What do I do? After this, after you, #afterus. Our new short was released yesterday. Glad to see it affecting so many people. We hope it will encourage and bring positivity into your life, or you can share with someone who needs it. Ft @heybvp @kevjumba and the music of @aprilnhem @deekhoo #wevebeenthere #createthebestversionofyou by wongfupro http://ift.tt/1zIkZ9x



our signs, that yifang took an entire night to make. but was definitely worth her time because THEWESLEYCHAN noticed them and pointed them out at the end of the event!

and the awkward elephant! new awkward animal! (price wasn’t very awkward though ><)

ted wasn’t there. :( but wes and phil certainly made up for his absence!

it was pretty amazing because it’s so unlike the kpop stuff i’m so accustomed to. like, you could bring in your cameras and they encourage filming and taking photos. and you’re allowed to breathe the same air as them (homin, i’m looking at you).

and there’s so much interaction with the fans. they talked a lot about their beginnings, what it took for them to get to where they are now, etc. it’s always inspiring to see people who are so extremely passionate in what they do. i only wish i’ll be able to find a career/job after i graduate that i’ll be that passionate about. ♥

we also got to see a new short they’ll (hopefully) be releasing soon and heard about future projects wongfu’s going to be in. all sound super exciting! can’t wait!

@wongfu @thewesleychan @wongfuphil
但可以超近距離見到一個YouTuber 感覺真的超微妙,明明昨天還只是在電腦上看他們的片子。。。
Fanmeeting 原來只是合照不失望是假的(>人<;),不過合照完又很滿足啦XD Wes 那句超近距離的HI我還記得(●´人`●)
竟然對Wes做心心了,我真的鼓了很大勇氣,雖然現在覺得很丟人就是了。。。(*´艸`)キャ 再一次因為太緊張沒有和人握手ˊ_>ˋ 怎樣也好,今天的運氣和平常比已經好很多了!還認識到同好,也挺好的~
you guys makes my day, the talk was inspiring and it really changed some of my mind and gave me some dedication, please keep making good videos!

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Sooooo, I joined Wong Fu Productions’ cover photo contest!! WOOOOOO!! I have 2 entries so far (they said you can submit as many as you want).

I wonder how far my creative juices can go and how many more entries I can make LOOOL

If you want to see entries from other people, just go to Wong Fu Productions facebook page. Abuse the LIKE button like there’s no tomorrow! HAHA!

Goodluck to all of us who joined! :D


This is probably the best sketch of WongFu Productions!