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Theresa May can bugger right back out of my region. Why choose the North-West to kick-start her impromptu election campaign when we didn’t even vote for her or her bastard party to begin with?


Because Prompto can kick anyone’s ass

Hey guys! I have three years of university-level mathematics under my belt, so I though I’d share some tips on how to study maths and not die :-)

1. Actually do maths

Okay so maybe you don’t love maths as much as me, but it is a subject that anyone can succeed in with practice!

Maths is different to most other subjects. You don’t need to read/memorize many things, so don’t waste time rewriting notes or trying to cram every definition into your brain! The only real way to learn maths is to do math, so take out your notebook and do some questions until you start getting them right!

2. Stay up to date(!)

So this is probably the hardest part, especially if you have a million assignments to complete for other subjects, but if you can do it your life will be 100% easier.

I had a small large problem with falling asleep in lectures, but I found that if I was up to date and could properly follow along with what was happening in class I could keep my brain awake.

If you’re lacking in time, just do a couple of questions from the previous class and skim read your notes. If you have access, attempt at least one question from the topic you will be studying in your next class before you arrive.

3. After class

After every lecture I like to briefly review and add to my notes (~15 minutes tops). If the lecturer gives out optional extra questions, DO THEM!!

Also finish any question sheets you’re given, and if you get stuck on a particular question, try it at least 3 times, consult your textbook and google, and if this doesn’t help then go ask someone :)

4. Revision

Each week do one or two problems from each topic you have studied this semester. This will keep them fresh in your mind so during exam period you wont realize that you have forgotten everything and go into a mad panic.

Use your travel time! If you take the bus or train to uni/school, use that time to read over notes and example questions or read ahead in your textbook.

5. Exams

The best piece of advice I was given was to focus on the main topics when studying for exams. If you spent 10 lectures focusing on topic 1 and 1 lecture focusing on topic 2, you know that the exam will have more questions relating to topic 1, so make sure you understand it!

Do as many practice exams and quizzes as you can get your hands on. This will help you understand what your strengths are and what you need to dedicate more time too.

After doing a practice exam, mark it and then make a list of all the questions you got wrong. Go away and study these topics and then do another practice exam. Repeat until you feel confident!

Good luck! xo

Until Dawn Road Trip AU

What could be a better waste of a Spring Break than taking a road trip with your eight best friends? Sure, it’s a little cramped, might run up some mighty good gas bills, but at least the sights they’ll see will be beautiful and the time spent together wont be forgotten. 


special_js1004: .. I hope that you will be healthy and I pray that that there will be only good things in army.. let’s meet again with more handsome image!! I love you Hyukjae-ah .ㅠㅠ you cut your hair but it suits you~~^^ how cute~ how lovely ~ +.+ I will go and visit you!!.. and i will slowly release your picture one by one so you wont be forgotten^^.. ©

Alan Rickman, was a beautiful man. A man who shaped peoples world, a man who helped shape a generation. Whether it was from the characters he played that either made us laugh or cry or being the person who managed to make others smile with just entering the room. No matter what happens, the ones that grew up with Alan will always hold a place in their heart for him, and cherish the first moment he appeared in our life. Even as the years comes and goes, he wont ever be forgotten, not by us. Will we look back at those times when we believed that even a man as loved and cherish will never leave us? Always.

Submitted by earthtonataliee.

“I wont fade away, be forgotten or just cast away.
This life is mine to live.
Old Scars, Future Hearts // All Time Low

I’ve been listening to All Time Low since my high school years, and they have pulled me through so many tough times and continue to mean more to me than I could ever put into words. This is the second tattoo I’ve gotten in honor of them and their music.


So, after tumblr took down the other post about Leelah, I’ve posted them again. She wont be forgotten, keep a folder in your computers with her memories, so even if they take it all down,, we’ll be able to post it again, and again, and again, no matter what.

big bang is one of the most iconic kpop boy groups, they contributed so much to hallyu/the korean wave

yet GD has his dick in a knot cause big bang’s comeback wasnt as successful as their previous comebacks and other groups are getting as popular, if not more popular as big bang now

big bang has been out since 2006. their 9 year anniversary is in august. dude what the fuck else could you want?????

big bang already made their mark and wont soon be forgotten, they had their reign, GD should be supporting these newer groups and promoting them so they can get a shot at the success big bang had

GD just doesnt want to share the spotlight with anyone who isnt big bang