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hey just a heads up avoid ‘antiantis-saltmine’. they block anyone and everyone who talks back to them, calls other survivors ‘guilt trippers using their abuse to silence others’, and outright ignores actual sources to psychological studies and criminal investigations of child molestors/pedophiles. they also talk about making as triggering/offensive content as possible to ‘upset antis and make them scream’ and they arent worth your time.

also one of the mods is a literal pedophile (self IDs as a ‘MAP’ or ‘minor attracked person’). just block them right now because you get tempted to interact im just flat out serious. don’t. you cant reason with pedophiles/apologists and arguing with them wont save any potential victims, they will just mock and then block you 

anonymous asked:

I've been going out with my boyfriend for 3 years of highschool.we have a very strong loving relationship. He is not a Christian. He has told me that he would never go to church because his parents are gay and he thinks that what God says about them is unfair. He loves his family. I love him so much and it pains me what he says. I have prayed to God for so long about this but is like he doesn't hear me. I don't want to leave someone I love, specially knowing that he wont be saved. I'm so scared.

Hi friend,

The best advice I can give is to keep talking to God about this (asking Him to change your boyfriend’s heart and for His will to be done), and to keep showing your boyfriend God’s grace and love. He says (as of right now) that he’ll never go to church. Let him know that you still love him and respect his decision. Would he be at all open to looking into some Scripture with you? Or at least listening to you talk about it/read it? Try opening the conversation up every now and then, and really work on strengthening your own relationship with Jesus so that maybe you can inspire your boyfriend with your love for God. At the very least, he’ll grow curious one day, and then you’ll have your opening. 

Know that His plan for you may be different than your own plan, and stay open to it–to Him. 

Sending up prayers for both you and your boyfriend. Keep me updated if you feel comfortable. <3

All my love,



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you can see the exact point where i got tired of writing carefully

anyway @starryfrost @mingesu u kno what to do
(if u wanna ;0)

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it’s really no worry tho please don’t feel the need to!!