wonky knee

PSA for fat folk with wonky knees-

I wear a US 22/24 women’s sizes, and Futuro brand knee braces in size Large fit me really well. Supportive without being too constricting. They run pretty true to the size chart (measure around your knee) but if you have big thighs and are between sizes (my knee size puts me right between medium and large) go up rather than down.

Here I’m modeling two styles, the beige one is sort of an everyday I have RA deal, the black one is because I managed to twist or somehow bother my left knee while walking yesterday, so it needs a bit more love.

You can get them at any drug store, and they are definitely plus sized!

冻结的  { }       i just wanna show off this apartment i decorated for a new family i made in the sims.  ( her name is ceri and she has twin toddlers named marie  &&  angie! )  and the build came out rlly cute and i just wanna share the screenshots i got don`t mind meeeeeeeee.  it`s also v picture heavy i’m so sorry lmao i got overzealous with the screenshots.

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Still Life

More Fenfluff for onemooncircles. She got two responses to the prompt she gave, so I riffed off the anon thing she received the other day. Love you, awesome artist lady!

Fenris by the fire, the light flickering over his white hair and his bare shoulders. The straight, dark eyebrows drawn together in concentration; his expression entirely focused and unselfconscious. His hands: long, graceful lines of olive skin and silver lyrium, faltering with the charcoal pencil and the page, and so confident in other contexts… Maker, she loved his hands. 

“You are staring at me. Again.”

“Technically I was ogling,” Hawke protested. She was thirteen thousand months pregnant, and no matter where she put the pillows, she couldn’t get comfortable. Her bladder had been compressed to the size of a pea and the babies kept trying to kick her ribs into pieces. In her current state, the hard-won and long-awaited ability to openly ogle Fenris was one of the best parts of her life, and she objected to him reducing it to mere staring. Anyone could stare. 

He looked up from his page, eyes lingering on hers. “I am corrected.”

“Damn straight,” she said, and made him chuckle. “Ogling aside, can I convince you to leave that for tonight and come to bed? Look, I’m already here and all naked.” She drew her hand along her side, over her breast, just to make the ‘naked’ part a little clearer.

“A temptation indeed,” Fenris said, low and a little rough. “I am almost finished, I think.”

“Anders says there’s another month to go, so I’m all out of patien–oof.”

“Hawke?” Fenris was tense, ready to go to her aid or run for Anders, and she’d be smiling at his wide-eyed concern once she had her breath back. 

“Just –“ she put her hand over his as he knelt beside their bed, charcoal-blackened fingertips skimming the taut skin of her massive belly and leaving a ghostly tracing in their wake. “Maker, I’d swear there were at least six tavern brawlers in here.”

“That does not sound comfortable,” he said, and Hawke laughed as she shook her head.

“You are the master of understatement, Fenris. Let me guess…  the sun is a little on the bright side, grass is not ungreen-“

“ ‘Ungreen’?” Fenris repeated, with the lift of one eyebrow.

“Don’t argue with me, I’m fifteen million months pregnant with wrestlers. The grass is not ungreen and life is tolerable.”

Hawke,” he said, the way he did sometimes, as though he was helpless to say anything else. He dropped a kiss on her hand, on her stomach. One of the babies kicked him in the mouth, and his laugh, muffled against her skin, was soft and full of wonder. “Life is… so full of joy that I would fear it all a dream, save that I could never have imagined this. I could never have imagined you.”

“Ah – oh.” Hawke’s eyes filled a little… pregnancy was turning her into such a sap, and she would have hated it if anyone else could see it, but between her and Fenris, it didn’t matter at all.  “That’s… that’s not understatement.”

“Ah, but it is,” Fenris said, very quietly, and there were no more words for a time. 

Later, though, he returned to the fireplace and his paper. “You had your hand tucked under your head, Hawke,” he reminded her, and she rearranged herself accordingly as Fenris drew. 

Drew her, as he’d done many times before, when they were parted. She’d found one of them once, and it had given her hope… but it was a very different thing, to lie still as he studied her, frowned at the paper, smudged the charcoal, and swore at her knees for refusing to make sense. 

He was never too confident about the result, but persisted nonetheless. He didn’t articulate why, either, but Hawke thought sometimes that it was simply because he chose to, that this was something he had claimed for himself. She liked seeing it; there had been too few choices in Fenris’s life, too few chances to do something simply because he enjoyed doing it. So if she could help by sitting still, or lying still, she would. It didn’t hurt that it provided her with an excellent opportunity for ogling.
She was less than enthused about this particular portrait, but that was because she had a mirror and she knew she looked like a whale. If Fenris really wanted to draw whales, they could have just gone off with Isabela…

… actually, scratch that. Morning sickness had been awful enough without compounding it with seasickness. Hadn’t they seen whales down on the Wounded Coast that one time? Isabela had scoffed at her, but she’d been sure she’d seen a plume…

“Hawke,” that rich voice interrupted her mental image of the two – no, the four – of them down by the beach, looking for whales.


“I’m done,” Fenris said. There was always a pause before the next question, a hint of vulnerability in his voice when he asked, “Would you like to see?”

“Of course,” she said, and the thin paper with its blurred charcoal was entrusted to her hands, to her gaze, her opinion. 

Hawke looked at it and sniffled. Oh, her knee was wonky and there was something a little weird about the curve of her hip, but Fenris had drawn her and she wasn’t a whale. “Oh, Fenris. I’m… I’m so beautiful.”

And he smiled, leaned in close to kiss her. “I will do better,” he murmured against her mouth, “by the time they are born.”

Get that Bikini Body!

Summer is basically here and I’m sure you’d all love to hear about some psych new workout routines or maybe a brand new diet plan where you eat nothing but a cube of pineapple a day; Unfortunately, that’s not what this is but have no fear. What you are in fact getting is a boost in attitude and confidence for the upcoming summer holidays. So read on!

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LM2013 W1D3:

Training schedule called for 3 miles of running.

Well I did 3 miles on my jankity ass elliptical in my crappy basement. You can see it behind me.

Seriously it was awful. It swayed and squeaked the entire time. THE ENTIRE TIME!

I thought it was going to fall apart on me!

Needless to say 3 miles were completed in 37:15 for a pace of 12:25ish.

Now I go ice the knee. Darn you bursitis!

anonymous asked:

Harries are also people who suddenly realize they have kinks they never knew about. Underarm pits, hairy legs, knees. Even wonky little toes and small ears.

He has awakened so many kinks within me you have no idea.