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‘What do you think you’re doing?’
                                         ‘I wasn’t finished with that… rude’
                                                                                       ‘I am so done with you right now’


Diana made a derp snowman, and Opus thought he might get cold without a scarf.

she almost gave it too many arms

Opus belongs to @overwatchoriginalcharacters / @ladyarabesque 

小戏骨’s Legend of the Condor Heroes!

I know that the new Legend of the Condor Heroes is airing right now, but I am so incredibly excited for the 小戏骨 version.

Guo Jing is played by Shi Xiaosong, a student at Shaolin, and he looks a lot like Felix Wong in the 1983 version!

Huang Rong is played by Tao Yixi, famous for her role of Bai Suzhen in 小戏骨’s Legend of White Snake. (Her costume design seems to be modeled after the 1994 version.)


Mu Nianci is played by Zhou Zhiying, famous for her role of Xu Xian in 小戏骨‘s Legend of White Snake. (I think her costume design looks like it’s from the 2008 version.)

And Yang Kang is played by Xiaoyang Bohan, who has played many leading roles in the 小戏骨 adaptations, including Jiao Yulu and Lin Xiaocong (补锅). (His costume design is based off of the 1983 version.)

Ge Yide, who played Cheya in 小戏骨’s Mulan adaptation, plays Wanyan Honglie. (His costume design looks quite like the 1983 version.)

Little Bao Xiruo with little Wanyan Honglie!

I don’t know who plays Ouyang Ke, but he looks pretty good as the role.

I don’t the names for who plays the Six Freaks of Jiangnan, but they are also looking good.

Chen Yuheng, who played Fa Hai in their The Legend of White Snake and Mulan’s father in their adaptation of Mulan, plays Yang Tiexin. (He seems to always be playing older characters.)

Rehearsal of the “spar for a spouse” scene. (杨康/肖杨博涵好高啊~)

Since they can’t make a full 50 episode long adaptation (and also due to the fact that kids are acting it out), a lot of the story may be cut and edited, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I fucking loved Doctor Strange, you guys


I know that there was some controversy surrounding this film in regards to casting, but it was actually alright. I mean, it wasn’t as whitewashed as tumblr made it out to be. 

And it was so mindfucking but in a beautiful way.

Oh and the fucking cape!

Also the women looked badass!!!!! You couldn’t tell them from the guys because they wore the same armor/outfit! There was really no sexualization and…damn that hospital scene though. Women ruled this shit!

And Wong!!! OMG WONG! xD He’s one of my faves.

PS: Benedict is such a great actor. You can hate him or love him irl, but his acting is freaking splendid, and I loved how he handled Doctor Strange. Can’t wait to see more of this character in the MCU.

Don’t forget the after credits scene. 

Dr. Strange Casting

I saw Dr Strange yesterday. I really liked it but I’m confused about the casting

So Mordo is white and the Ancient one is Asian in the comics.

The ~diversity ratio~ is one white person, and one minority

In the movie, they made Mordo black, and the Ancient One white (woman)

The ~diversity ratio~ is still one white person and one minority

I understand trying to diversify but that literally didn’t change anything. If anything, it made it worse because that’s one less Asian person in the film. Asians are struggling to get roles in big movies and THIS IS KEEPS HAPPENING.

I guess they had to balance white washing the Ancient One by making Mordo black, but come on. There is plenty of black representation in Marvel already anyway: Black Panther, Falcon, War Machine. Asians in Hollywood can’t get shit these days smh

At least we still got Wong in the movie. He was awesome


Jimmy Wong came over and we drew Jinx and Vi from League of Legends! :D DOG PARTTTY 

Doctor Strange (2016) Review

Doctor Strange is the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen.

The movie tells the story of Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch), a brilliant surgeon who, after a car crash, loses the ability to use his hands and can no longer practice medicine. He starts looking for cures all over the world, and eventually arrives in Nepal, where the mysterious Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) will teach him about magic and the mystic world.

The supporting cast is made from Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, who is there as a romantic interest, Ejiofor plays Mordo, another student of the Ancient One, who will help Strange with his training. I was especially surprised by Benedict Wong as… Wong. He had some of the best scenes in the movie, and I am very happy he does not play the cliche asian manservant role he has in the comics. 

This is the first movie from Marvel Studios that brings out the fantastic side of things. Characters don’t use gadgets or alien weapons, instead they dwell with the mystic arts. The best thing I have to say about this movie is that it looks absolutely gorgeous. The special effects are some of the best I’ve ever seen and it’s really a must to see it in theaters (IMAX especially).

The film suffers from the well-known Marvel recipe, it’s the same superhero movie done before, just with a different mask this time. I was especially disapointed with the humor in this film. I always want my movies to be fun, and I really love laughing most of the time at these movies, but this time the tone did not really fit. It works really well in movies like Ant-Man and Guardians, but not so well in this one.

Doctor Strange is going to be the type of movie that you’ve seen many times before, but at the same time, you didn’t. It’s really worth watching for the amazing special effects, but the story is just okay, so I’m gonna give it an 8 out of 10.


Song Joong Ki will appear on today’s broadcast of China’s Running Man. Will share the video when it’s uploaded on their official YouTube channel.