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VIXX during standby for prerecording.
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Michael Ravson


I should be a vocal

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

160825 평촌(Pyeongchon) Fansign

I was pretty nervous in the days, hours, and minutes leading up to the fansign. I wondered what I would say, worried what they would say, and generally just sort of panicked about actually talking to VIXX.

I ended up in the 2nd row on the far left, affording me a consistently good view of Leo. I was snapping pictures away and my turn to go get my cd signed came before I knew it.

When they came out to greet us, N said “hi” in English before anything else. He didn’t have to, and I was the only white person there, but that was so cute!

N: He was really sweet and read my letter right away. He asked if I was good at Korean, and I said I had been learning for a year. He held out his hand and I grabbed it. His smile was so sweet.

Leo: He asked in English where I was from (I think he said everything in English). I told him in Korean that I was from California. He said he liked California. I said yes. Like an idiot. He looked at the post-it with my name and said my name with a little question in his soft Leo voice. (That might have been earlier, and I suppose they all said my name now that I think of it.) I gave him my letter, but he read it with his head down, so I’m not sure about his reaction. I want to say he sort of smirked, but I dunno. He put his hand up and I put my hand in his. It was warm. As I was moving to Ken, I paused, and turned back. He looked up expectantly waiting me to form my words. I haltingly expressed that I am looking forward to his musical and he thanked me with a warm look in his smile-filled eyes.

Ken: This kid kept speaking to me in English. He asked where I was from. I told him California, and he started singing a song about California and asked if I knew it. I said I did, but I’m not positive. There are too many songs about Cali. It may have been Hotel California? But he literally just sang “California”. When he read my letter, he looked at me and said he was the cute main vocal. I was just like yeah. I mean, that’s what I wrote on the letter? Ahaha Ken also asked if I liked Fantasy. Yes? Like, duh?

Ravi: I was worried I would be awkward with Ravi. (He is so gorgeous.) I mean, I was awkward with him, but I was awkward with everyone. Haha He asked where I was from in English, and I said I was from California. Then I think he asked how long I’d been in Korea or studying Korean, I can’t recall. I gave him my letter, which he read in his reserved Ravi way. He was so beautiful when he looked in my eyes while holding my hand. I was just moving along to Hongbin, when I remembered I had to tell him something. Like Leo, he patiently looked up at me as i fumbled to say what I wanted. I told him that at the fan meeting I cried when he sang because he was really good. We had an awkward moment where we both didn’t know how to respond to what I had said. He thanked me in a soft, embarrassed way, and I moved on.

Hongbin: This kid’s signature is so cute. I said out loud that it was cute, but it was so quiet I doubt he heard. Then, I gave him my letter, and he was like “Oh, we’re 친구(friends)?”. Then I said “네(yes)” followed immediately by the informal “응” as I internally kicked myself for speaking formally to him. I am forgetting what else happened, but I think he thanked me and held my hand. Oh! I think he asked me how long I’d been in Korea and if I planned to stay longer. I said it had been a year and I want to stay. I was going to mention wanting to be a translator, but I had to move on to Hyuk and figured it wasn’t super important.

Hyuk: He said my name in his cute little Hyuk voice and asked if I had written the letter myself (at least I think it was him that asked that;;) I said I did. He asked why I was so good at Korean, so I told him I’d been studying for a year. He said I was good at Korean, and I wanted to compliment his English, but I didn’t. He offered his hand, so I took it and he warmly said goodbye.

Okay, so all of VIXX’s hands are really warm and big. (I think even Hongbin’s hands seemed big?) They all are also just really sweet and sincere. I liked that Ravi switched to Korean when he realized I understood it. I feel like Ken’s use of English, on the other hand, just made me feel awkward. Like do i use English or Korean?? I also felt like I went through the line really fast. (I probably did.) But the thing is, when I was actually in the line, I had probably less nervousness than when just talking to a random stranger in Korean?

So while they were still signing things and I was waiting, I alternated between taking pictures and just watching VIXX (Leo….). They were playing the single in the background, so I was mouthing along with the words. Once, when I was mouthing along to Fantasy and watching Leo, he started mouthing along and there were a few moments when (I’m pretty sure) we were mouthing the words while looking into each other’s eyes.

The games were pretty funny too, but I feel like looking at fancams will be more effective than my trying to explain things. However, Leo did switch his mission paper after looking at it (because he is an eternal cheater). Ravi won a game of animal bingo, and N and Leo had to play the “당연하지(of course)” game. Leo very nearly lost (and was pretty horrible at it), but in the end, N wouldn’t insult the Starlights, so he “lost”. However, Ravi said that was cool of N and that there was no punishment for him because they were just playing for fun anyway. Leo was a little annoyed, haha. And in a game that works similarly to “never have I ever”, the 동생(younger) line ganged up on the 형(older) line, ultimately resulting in N receiving the punishment of 인디안밥(hitting his back).

Also, Ravi was asking if we had eaten, and most people said no. He asked what we would eat later (or if we would). He said 비빔면(bibimyun/spicy noodles) are good and he would have some later. He said he’d eat it at the dorm, so we should eat it at home.

The members also were teasing Leo about his messy room (which he had to draw for his mission). He explained his room and said he used to collect tumblers, but now he has way too many, so don’t give him any more. N asked if he remembered which tumbler(s) he gave him, and Leo said of course he didn’t.

One of the missions was asking Starlights why Ken was cute, and two Starlights answered. The first said that he became cute from eating the Starlight’s love. (He said that when he was young, he predicted that would happen, so he became cute in advance.) The second Starlight said his parents raised him with love so he became cute.

During the “never have I ever” type game, the thing they said had to apply to at least 2 people. When Hyuk said “be a leader of VIXX”, Hongbin claimed to have been a leader so they could target N. So when they were saying goodbye, N had Hongbin lead their greeting!

This is all I remember. Probably. I do sort of wish they joked with me more than just being sincere, but I love sincere VIXX a lot too, so I can’t complain.

jirachoi93  asked:

Hey :) I have two requests!! You don't have to answer them both of you don't want to ^^ 1. How VIXX react to finding out that their S.O. can see ghosts 2. How VIXX would react to seeing their S.O. faint because of exhaustion/low blood sugar

#1: How would VIXX react to their S.O telling them she can see ghosts

I decided to just write one of them cuz I’m really short on time but feel free to request the other one again if you really want it done 😁 Anyways, thanks for your request boo 😘


Ravi: “But ghosts don’t exist, right?… Right?” 

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Hongbin: “Oh my god, are you for real? Ghosts exist? Are they scary? Did they ever hurt you? Are you okay?” *looks at you the way he looks at the trophy lmfao*

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Ken: “Okayyyy, that’s such a bad joke, y/n- Wait you’re not serious, are you??” *can’t believe it*

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Hyuk: “Yikes, must be awful to have to deal with that. You sure you’re okay? Can I help with anything? ” *is oddly calm about it lol*

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N: “Hum okay, so my girlfriend can see ghosts… But how do you see them though? Were you born with some type of special ability like in the movies or what?” /really curious about it/

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Leo: “You’re not joking, are you?… Well, it doesn’t matter. I still love you anyways and I’ll always be there for you. Just tell me if there’s anything I can do, okay?”

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