams trips while trying to step over a ladybug on the sidewalk and stumbles into Tsukki who grabs onto him before he can fall. Once Yams is stable, he apologizes to Tsukki who is bent down, and Yams sees that he’s moving the ladybug onto a flower safe from harm.
Iwa/Oikawa - Oikawa trips over a curb and cries out for Iwa’s help, but is met instead with a shit-eating smirk from his best friend, who side steps him so Oikawa can’t grab onto his arm. Oikawa hits the ground and hangs his head in shame while cackles from Iwa-chan can be heard all the way around the block. Still looking down out of embarrassment, Oikawa sees a hand held out for him and he takes it. But when he looks up, he sees that the hand does not belong to Iwa, but Ushijima who’s now telling him he should have come to Shiratorizawa.
Makki/Mattsun - “I’VE MCFALLEN!!”
Kyoutani/Yahaba - While cleaning up after practice Yahaba trips over a mop and falls to the ground. Kyoutani from across the court runs to his side, but instead of helping him up, grabs the mop out of Watari’s hands and breaks it in half with his teeth.
Yaku/Lev - Lev is climbing a tree and Yaku orders him to get down before he hurts himself. Lev reassures him that he’s done this countless times and he’s basically a pro before loosing his balance and tumbling down through the tree limbs and landing on his butt by Yaku’s side. Yaku immediately asks if he’s okay, to which Lev replies, “Yaku, now I know what is like down at your height!"      He’s dead now.
Kuroo/Kenma - Distracted by his game, Kenma trips and he loses his grip on the gaming system. The batteries fly out and Kenma scrambles to collect them, praying that his game auto saved, all the while not realizing his knees are bleeding. Kuroo scoops him up into a princess hold and comforts the crying child who just remembered that he didn’t make it to the last checkpoint.
Akaashi/Bokuto - Bokuto’s Akaashi-senses are tingling when he looks over just in time to see his beautiful setter loose his balance over a stray volleyball on the court. Knowing he wont be fast enough to save him, he has the brilliant idea of pushing the volleyball cart behind him so he can catch himself from falling. But he’s too slow and Akaashi falls onto his back and the volleyball cart runs him over then falls on top of him, knocking him out. Bokuto looks around to see if anyone saw him, turns and whistles inconspicuously as he flees the scene.