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Single by 30

As we get older, the pressures to “grow up” from our family, peers, and society get heavier. What if we had a little extra motivation, and a backup plan?


Single by 30 Bloopers!


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thewesleychan: Out sitting with outstanding people. Everyone here is inspiring on different fronts. I’m so proud of the APA community that’s grown together. Let’s celebrate our achievements, recognize the challenges, embrace our differences, and most importantly, create our own opportunities 👊🏻💥🙌🏼 #apahm2016 #singleby30

It seems like a lot of you were new to Harry Shum Jr’s short films with Wong Fu Productions (I shared The Last, my all time favourite, yesterday), so here are some links to a three part series:


3 Steps to Self Esteem

Best Date EVER!

He’s also the lead in their new Youtube Red series Single by 30 along with Kina Grannis (who was also in The Last). They made a pilot/trailer on youtube that you can see here.

 There you go, Harry goodness for everyone!