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Wait wait wait you can talk to the SQUIP still? Is it alright if we talk to it? If so, tell it to fuck off from us fans.

I think at least I can know the truth- 

I-I mean.. I feel entitled to it you know? So uh.. Come out? I mean you screwed up my high school- Well, Michael wise- I just.. Finally put the pieces together. 

There was no outcome that was sufficient to make the reason you  upgraded happen, things needed to be changed. People needed to go. I did what I must, you should be saying thank you.

He did..


Under-appreciated animated films challenge
Day Two - Favorite Character(s)

One favorite character each from 6 of my favorite under-appreciated animated films.


I wanna escape
Running away with you, dancing!
You’re my invisible accomplice, right?
Let’s keep this a secret forever, darling!
I won’t ask for too much.

I wanna escape,
So take me along with you, dancing!
It’ll be like we’re in a fairy tale.
Let’s stay side-by-side as long as we can, darling!
It’ll be a happy end if we’re together.

sobs… (radiohead playing in the distance) someone help this kid
more @eeriecrests angst because Mood

like…i mean no disrespect but as someone who used to really admire steven universe’s art, i’m super disappointed in it now. like, su is the epitome of jumping the shark once you feel like you’ve reached a peak and “can’t improve”. like, they got super popular and got everyone on board, then they just stopped trying? at least that’s what it feels like, not only with the art but with the writing and the direction the plot is going in to. for example, here’s some of the earlier seasons’ art:

there was a nice emphasis on color contrast, the proportions were wonky at times but usually each character had a consistent body type

see how nicely proportioned steven and ame are here? they were allowed to be fat and allowed to be naturally proportioned

now all the characters look cramped and “”chibi””, everyone’s shorter and stubbier and they usually look different from shot to shot and you could say that’s because it’s board-based but in the earlier seasons i barely noticed aside from the occasional error or two. this “”chibiness”” leads to the characters looking. well. ugly and same-y. they look squished, and it feels like their foreground art should be background art

like, remember when amethyst had cat-like eyes? remember when pearl was tall and much more angular? i’m not saying the earlier seasons didn’t have their faults, yeah there was wonkiness with the animation and models but some of the old “wonkiness” made the gems feel more like aliens, you know? it felt like they were at least trying

and although when it was first revealed many people didn’t mind the style switch, i was one of the people who did mind although i got used to it eventually. i really fucking miss the pilot art not gonna lie. i don’t know why they switched it, maybe it was too expensive or too hard to animate, but goddamn, su looked its best in the pilot. all of the art was jawdroppingly gorgeous and i feel like the designs are more distinct in the pilot

idk, that’s just my opinion on it though, i might be nitpicking but it still bugs me


hi i made a tiny little animatic aaaaaaa


i made a really wonky animation for animation 101 class (featuring a certain blue-eyed cutie!)

take a lookie