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Under-appreciated animated films challenge
Day Two - Favorite Character(s)

One favorite character each from 6 of my favorite under-appreciated animated films.

sobs… (radiohead playing in the distance) someone help this kid
more @eeriecrests angst because Mood

like…i mean no disrespect but as someone who used to really admire steven universe’s art, i’m super disappointed in it now. like, su is the epitome of jumping the shark once you feel like you’ve reached a peak and “can’t improve”. like, they got super popular and got everyone on board, then they just stopped trying? at least that’s what it feels like, not only with the art but with the writing and the direction the plot is going in to. for example, here’s some of the earlier seasons’ art:

there was a nice emphasis on color contrast, the proportions were wonky at times but usually each character had a consistent body type

see how nicely proportioned steven and ame are here? they were allowed to be fat and allowed to be naturally proportioned

now all the characters look cramped and “”chibi””, everyone’s shorter and stubbier and they usually look different from shot to shot and you could say that’s because it’s board-based but in the earlier seasons i barely noticed aside from the occasional error or two. this “”chibiness”” leads to the characters looking. well. ugly and same-y. they look squished, and it feels like their foreground art should be background art

like, remember when amethyst had cat-like eyes? remember when pearl was tall and much more angular? i’m not saying the earlier seasons didn’t have their faults, yeah there was wonkiness with the animation and models but some of the old “wonkiness” made the gems feel more like aliens, you know? it felt like they were at least trying

and although when it was first revealed many people didn’t mind the style switch, i was one of the people who did mind although i got used to it eventually. i really fucking miss the pilot art not gonna lie. i don’t know why they switched it, maybe it was too expensive or too hard to animate, but goddamn, su looked its best in the pilot. all of the art was jawdroppingly gorgeous and i feel like the designs are more distinct in the pilot

idk, that’s just my opinion on it though, i might be nitpicking but it still bugs me


hi i made a tiny little animatic aaaaaaa


i made a really wonky animation for animation 101 class (featuring a certain blue-eyed cutie!)

take a lookie

*a cackle is heard in the distance*

insidethemindoftrent  asked:

Hey, is there any anime you highly recommend watching? Thanks. 😊

these would be in my “top-tier”:

  • hunter x hunter (2011) - OBVIOUSLY. the greatest anime of all time. ever. in the history of the world. best arcs, best characters, best relationships, best pacing, best OP, best everything. simply, THE BEST. set the standard for shounen that NOTHING SINCE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO MEET.
  • baccano! - IT’S THE RAIL TRACERRRRR. crime fantasy murder mystery. really captivating storyline and the characters are great. the atmosphere of the show really makes it… like it’s very convincing 1930′s feel. takes place on a train. OP IS SO GOOD. 
  • tsuritama - THIS WAS THE FIRST ANIME I EVER WATCHED. it’s about four boys who go fishing and deals with adolescent issues like social anxiety and not having friends. also has aliens and is really colorful. super underrated. also the op goes off
  • samurai champloo - same guy who did cowboy bebop. i actually thought it was easier to get into than cowboy tbh, as the show starts off fast-paced. it’s like edo era meets street culture so it feels modern even tho the backdrop isn’t. the dialogue is witty as hell and action sequences are really clean. 

also cowboy bebop and neon genesis evangelion, but i feel these two are popular enough that i don’t need to say much more.

and these are honorable mentions:

  • shinsekai yori - dark dystopia. i honestly don’t think i can rewatch this bc it disturbed me so much. i didn’t find many of the characters that likable and the animation was wonky at times, but the themes on human nature and oppressive regimes were really advanced. lots of character death and misery but profound stuff!!
  • akatsuki no yona - reverse harem comedy(??) historical shoujo. about a royal overthrow and a princess on the run and mysterious dragon legends. it’s slow at the beginning but soooo worth sticking through. a big drawback though: really needed a second season and definitely left off with a feeling of incompleteness. but the manga is still going 
  • mawaru penguindrum - abandoned children??? terrorism????magic???? penguins???? OK. i actually think this anime is fake deep nonsense but it has a special place in my heart. like yes, they tried too hard with the symbolism and some things just never ended up making sense, BUT the animation is pretty and i churned through the whole series twice in one week so

anyway here’s that animation loop of lance (my son) constantly dabbing that literally no one asked for yet i made anyway. you’re welcome >:3c

@m-ermaida this is my first contribution to the voltron fandom im. going to c ry 

kosowina  asked:

I can stomach wonky animation but I feel like BW's problems lie deeper and I'm worried about their future. they escaped the niche of traditional rpg games and now they want to join Bethesda and Ubisoft with their open world, craft-your-heart-out, explore-and-conquer-every-copypasted-dungeon goodness. I feel like they've lost their touch after DA2, it was pretty obvious in ME3 and DA:I. they're not experienced enough and didn't know where to pour their resources. and it shows.

Nothing to add but: yeah, me too. :’ (

This whole ‘large concepts, poor execution’ thing is quickly becoming their staple. They cant keep touting the power of their superior in-house engine and spinning themselves as the pinnacle of engaging, progressive storytelling while staying on This Bullshit™.