Stage 1: Strangers and Finally meeting. You unexpectedly meet that person, and they automatically catch your eye. you exchange names, numbers and hope that something will be bound to happen.
Stage 2: The Chase. The talking stage, probably one of the best stages. You try to do things to impress that person. You want to know more about that person, its the only person you want to hang out with, the only person you want to talk to, That person is your number 1 priority. Nothing mattered except for her, and when you talked to her or saw her, butterflies.
Stage 3: The Honeymoon stage. You finally express your affection for one another, and its like a dream come true. You finally ask or get asked those 5 words, “will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend”. Its unbelievable but its real, that person is finally yours. You not have a billion pictures, memories. You’re happy together and its something you’ve never felt before. Then the fire simmers down and you return to normal, we now know each other. then it leads to stage 4.
Stage 4: Comfortable. You both act like yourselves now. The comfortable stage can be positive, when both of you keep pushing for that relationship, building it up and making it better. But sometimes it can be negative and create distance. You start taking each other for granted and stop caring about the little things you use to care about. Both of you change over time, and someone stops trying.
Stage 5: Tolerance. the person you were crazy about, becomes someone whose not so special anymore. You argue constantly and don’t even remember what you’re fighting about. youre are dissatisfied with the relationship. Both of you try to make changes, but it wasn’t enough. the relationship wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great, that’s really bad to say about a relationship. You go downhill
Stage 6: Breaking up. Probably one of the worst stages. Its the end of the line, the end of the happiness, the memories, and everything. You don’t when or how it ended, because it suddenly happened. You hope it ends in good mutual terms. That’s when you start a new path. but a little bit after breaking up you start missing that person, it hurts.
Strangers, Again. It can become so hard and drastic that you would wanna get back together because of all the things you went through together. You call them, text them, or something and say, “i miss you”. you are now both on your new paths. you both try to move on, eventually you fnd someone new and get over the past. you try to be Just friends, but nothing will be the same, your lives will continue on to different directions are inevitably are strangers, again. Everything you share would just be memories from so long ago. You’ll even question if it really happened, if it was real. All is left is random stuff from that period of time, when that stranger, was the most important person in my life.
Remember its either, “we break or get married”


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