"Taste like Blueberries" zootopia Drabble

“Nick! I got a surprise for you!” Judy exclaimed as she was hiding something behind her back. Nick’s ear perked up and turned away from the car window. They were out on patrol and the day was becoming slow and boring, which prompted Judy to get out some snacks. Nick loosen his black tie from his blue police shirt, being a member of the ZPD, he had to look like one. The seat of their police car squeaked from under him as he turned towards her with interest.

“What is it? A present?” He smirked.

“Kinda-” Judy snickered. “I was at my parent’s farm recently and I manage to take home a basket of your favorite snacks.”

He gasped dramatically, clutching his heart. “My favorite! Aw you shouldn’t have, is it-!”

She pulled out a plastic box and inside was a pile of delicious round blue-

“Blueberries! I made sure I brought it along just in case!” She smiled, Nick snatched the box out of her paws, ready to devour each and every one of them. He loved blueberries, especially Judy’s family homegrown blueberries. It was the one treat he loved more than pawsicles. He could have a whole sack worth if he can.

“Hey, you do realize we have to share those right?” Judy laughed, reaching her paw out to grab one. He held it away, becoming possessive over it. “Nick!”

“No way!” He argued jokingly. “This isn’t enough for both of us!”

“Yes it is! Give me one!” She reached out again, only for Nick to put his arm out blocking the sweet treats. She watched in shock as he managed to grab one and put it in his mouth. She huffed, putting her paws on her sides.

“You hog! Don’t eat them all!”

He grinned. “Watch me.” And he put his mouth in the box, scooping up at least half in his cheeks. She gasp, lifting herself out of the driver’s seat, trying to grab them back. Nick put his paw out, pushing her head back as she struggled to save the delectable blueberries. Her arms waved furiously, making Nick chuckle with his mouth full.

“Nick! Stop! That’s not funny!”

“Shesh it is-” he replied with his mouth full. “Chu betah hurry, there’s wonly ten lefth!” He swallowed and shoved his face back in. She decided to take drastic measures, she grabbed at his ears pulling them back and making his head go back.

“Ow! Hey! You cheat, that’s playing dirty!” But Judy reached over and grabbed a pawful before letting him go.

“Ha! She cheered, holding up her prize in front of him. He rubbed his ears, his mouth stained with blueberry juice. He wiped his lips clean, giving her a smirk while still rubbing his ears.
Judy smiled triumphantly, putting a blue berry in her mouth, right in between her front teeth carefully, not wanting to burst its soft center. She showed off her prize while also keeping her other blueberries safe in her paws.

“Nah nah!” She snickered, her nose wrinkling from her giggling up at him. He grinned in response.

“Oh yeah?” He went forward capturing her lips against his own. Judy’s eyes widened and her cheeks immediately heat up when he pulled away. At first he smirked, his lips closed, until he moved them back showing her a blueberry in between his front canines. Judy’s ears went back when she put her paw up to her mouth. He stole her blueberry.

“Nah nah!” He mocked, giving her a wink.