🌟 vixx official colors: navy and shining gold.
  ㅡ “You’re a dream more mysterious than twinkling starlight


JAPAN TOURラストの大阪公演が終了いたしました。
今回のツアーがSTARLIGHTの皆さまにとって幸せな #白昼夢 のような時間になったことを祈って・・
#VIXX 達も、皆さまとまたひとつ思い出を作れて幸せでした!

The last leg of the JAPAN TOUR has ended with the Osaka concert.
We pray that the tour this time was a happy #Daydream-like time for the Starlights・・
#VIXX was also happy to be able to make another memory with everyone!
Let’s meet again soon. It’s a promise!


Happy birthday to the actual light of my life, Kim Wonshik. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am that you exist, that you make music, that you’re a part of VIXX, that you’re such an angel and such an amazing human being. You cheer up my days when I’m feeling down, and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without you here. Thank you for existing Kim Ravi ♥