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Under-appreciated animated films challenge
Day Two - Favorite Character(s)

One favorite character each from 6 of my favorite under-appreciated animated films.

Surprising to see how many new followers came to follow on my blog, and how many new subscribers came to subscribe on my channel.

Just feeling more appreciated by saying more thanks to my new followers.

kosowina  asked:

I can stomach wonky animation but I feel like BW's problems lie deeper and I'm worried about their future. they escaped the niche of traditional rpg games and now they want to join Bethesda and Ubisoft with their open world, craft-your-heart-out, explore-and-conquer-every-copypasted-dungeon goodness. I feel like they've lost their touch after DA2, it was pretty obvious in ME3 and DA:I. they're not experienced enough and didn't know where to pour their resources. and it shows.

Nothing to add but: yeah, me too. :’ (

This whole ‘large concepts, poor execution’ thing is quickly becoming their staple. They cant keep touting the power of their superior in-house engine and spinning themselves as the pinnacle of engaging, progressive storytelling while staying on This Bullshit™.

anyway here’s that animation loop of lance (my son) constantly dabbing that literally no one asked for yet i made anyway. you’re welcome >:3c

@m-ermaida this is my first contribution to the voltron fandom im. going to c ry 


Hopefully Tumblr won’t fuck this up

I’m still not over yesterday lmao, I’m so glad they’re okay again! I am a bit salty at the lack of dialogue- I was looking forward to the awkward (?), but anyways that’s that and now everyone’s happy and it’s all I ask for ; v ;/ 

I also realized that all my animations on tumblr follow the awkward HS theme for some reason lmao (x)(x)

I fucking hate the bioware ‘fandom’

Y’all consistently show zero consideration or respect to game devs and VA’s.

Like sure, be mad about reasonable shit like: wonky graphics, shit animation, vague plot, sure. 

But romances, forreal? That shit isn’t even required, it’s a damn add-on. Something to make the game a bit more fun. And you’re going to threaten people over something that isn’t even essential? That’s just being given? 

Like ffs, I’m bisexual leaning towards women and the amount of rudeness and entitlement being shown is just horrible. If they make everyone gay it’s ‘not realistic’ and they get flack for it. If they make an equal amount gay/not gay/bi it’s ‘these characters should have been _____!!!!!’ Like yeah,Cora could have been bi, and maybe they’ll pull a kaidan and do it in a future game, or maybe they didn’t want that for her. Maybe they pulled back on shit because of time constraints and an unyielding public. Still though, y’all are just ridiculously rude and at times downright horrible to people with no ill intentions.

And death threats—-really? How old are you? 

EDIT: And yknow what, this is literally only the first game with zero dlcs or add ons and y’all are acting like this is the only romance line up you’ll get. ME1 had THREE romance options, only one bi, no full lesbian/gay romance. That shit extended quite a bit by ME3 so maybe wait a bit before throwing pitchforks and burning down houses for zero reason.