Can’t believe Max Factory and Good Smile is wasting their precious time on attack on Titan garbage. How come no GL figma? How come no Soul Eater figures? No Eva 3.0 nendo’s or figma? No haganai figma but nendo’s dafuq. They would make a killing. To bad license issues and rights always fuck up stuff.

Really glad about seeing these figures

- Archer’s figma prototype
- Saber Nero, Alter, and Bride nendoroid
- Tomoko Nendoroid/petite
- Amy’s (Gargantia) Figma/Nendoroid
- Link Nendoroid
- Luigi nendoroid
- I think I saw a Haruko Haruhara from Flcl figma, not sure.
- More Bakemonogatari nendo’s!

Pretty stoked.