Ready for the next convention tomorrow.

For the occasion I made this week a last portrait of Wonder Woman.

Have a great week end 💋

Prête pour le LYON GAME SHOW demain.

Pour l’occasion j’ai réalisé cette semaine ce dernier portrait de Wonder Woman que vous pourrez trouver à mon stand (n°79) ce week end sous tout plein de formats (A3, A4, A5, marque page, magnet …)

Bon week end

Made with warm grey COPIC

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Me before they added Lesbian Activity to sci-fi: I’m just not into the genre at all. Doesn’t interest me.

Me after: Anyway, time-travel, aliens, superpowers, these are a few of my favourite things.

Bruce : *meets with Clark and Diana after the fight*

Bruce : *is hiding an injury*

Clark : Wow that fight was re-

Clark : *x-rays Bruce*

Clark, internally : i sEE YOU BITCH

Clark : Bruce.

Bruce : What

Diana, after realizing : *glares*

Bruce : It’s not that bad.

Clark : *glares with her*

Bruce :

Bruce : I can explain.

the fact that captain marvel and wonderwoman redefined a phrase we usually have called or even reserved for men in our society, whether it be reality wise or entertainment and representation wise - “hero” -into something so simple but so goddamn profound as “HERo” honestly meant so much to me? Like im crying in the club its so simple but it holds such meaning- that every little girl, no matter the lack of representation or the numerous glass ceilings we need to break as women- can be her own HERo