wont apologize


hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM

im about to be kicked out of my apartment. in other words, im extremely desperate.

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if you can donate, please do, if not, it’s totally okay. everyone has issues, i know im not the only person, but i’ve tried to figure this out by myself but im literally about to be homeless.

whoops I accidently made headcanons

flug is a closet homestuck (until demencia found his nepeta and kanaya shirts….and old cosplay horns.)

demencia skipped to act 5 to piss off flug and also because she didnt want to read the “boring” parts. she unironically likes gamzee.

black hat could literally care less about it and hates being called spades slick, which is what demencia does. Often.

505 is a bear.

  • simon, iron sisters: they (shadowhunters) act like they're our allies but they don't know what we go through just to get through the day
  • TRANSLATION: I'm homeless, starving, barely surviving, depressed and I had a clan who understood what it's like to live like this but I lost them. no one at the institute gives a damn and I realized this too late
  • maia, agreeing: tell me about it
  • TRANSLATION: we'll never be equals with them
  • simon: you know, and just when I thought I was starting to get the hang of it (being a vampire) I sank to an all all-time low
  • TRANSLATION: just when I started liking my life, the clan who became family and this new version of myself, I did the lowest thing I could've done and hurt people I cared about - it's something I regret
  • maia: what happened?
  • simon: *silence*
  • TRANSLATION: let's not do this, it's still an open wound (mentally flashes back to that day and raphael's behavior since, watching him walk away again and again)
  • maia: oh Now you're quiet?
  • TRANSLATION: that bad huh?
  • maia: *deflects by sharing an embarrassing story*

I… may have gone a little crazy with the sun spots… but… he IS the sun god… so I’m not going to apologize….

The first picture is, well, obviously when he was greeted by the welcome-to-humanity party. So he’s a bit scrawny and kind pale. The second is after awhile being on earth, and spending some time at our favorite demi-god camp. I imagine him somehow trying to convince Meg to trust him… and with those bright blue eyes, well, how can she not? Of course, he must have done something to lose her trust in the first place but that’s for another day. 

I also just want to see the sun god in a CHB shirt. *fans self* Damn.

acotar: a court of tans and redheads 

acomaf: a court of more tans and faker tans 

acowar: a court of whites and really fake tans 

so here is what (probably) is going to happen.

as much as i really love the college au, i always felt that it was lacking a bit of story bc i just started it on a whim without thinking too much around it. for now (i might come back to it later and finish the comics) i will put that on hold. i have already mentioned it, but at some point i will start a blog dedicated to the gang!tan au, but this, askjeon, will not be it. the gangtan au is so big it’ll work as an au blog in itself once i get around it, but for now i want to focus on getting this thing up and running again. 

this blog is still going to be a college au, just a different one. sorry if you don’t like that, but personally i was growing tired of my own au and it was kind of dragging on and i think i can do better with some planning for a story. it might not seem like it, but running a blog like this actually lets me de-stress a lot, your positive comments and angst prompts (lol) makes me really, really happy. i just want to be able to enjoy what i put out for you myself, too, and i hope you understand <3 

admin (mia)

  • raphael, harshly: valentine tried to *kill* you or have you already forgotten?
  • simon: but he didn't.
  • raphael: you're not safe here; you belong with your clan
  • simon: i literally just settled in here and now you wanna play nice?? why do you do this? why now? you don't even need me
  • raphael, softer: please
  • simon: *raphael's hand on his cheek* fuck