wong tai sin

[translation] Hong Kong Character Song: Hoi Sam☆Nice Guy (Town)

[AUDIO LINK] from @hetalia-music
sung by Takagi Motoki



Pardon? 見えない…的な ふぁっ!!!!」

ちょ・ちょいちょい・ちょちょ超 携帯 (カシャカシャ)
写メ撮って 集めるのが趣味 (的な)
ぶっちゃけケータイみんなが持って普及率 (世界一)
係! 観光するなら
彌敦道(ネイザンロード)! (ふ~!)

愉快的な (チェキラ!)
イギリス仕込み 午後の紅茶 (ハイ・ティー)
歓迎光臨 楽しい的な (シェキナ!)
飲茶 奶茶(ないちゃ)チャチャ
ナイス カルチャー (チャラ!)

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Let’s shift things back to the SAR. As I will be leaving Hong Kong in a month and a half, I am trying to fit as many funtivities as possible into these short and busy few weeks. I took a half day trip to northern Kowloon last week to see some of the important religious sights. The one photographed above is the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. WOW that’s a mouthful! It is a brightly colored Daoist temple with a beautiful garden and yin & yang symbols everywhere. It is a great representation of a typical ornate Chinese temple. I jokingly dubbed this temple my abroad homestay - Imagine if I moved to Hong Kong and lived here in this Daoist temple rather than my HK Island flat. Can you imagine!?