A little video gift for the 31st birthday of Ted Fu.

We actually have tried gathering a number of fans, but unfortunately, some have been very busy with school and work. But as we have met them all over the interwebz, they were all excited for Ted’s birthday. Wong Fu Productions definitely has the nicest and most awksome fans :]

Happy Birthday Ted! On behalf of all the Wongfuloves all over the world, we wish you more birthdays to come. And may you have a great life. Thank you for being so awksome! Keep doing what you love and we’ll always be here to support you. We love you! ♥

Huge thanks to all the Wongfuloves who took part to make this project possible! Keep spreading the Ted Fu and Wong Fu love~ “VV”


THANK YOU. The video was outstanding and made me all mushy inside!

Submitted by thewesleychan

THANK YOU WES! ♥ We are SOOOO happy you were able to see the video. We won’t take that “THANK YOU” by ourselves though. We share it with all your aWESome fans in the video and everyone who weren’t able to join us but were so enthusiastic about the project.

Thank you so much Wes! Your awesomeness unites us all and made this happen. Again.. Continue to do what you love because we will always be here to support you. Wes Chan 4 Lyfe.. WES CHAN 4 LYFE!!! vv^__^

Group hug Wongfuloves! ♥ WONG FU 4 LYFE!!! “VV”


“… at exactly 7:30pm, the lights went off and the crowd went wild …”
And Fiction becomes Reality

Happy #wongfuPH 2nd Monthsary Wongfuloves! ♥ #WF4L “VV”