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Bloopers! http://youtu.be/tnwZULW2Ets

Written & Directed by Wong Fu Productions http://youtube.com/wongfuproductions

Wesley Chan: http://instagram.com/thewesleychan
Philip Wang: http://instagram.com/wongfuphil
Megan Batoon: http://youtube.com/user/MeganBatoon
D-Trix: http://youtube.com/user/theDOMINICshow
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Friends, Romans, Cosplayers,

Let me share with you the magic that is 30 Sec Weave spray. This is my post-con Sailor Moon wig’s pig tail:

I’ve tried everything to de-tangle this thing. I’ve washed it and it frizzed right back up. I’ve used the fabric-softener+water spray and all it did was dull my wig and make it feel gross. So today I finally went to my local drag queen supply store and consulted the Very Old Korean Man who runs the place. Without a word he handed me this bottle and this comb:

But guess what?? It fucking works. Check out my post-sprayed/combed wig:

Here’s what you do.

  1. Get yourself this godsend spay that must be formulated from RuPaul’s tears, and this shark comb.
  2. Spray your goddamn wig
  3. Let that sit for a few minutes (I timed it by chilling out and listening to a Noisey song)
  4. Comb your wig–obviously do this the way your supposed to, you know start from the bottom, don’t pull hard, all that jazz
  5. Hit particularly stubborn tangles with another spritz from the To Wong Foo (with love)
  6. Carefully pull the tangle apart
  7. Spray the frizz that happened via knot banishing and comb through the hair again
  8. LOOK AMAZING???? (just kidding, you will)

If you’re having trouble getting over someone no matter how long the relationship please watch this… Its so inspiring. Forever love Wong Fu 

wanted to try and practice a little more realisticness and portrait type things. So here is this! Chris Dinh from Wong Fu Productions! (also, I think he looks different now? his hair/glasses may be different. I think this was referenced from an older pic of him, but anyway…)

Yeah… Need more practice…  T_T

I love Wong Fu, though I haven’t seen all of their videos or anything, but I love how they can do comedy, but then turn around and do artsy, thoughtful, drama films as well! :D

and also they are hot asian guys