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Here are my thoughts about the Bruce Lee/ Wong Jack Man fight as wee have seen it in movies like Dragon the Bruce Lee Story, or the current Birth of the Dragon movie, as compared to historical accounts of the fight which lead to Bruce’s progression in development of Jeet Kune Do.

THE BEST ACCOUNT of it is definitely found in the book: Striking Distance, Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America https://www.amazon.com/Striking-Dista… because not only does it give historical accounts by the many people involved, but it is unbiased. Now we have a clearer picture of the man Bruce Lee was and the events that helped him evolve into the martial artist we all look up to. Striking Distance also includes a lot of information about the local Bay Area martial artists at that time to which is just awesome! If you study Choy Li Fut then GET THIS BOOK! One of Choy Li Fut’s prominent figures is Lau Bun and this book has so many cool stories about him and his interaction with Bruce Lee.

–UPDATE– I’m working with Art School Dropouts on a seriously awesome project about LARPing and Kung Fu. It’s going to be amazing so go check out their channel and Subscribe so you can see it when it comes out!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/artschoo… You can help fund the Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP story at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/th…

Also, quick shoutout to Dragon Spring in Reno, Nevada. My first home away from home where I bought all my books, weapons, and other ninja gear :)


This is incredible, play as characters like Pai Mei, Golden Arms, Bruce Lee, and from movies like 36th Chamber, Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and Drunken Master!!! So cool!!!!


Leroy Kwok demonstrating Hung Gar’s Tiger and Crane form made famous by legendary Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei Hung.

While this form does contain many applications - strikes, kicks, blocks and grabs - one of the most important aspects of it is that it builds on the Hung Gar foundation of strengthening limbs and promoting power.
Each move is performed with what’s called “dynamic tension”, a concept that’s recently been adopted by Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga.
The idea is to move as though you’re moving through cement. To tense your muscles and build strength as you perform the routine.
the idea is that when you finally do come to fight, the tension is no longer there and allows for your strikes to be quicker and more powerful. Adapting this power to your applications is believed, in Hung Gar, to be the key to being a well-rounded fighter.