It wasn’t long before we were in Stage 6: Downhill. There’s not much time left once you’re here. The effort to try to make things work just… isn’t worth it anymore. Problems continue. Arguments don’t get solved…What’s next is what happens to everyone at some point: the end of the line. The worst stage ever: breaking up. I don’t know when it’ll happen, or how, but I hope we can leave it on good mutual terms-if that’s ever truly possible… And this is when the two of us will start a new path. One that leads right back to where we started: strangers.
—  Philip Wang, Strangers Again

It’s time to move on. We all realize that at least once in a lifetime. It may be painful and hard to do but we all have to face it. We can’t make them stay if they don’t want to. It will only bring us unhappiness, not them. You may have been in love with them at some point, but there’s no point in holding them back if their heart is no longer yours. Moving on is the healthiest option. Some of us may think, moving on is giving up and we shouldn’t give up if our feelings are deep enough. You may think love will last and that it will fix everything. No, you are wrong. Love can only fix it when two people in the equation are both willing to utilize its power. Moving on is NOT giving up. It is merely turning the page and entering a new chapter. It takes strength to move on and doing so will only make you stronger as a person. Besides, whoever said you had to do it alone? Friends are there for comfort, search them out. Do whatever you can. Minimize your contact with the one who is no longer yours. Delete all those texts, those messages, those screen captures of your Skype sessions, all those calls, unfriend them, unfollow them, whatever it takes to forget them. Dress up if you feel down, don’t let them change who you are, smile and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, act like nothing ever happened– you’ve lived without them before, you can live without them now. Be confident in yourself and live like there’s not a care in the world because they are not worth feeling sad. If they don’t make you their priority, don’t make them yours. Help your heart heal and turn them into strangers again.