wondrous human

  • kuroo: *breathes*
  • me: beautiful. absolutely one of a kind. what a sight to behold. such a wondrous gift to humanity. truly honored to exist in the same age as him. what a blessed day to wake up to, what a time to be alive. god has bestowed this outstanding specimen upon us mere mortals and for that i am most thankful.
// m e //

the 1975 drabbles 

me + namjoon

// i love you, don’t you mind? //

Namjoon had never been in love before.

He fantasized about it, though. There were countless nights spent in the studio, writing lyrics that only reflected the empty love that Namjoon possessed. He lay awake at night, wondering and wishing what it’d feel like to have another being tucked into his arms, whispering until daybreak about the universe. There was nothing more he wanted than to not be lonely anymore, to finally find his place with somebody else.

And then you showed up.

Namjoon had never met a more wondrous human being.  You laughed at his jokes and made him his favorite food when he was upset. You listened to him and his endless ramblings, offering your own as a response. He was in love with the way you ran your fingers through you hair when he made you flustered and the way you kissed him softly even on the bad days. There was nothing to describe this feeling but one single word- love.

But…you didn’t notice this. You were only his best friend, nothing more.

“Namjoon, you can’t be serious,” you say with a hint of laughter in your voice. Namjoon sheepishly smiles and rubs the back of his head with his hand.

“Y-Yeah…” he mumbles. “You know I’m clumsy.”

You laugh and push the broken pieces of his lamp into a pile. “I do know that,” you say and take a stride towards him. “But you’re my clumsy best friend.” You reach up and peck his cheek. Namjoon’s heart constricts and he feels like he’s dying. How did you not notice how much he loved you?

“Hey, after we clean this up, let’s bake some cookies!” Namjoon opens his mouth to protest, but you held up a finger. “I know, I know, you and a hot stove and loose inredients don’t exactly mix but I saw this new recipe…” You continue to talk, but Namjoon stops listening.

“I love you,” he whispers, so silently that he didn’t think that he said it at all.

You look up from the recipe on your phone and raise an eyebrow. “What was that?”

“Nothing.” He sighs. “So what kind of cookies are these?”

Don’t you mind?