wonky star

Character: Marco Diaz

Fandom: Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Gender: Trans woman

Why:  Marco dresses as a princess and is completely comfortably with it, even expressing a desire to keep the dress; Marco has called themself a “wayward sister”; they have a recurring dream where they find themself buried in a suit and are more concerned with the suit than being dead; stated they would love to be queen; covers the mirror when they shower due to feeling uncomfortable with their body; they are referred to as a girl several times throughout the show; in a scene discussing disphoria, the camera focuses on Marco frequently despite Marco not being involved in the conversation; there is an episode focused on Marco being trapped in a literal closet, Marco wears a skirt throughout this episode


First bit of Numa is done: her base cap. Her patterned kerchief will go over this. I used another pair of Hera-style lekku to drape my pattern over, though I will probably go ahead and make new lekku as Numa’s sit much lower and are much straighter, hanging straight behind rather than fully framing the face.

This meant that I draped an entirely new cap pattern on the stand rather than re-using Hera’s. Differences: a much wider central panel at the front that narrows significantly at the root of the lekku; a very square cap-line alone the brow; lekku are rooted much further back and closer together; no earpieces as I can just add latex pieces externally to show through the kerchief; black leather rather than white, obvs. Also there is generally more head coverage and a tighter fit as Numa has no chinstrap, so I’m relying on the fit to keep the lekku on my head. We’ll see how we go!

The foam at the root of the left-hand lekk got flattened while setting, apparently, so that’s why it looks terrible: it is mid falling out.