wong fu art


This is incredible, play as characters like Pai Mei, Golden Arms, Bruce Lee, and from movies like 36th Chamber, Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and Drunken Master!!! So cool!!!!


Leroy Kwok demonstrating Hung Gar’s Tiger and Crane form made famous by legendary Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei Hung.

While this form does contain many applications - strikes, kicks, blocks and grabs - one of the most important aspects of it is that it builds on the Hung Gar foundation of strengthening limbs and promoting power.
Each move is performed with what’s called “dynamic tension”, a concept that’s recently been adopted by Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga.
The idea is to move as though you’re moving through cement. To tense your muscles and build strength as you perform the routine.
the idea is that when you finally do come to fight, the tension is no longer there and allows for your strikes to be quicker and more powerful. Adapting this power to your applications is believed, in Hung Gar, to be the key to being a well-rounded fighter.