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What is you top 5 fics

I gave my top 10 11 bc I couldn’t narrow it down (still had a hard time narrowing it down).  In no specific order;

I have a lot of fav fanfics that I enjoyed as much as these fics, these are just the ones I’ve reread the most so now that I barely have new fics to read, I’ll be rereading other fics as well.

What’s your #1 fic

Don’t have one.

Fic Recommendation 2?

Hey lovelies,

I have some new amazing authors and stories for you. I still don’t understand how you trust my judgment on this but anyway it only forces me to read more. I hope you like this one too.  Sorry again for my need of summaries.

Gold Skies - wondersnatch-hi-have-we-met & leonard-cohen-the-second

Carmilla military AU. Laura, a woman with a severe aversion to relationships, is less than welcoming to the new young pilot in her unit, Carmilla, who stirs up new emotions that Laura is scared yet curious to discover. Co-pilot LaFontaine dealing with the birth of their new baby with stay at home mom Perry, and lovable Danny finding herself in this insane world of fly in rescues with the love of her life.

I’ve trained myself to give up on the past - thegoldandthegunsandthegirls 

AU. Laura Hollis is feeling the pressure of day-to-day life: an exhausting job and the lack of a plan for the future would stress anyone out; on top of that, social interaction is not her strongest suit at the moment. A friendly advice convinces her to seek help from counselor Carmilla Karnstein: needless to say, therapy turns out to be the opposite of what she was expecting (and maybe, it’s exactly what she needs).

Love Me Harder

‘Holy shit, so this happening’
If someone was to ask how I expected my evening to go this would never have crossed my mind. But here I was standing awkwardly in a motel room, not alone. ‘I should have stayed home with my coco and Dr Who reruns’

After spending the night together, Laura cannot stop thinking about the mysterious brunette, and it turns out the other woman is also having the same problem.
Prostitute Carmilla Au

Painting Over

Carmilla Karnstein, world famous painter, meets Laura Hollis, a local reporter, at a gallery opening. Her life, and her art, has never been bright, but Laura starts to bring out another side of her…

Sex God - 

‘what about a ‘hey i’m sorry to bother you but i’m trying to convince my friends i’m a sex god so can you please write a fake number on this napkin for me real quick’ au’

The Reader and The Talker

Laura, who’s finally done with university and is working at a book store, finds herself in a situation where she has to throw out a customers who devours Vampire books without buying them. She would never anticipate that that customer would mean so much to her. Laura/Carmilla AU.

**Author or friend of the author of some fic here without a credit, please message me and let me know. I try my best but sometimes I’m not able to find to whom to give the credits and I really want to so don’t feel shy just message.**

*Wanna recommend some fic? feel free, my ask box is open and apparently I don’t have a life*

Fic recommendation part 1

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Hello.. Did you have any fic rec??

Oh shit. I knew not keeping a list of the ones I liked would catch up to me some day. I’m assuming this is for Carmilla so if not, please correct me.

I’ll Keep You Safe if You Keep Me Wild by TheRegalist is really good. It’s complete, 120k words, 16 chapters. Angsty and good. Bounty hunter Carmilla is everything I’ve ever wanted.

Silence Looks Good on You by @badaax is also really good. It’s in progress; currently 25k words and 5 chapters. One of the best descriptions of BDSM I’ve ever read, so you know, if you’re into that. Updates fairly regularly (bless the author, seriously). Also angsty… This fic gives me a lot of feelings. I am consistently unprepared for the chapters.

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also by @churchofyourcurves is one of the best fics I’ve ever read, period. It’s a four-part series and the first three parts are complete. The first installment is 117k words and 51 chapters. Just… Just read it. Please. It’s a Harry Potter AU and it is brilliant and you will not regret it and also I’m sorry for the heartache because this is one of the only fics that’s actually made me cry. Also, A+ for sorting Carmilla into Ravenclaw.

Inevitable by @from-dusk-todawn is really good. It’s complete; 10k words and 2 chapters. Packs a surprisingly large emotional punch for how short it is.

Forever and After by @heylittleyahtzee is also really good. TBH, fuck this fic. It fucks with my heart every time. I have a love-hate relationship with it. This is one of those fics I go to when I’m feeling existential and want to be in a lot of pain, but like, a good kind of pain? Whatever. It’s gonna fuck with you, just know that, but it is 500% worth it. It’s complete, 11k words, 3 chapters.

the lines we cast will bring us home by @cmdrlexas is really good. Interesting storytelling techniques - lots of time jumps and POV jumps. It’s done well, though. However this fic is fucking BLEAK so if you’re not in a good headspace run for your life. In progress (last updated in June); currently 25k words and 3 chapters.

Literally everyone ever recommends this one but Fool’s Gold by @turnandchasethewind and @galaxycarm (apparently? can’t confirm that) gets recommended for a reason. This is also known as the HSAU. It’s in progress and that will make you want to throw something out of a window. Currently 228k words, 21 chapters. Last updated in June so like I’m sorry… but it is really good.

What the Water Gave Us by @mmekeeklovescarmilla (I think) is good and wayyyy less angsty than pretty much every other fic on the list (I may or may not have a type). It’s adorable and has pretty solid characterization. However it updates pretty sporadically so just go into it knowing that. In progress; currently 85k words and 11 chapters.

white blank page. by antisocialgod and zbrockman is really good. I haven’t read it in a while because frankly I’m avoiding it since it doesn’t update super regularly and it fucking kills me so I’m noping out of it for a little while. However my beta is obsessed with it so hit her up if you need to chat about this one. This is the one where Laura plays soccer and Carmilla plays ice hockey and it’s emotional and angsty and UGH. In progress; currently 98k words and 15 chapters (out of an expected 25). Ughhhh.

The Trades We Choose by @carmillasleatherpants is really good - the one where Carmilla is supposed to become chairman of Karnstein Industries and Laura is her new secretary, aka the Personal Assistant AU. Frankly I don’t know why I love this fic so much - that’s normally reserved for ones that emotionally ruin me - but it’s super solid and I do love it so yeah, read it, it’s good. Complete; 50k words and 8 chapters.

Those Magic Changes by @marzo2theletter (ayyyyy, marzos and puns) is really excellent. It’s not nearly as angsty as some of the other ones on here but you will still get very invested in it. It’s literally adorable. Seriously, do yourself a favor and read this. AKA the one where Carmilla is an English teacher and has to direct a production of Grease starring the one and only Laura Hollis. Also one of the only fics I’ve read that doesn’t overindulge in the teacher-student-relationship trope. Plus, the author is pretty cool too, I guess. ;)

Gold Skies by @wondersnatch-hi-have-we-met and @leonard-cohen-the-second is really good and will gleefully stomp on your heart. Military AU. In progress; currently 56k words and 9 chapters. Last updated in September. 

(of all persisting stars) by Care and mermaiddrunk is the kind of smut-writing excellence I aspire too and that sounds weird but it is honest, in character, and gorgeous. Please just read this. It’s fantastic. Complete - 9k words, 2 chapters.

I know I’ve read some good Lawstein and Hollenstein but I’m an idiot and don’t write things down.

And finally, shameless self-promotion - I’m writing a Carmilla Cop AU that I think is pretty good. It’s called After the Storm and I’m doing my best to update once a week (or at least once every two weeks) but college does occasionally get in the way. Don’t let the first chapter fool you - this is gonna be angsty. Still adorable, hopefully, but there will be (and there has been) angst. In progress; 55k words, 14 chapters; last updated on Monday and hopefully to be updated on Sunday. :)


hello!1!!!!11! 2014 has been such a been a great year on the internet for me, what with finding carmilla and finding my people and i’m so appreciative for every follower that i have! especially my mutuals that have stuck with me through multiple fandom switches. know that i appreciate every single one of you and if you’re on this list i absolutely heart you and i know that my dash wouldn’t be the same without you on it!!

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