harryshumjr When I work on any project, I like to dive deep and give my all because if not then why do it. I’ve been very fortunate to work on many special projects in my career but sometimes there comes one that just sticks with you. When I first met @wongfupro it was through Twitter. I posted one of their videos expressing how funny it was and they tweeted back with a “Thanks for the tweet, would love to work with you in the future” and then after making numerous videos with them and millions of views later, I get to be a part of their biggest project yet. I remember Phil and Wes having to basically be their own crew; setting up lights, handling props, holding the sound boom to even handling the crafty and food orders. (Student film or the Wong Fu way, not sure) They were humble, hard working, intuitive and collaborative. And after all these years, they manage to be consistent with their nice guy attitude, strong work ethic and pursuit for perfection . It’s been satisfying to see their growth as directors and now, realizing their vision on a larger scale. They and the team have assembled a talented diverse cast and created a story over the span of 8 episodes that not only reflects today’s crazy dating scene but the pressures of “getting married” at a certain age. It’ll make you feel an array of emojis 😂🤔😳😡😭😍 when you see it. So proud of “Single By 30” and it will be out VERY soon on #YouTubeRed #SingleBy30 #LongPost #GotCarriedAway Pic via @thewesleychan #PhilsFlashbackOutfit 😂 WATCH THE PILOT NOW (link in my bio)



our signs, that yifang took an entire night to make. but was definitely worth her time because THEWESLEYCHAN noticed them and pointed them out at the end of the event!

and the awkward elephant! new awkward animal! (price wasn’t very awkward though ><)

ted wasn’t there. :( but wes and phil certainly made up for his absence!

it was pretty amazing because it’s so unlike the kpop stuff i’m so accustomed to. like, you could bring in your cameras and they encourage filming and taking photos. and you’re allowed to breathe the same air as them (homin, i’m looking at you).

and there’s so much interaction with the fans. they talked a lot about their beginnings, what it took for them to get to where they are now, etc. it’s always inspiring to see people who are so extremely passionate in what they do. i only wish i’ll be able to find a career/job after i graduate that i’ll be that passionate about. ♥

we also got to see a new short they’ll (hopefully) be releasing soon and heard about future projects wongfu’s going to be in. all sound super exciting! can’t wait!


This is probably the best sketch of WongFu Productions!