Broken Water Heater

A ‘40s Bucky x Reader Drabble

Warnings: smut (fingering), sexual tension, slight teasing, 

“So, your water heater’s out?” Bucky crossed his arms; he had a smirk plastered on his lips. “Really?”

“I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t.” You matched his stance and folded your arms across your chest. “I would’ve just gone back to the compound had I known you were going to act like this.”

“Like what?” He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. “I’m just trying to make sure you’re not scamming me.”

“You’re acting like an arrogant womanizer.” You spat the words at him, ignoring the feeling you got whenever he licked his lips. “Now, please, can I use your shower?”

“Yeah.” Bucky nodded and gestured you into his shared apartment. Steve was nowhere to be seen. “You can use mine, Steve’s is a little wonkier so mine’s the better bet.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on how to animate smoothly? 😶 you are fantastic

Aaaaah, thank you so much!!! I’m by no means an expert, like, bY NO MEANS, buuut here’s some of what I learned this year in school!

When we animated in class, we were encouraged to draw each frame quickly! And by encouraged I mean our TA timed us with a stopwatch to make sure we flipped on time. It was terrifying.

But! Working fast means that you don’t get caught up in a single moment and instead think about the action as a whole. You can always go back and add more details later, but roughing should be done quickly so you don’t pour a ton of effort into something that ends up looking stiff!

Acting things out and using references makes you think about how an action looks, rather than just how you imagine it looks. Obviously there are some limits here– for example, you can’t observe someone turning into a card. However, you can look at similar motions to what you want. Observe, then work. Try not to copy too directly if you can avoid it!

And exaggerate motions when you’re framing them out.

When I started the class, I was scared that pushing the two too far would look bad. I promise you it does not. Push it as far as you think you can, then push it further– turn your characters into streaks in the air or pancakes on the pavement, then do it all over again!

Everyone has their own way of drawing it, but when something’s in motion, your eyes can’t focus on it. And that’s okay! Our eyes will follow the motion better if you have some way of ‘smearing’ the limbs or body between holds. Experiment! Find what works for you!

I have some tweens that look like this. Others are two lines, or just a dot, or something wonkier-looking. Don’t let non-animators fool you with their ‘I paused this animation and it looked bad and therefore it is all bad’ rhetoric– mid-motions look bad in everything! If someone paused you in real life, you’d be wonky too.

So embrace it! Don’t sweat things looking absolutely perfect in each frame. It will actually detract from your animation in the long run.

And of course, practice. Unfortunately, and I used to hate when people told me this, nothing can really replace good old hard work! You’ll learn some tricks yourself as you plug away at things! Everyone has their own style.

That’s by no means all I learned, but! If I went on and on about how fun that class was we’d be here for about twelve pages. So go out and animate, and have tons of fun!!!

Decided to finish it - still working on requests but began some of them again cause I wasn’t happy with em!
I’m not totally happy with this, nicks face went a bit wonky (wonkier than I intended) but it was good practice and I enjoy painting flowers.
He smells like cigarettes and old perfumey flowers. Solving crimes and being old.

now amy visits the casino as well

yknow there was a line in sonic heroes where amy says that casino park reminds her of casinopolis despite her never going into that level, or so i thought until i read up about this.

Now this one is interesting since according to the FAQ I was reading this is only possible in the 1998 Japanese Dreamcast release I’m playing (which is known for being glitchier than the other versions of the game as a result of being rushed for Dreamcast’s launch). Anyway this glitch is far simpler than getting Gamma in. What you need to do is grab the statue outside the burger shop in Station Square, place it in front of Casinopolis, run towards it at full speed (you know you are at full speed once Amy is holding her hammer out while running), jump on top of the burger guy statue, and then on top of the statue do Amy’s catapult jump (done by pressing b while on the ground when at full speed). Then move towards the switch above Casinopolis and press the b button again to smack it with your hammer and you can just walk in like that. I didn’t need a video guide to pull this one off, it was a lot easier to understand.

Notes about this level as Amy

- Unlike Gamma, Amy warps immediately to the pinball tables with no issues and she can hit the slot machines with her hammer to get rings.
- The sewer level is a bit wonkier with Amy. Getting up the first slope is a real struggle and you can only make it up by repeatedly jumping and slowly inching your way up. Also, bizarrely the fans seem far more powerful than they were with Sonic, Tails or even Gamma. Amy zips up to the top of the level with a ridiculous amount of speed.
- Surprisingly, Amy actually has an animation for shaking herself dry at the end of the sewer level just like Sonic! However she doesn’t have one for tumbling around while being lifted by the fans (as shown in the third picture) or for taking a shower (sorry any amy enthusiasts clamoring for an amy shower scene)
- Also surprisingly, I got an emblem in this stage! Pictures of that are below. I got the emblem for having 50 or more rings upon finishing the stage. Although the game crashed upon completing the level just like with Gamma, it still saved that emblem I earned. I checked Amy’s emblems and it appears to have been awarded to me as a Twinkle Park emblem (note the ring high score for Twinkle Park being the same as my final ring count in Casinopolis confirming this). I’m guessing the game thought I was in Twinkle Park since that’s Amy’s only level in Station Square? Not sure. Kind of makes me want to try and get an emblem in this level as Gamma and see what happens there, but that would be far more of a hassle with the time limit.

VAMPIRELOCK (2015 Halloween Recs Pt. 1)

[[other halloween rec lists here]]
And With Him Disaster / eggshellseas (ACD // Holmes/Watson)
John Watson is being stalked by a vampire.

At a Distance / faerymorstan (BBC // Johnlockary)
Two hours to sunrise and the moon leaks over London, covers the daffodils John lays on Mary and Sherlock’s graves. One hundred and nineteen years since Sherlock left his note by the Falls, one hundred and sixteen since Mary’s fever, and still John mourns them both. Stumbles, alone.

Bad Islington Blood / SolitaryEndeavor [[WIP]] (BBC // Johnlock)
“Freaky” Holmes and his partner Dr Watson are the Met’s best resource in solving the unsolvable. But even Sherlock Holmes can’t be right all the time, and when a murder investigation crosses paths with a private case, Holmes will realize there is still a mystery or two to be solved when it comes to John Watson.

Between the Tongue and the Taste / philalethia (BBC // Johnlock)
“Sherlock was right about one thing at least: John was thinking about writing up the case. But he didn’t know what he would say, where he would even start. We went after Ed Harvey, I got myself gutted, and Sherlock changed me so I wouldn’t die? It’s all right, I suppose, except that vampire hierarchy is apparently even wonkier than everyone says and nothing’s quite as sexual as those awful vampire films make it seem?”
In which John gets turned into a vampire and everything gets a bit weird.

Bloody Genius / Slenderlock (BBC // Johnlock)
“My neck,” John said. “Drink.”
“I won’t be able to- oh- stop,” Sherlock panted.
“Yes, you will. You always do. I trust you.”

Candlelight / PrettyArbitrary (BBC // Johnlock)
Somewhere outside, the sun is traveling across the sky, pouring its light over London’s gleaming buildings and grimy pavements. John might never see it again. “I’m going to keep you,” Sherlock had told him, when he’d bound John tight and chained him into his bed. But a vampire’s thralls tend not to last for long.

Katydid / songlin (BBC // Johnlock)
The smell of John’s blood is thick in Sherlock’s nose. He can hear John’s heart thumping through his ribcage as clearly as if his ear were pressed against John’s chest. Sherlock’s mouth runs dry. He is suddenly very, very hungry.
“Like it or not, Sherlock, matters will escalate. You are tempting biology.”

Lucky / talkstoself (BBC // Johnlock)
Everybody knows you don’t invite a vampire into your home… but then again - vampires don’t exist.

Nightcap / 221brosiewilde (BBC // Mormor)
Jim fucks the way he feeds.
He’s all greedy mouth and dazed eyes. When Sebastian pushes a hand beneath his shirt, his skin is warm, almost feverish as the blood works through his body.

Sanguinary / KittieHill (BBC // Johnlock)
His eyesight seemed more focussed and clear; his senses completely sharpened despite the darkness of the street. The streetlights made his eyes ache and forced him to avert his eyes. The noise was back too, louder and stronger than previously, and it seemed to be all encompassing as he spun to find the source of the sound. Pushing against a pedestrian who grumbled his discontent, John stilled and watched as the man’s pulse point fluttered and twitched with blood.

slash / dashcommaslash (BBC // Johnlock)
John can’t believe how long it takes him to get caught. Not stealing his few pints a week from work—he’s been doing that so long, half his life, that it hardly seems wrong anymore. They pay me in blood, he’d wink at his family. Not dinner with his rugby mates, bowls and straws and a newly slaughtered deer opened and dressed on the sideboard so it doesn’t lose its freshness on the way to the table. In Scotland, okay, but in London?

Sustain Me / beltainefaerie (BBC // Johnlock)
John felt like Sherlock saved him that very first night. It takes him awhile to return that favor. But now their lives will never be the same.

Symbiotic / round_robin (BBC // Johnlock)
John and Sherlock find a mutually beneficial agreement.

The Vermillion Problem / gardnerhill (ACD // Holmes/Watson)
He is as tidy in his dining habits as he is fastidious in his dress, even if his fare is horrifying to outsiders.

Twisting and Turning The Colours in Rows / leopardwrites (BBC // Johnlock)
“I’m conscious,” Sherlock says with a small shrug of one shoulder. “I move, respire, react to my environment… I miss a few of the basic life processes, but I think I qualify as ‘alive’. And I’m thirteen, like I told you.” A rueful smile, and his hand drops to his side. “But I have been thirteen for longer than is naturally possible.”

A Brief Guide To Some of My Favorite Kirby Anime Episodes

As you might’ve already known, I’m a big Kirby fan. I love my brave orb son. Specifically, I love the Kirby anime, which you might know as either Hoshi no Kaabi or Kirby: Right Back At Ya! I dig it so much that I spent a sizable chunk of my time going through and screencapping every episode, including the all-too-short 3D special and the… interesting pilot. If that doesn’t sound like much, let me remind you that the anime is exactly 100 episodes long. That’s a lot of Kirby content!

Naturally, that much material means a lot of K:RBAY’s run goes through the motions with the show’s usual formula – copying abilities, saving the Cappies, and admiring the power couple that is Dedede and Escargoon – and spotting the diamonds in the rough is trickier than you’d think. Luckily, this guide is here to help! I wouldn’t say these are objectively the best episodes; just that these are the ones I enjoyed the most for various reasons. At the risk of blabbing your ears off about this beloved children’s cartoon, I’ll stop right here and tell you all about my favorite episodes! I’ll try not to list too many of them. (I should mention that this guide mostly focuses on the subbed version, which can easily be found on Youtube for the most part, though the dub is even easier to find and, admittedly, has its own charm.)

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Benedict Cumberbatch at the TIFF 2014. i meant to draw other things, but glassesbatch would not be denied. halfway between a sketch and a draw. Graphite pencils 10H-6B on Strathmore Bristol 500. [my art tag]



When you require physical comfort from your family, but you were never that close in the first place…

A little doodle, cuz i’m leaving tomorrow for home! FOR CHRISTMAS! So the schedule will get even wonkier than before XD I’m sorry, but it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

Hi again. :p :p what do you think about my redraw of your pic? ^^ *i’m sorry if i’m being inconvenient.*

So, I’m TERRIBLY late in posting this but, time slips away from me quite easily.:’) But anyway, I love this! You are never inconvenient, luv.:)

For anyone who doesn’t know, this was my first ever post on askarkham (wonkier art back then obvs if you can believe that ohoho) and this lovely angel baby of mine, asktothesevenbests, did a redraw of it.^^ Quite lovely, you cutie patootie!^^



Picture up top is a translation from pen/paper to digital, with the paper already drawn on set on my tablet so I could trace the lines.  I did this once before and it came out fairly well.  It was a little wonkier this time, but still not too bad.

Side note, yes, I like Dreamworks’ revisit of Voltron, so aside from the person with the braid these are all attempts at drawing Shiro, from season ½ and 3.  I liked the longer hair, but anyone who knows me will be absolutely unsurprised by that. |D

The lower two pictures were drawn completely from scratch digitally, and I’m fairly happy with both, for different reasons.  The one without coloring at all is because I was happy with how the hair/bun came out.  The other I’m happy with because of the mood that showed up.