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Favorite Super Junior Pairings - Wonkyu [Siwon + Kyuhyun] (。♥‿♥。)
“I will choose Siwon hyung as my boyfriend since I can feel that he treats women very well.” -Kyuhyun

(Won)Kyuhae AU - Hopeless

When Donghae had abruptly called him in the middle of the day to randomly announce he had found the love of his life, Siwon had dramatically dropped his phone on his lap and did a little happy dance right there, in public, where he was sitting. What could be better than knowing your best friend, who meant even more than a brother, had found happiness?

Upon their first meeting, Siwon decided the guy, Kyuhyun, was indeed the perfect match for his friend. He was just the ideal balance of answering to Donghae’s every whim and being able to steer him where he wanted to anyway. Brilliant.

And then somehow, sometime, things had changed. Because Kyuhyun was perfect. With a perfect smile. A perfect sense of humour. Perfectly adorable and perfectly sensible. Perfect eyes. Perfect lips. A perfect friend and a perfect partner. Kyuhyun was everything his dear friend deserved and more.

And Siwon was in love. So deeply, desperately, hopelessly in love. But the envious, jealous monster growing in his chest would just have to die.

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