Benedict Cumberbatch at the TIFF 2014. i meant to draw other things, but glassesbatch would not be denied. halfway between a sketch and a draw. Graphite pencils 10H-6B on Strathmore Bristol 500. [my art tag]

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zaytanmaliks replied to your post: me follo estoy caliente

no, she said she’s horny and she wants to fuck herself or she wants to fuck bc she’s horny, man, idk how to explain this in english but yeah, that was the idea

dude i speak spanish lmao and that’s exactly what she meant because she’s using google translate and that’s what google translates it to lmao it sucks so badly how does fuck me goes to me follo ahahahaha it should be follame ;)

wonkier replied to your post: me follo estoy caliente

no she didn’t say that

yeah she did lol

wonkier replied to your postEs admirable que tengas 22 años y seas virgen, en la sociedad Argentina de hoy en día tenes 14 y ya tuviste relaciones unas tres veces, por lo menos. Yo tengo dieciséis, y soy la única virgen de mi clase, really? no podemos vivir en un pais así.. Nenas de 15 años con un bebé y nenas de 13 teniendo relaciones, wtf? yo creo que hasta no encontrar la persona indicada no deberias de hacerlo, y bueno nada, me desquite en tu ask, pero me parece perfecto que seas asi :) (? ♥

awww si es verdad:D

stewartcollins replied to your postEs admirable que tengas 22 años y seas virgen,


anonymous asked:

5 favorite blogs? i want to follow more!

only 5? D: that’s too difficult I’ll try tho, hm… let’s see

all of them are fantastic edit makers and I LOVE their blogs <3. I’m sure that I have other few favs but those are the ones that I can remember right now (it’s 1 a.m and I’m sleepy lol). You should definitely follow them, they are amazing :).