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I already wrote up a few thoughts in proper tumblr-speak about the new Anne series made this year, but after a long conversation with a co-worker who considered a bad adaptation (though good show) I wanted to go a little more in depth.

The main complaint my co-worker put forth about the show was that it lost the tone of the books. To her, Anne has an optimism and a wonder about that world that failed to come across with a gritty reboot. Anne’s sunny outlook is a desperate one, showing Anne to only be grasping at any possibility of happiness but not carrying that inside of her.

Where she saw desperation, I saw perseverance.

For me, the dark realities of a past full of neglect, abuse, and trauma didn’t change the fact that Anne still looked on the world as a place full of wonders and mysteries to explore. Her deep love of words and reading, her infatuation with beautiful things, the way she held on to every good moment with tenacity showed me that Anne continues to carry within her a deep and abiding love of the world. But instead of an innocence frequently portrayed (and yes, evident in the book), she loves everything more because she knows the darker sides of life as well. Anne isn’t desperately clinging to every good moment that happens because she thinks it will be snatched away. Instead, Anne is pushing through the bad moments that happen because she knows there’s good out there to be had. I felt this clearly in the second episode, when her hopes for living at Green Gables have been dashed and she is trying to get a train to Halifax. Desperation would place Anne racing to the station, pleading for passage, and running to Matthew in relief. Perseverance has Anne cheerfully helping the milkman do his rounds, chattering all the while. It gives her the ability to give theatrical speeches that entertain and inspire for a ticket. And it has her refuse to be at the beck and call of tantalizing hope, holding out instead for a future of her own making until she understands that Matthew is in earnest. The life Anne led is dark, and it influences her outlook. But it makes her cheerfulness, her love of life, far more compelling and truthful when you can fully understand what she went through - and how she refuses to let it overtake her.

As a person of faith, I also saw in her perseverance and joy a taste of what Paul talks about in the book of Romans.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed…we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”

Optimism has different lenses that, depending on which you look through, either are or are not revealed in this series. Truly, the innocent optimism of a nostalgic, carefree simple life is gone. In its place is an optimism that is somewhat synonymous with the idea of a future hope. Anne is no longer an optimistic child who sees nothing wrong in the world. Anne is now aware of the darkness living within people, but chooses to hope that every new thing she comes across will prove her wrong. This Anne still will adorn her hat with wildflowers because they look beautiful, and because she hopes that it will endear her to her classmates. This Anne views the hired hand with suspicion because she knows when people no longer get the work they want out of orphans they discard them, yet she also gives away her most precious gift to save her adopted family. (Showing, in one gesture, how deeply she believes they will not stop loving her or get rid of her.) Anne hopes to see the good of the world revealed to her each day, and once she comes to Green Gables she often has that hope fulfilled.

While you may be able to look at optimism different ways, or see Anne’s cheerfulness through different lens, there’s one aspect of the tone and content of the book that solidly finds its way into the adaptation, and to me is more relevant to the story than anything else could be: the formed family. So much of Anne’s life in the story revolves around the fact that she is now part of a family, doing things that most children experience without a second thought. I think of Marilla and Matthew having this conversation:

“I suppose–we could hardly be expected to keep her.”

“I should say not. What good would she be to us?”

“We might be some good to her,” said Matthew suddenly and unexpectedly.

This story is about two siblings who, though they clearly care for one another, don’t often express themselves or give in to strong bouts of feeling. When they take Anne in, they certainly are some good to her. They provide her with safety, security, and love. But Marilla is wrong to think she’d be no good to them. Anne’s presence brings joy and feeling back to the forefront of their lives, allowing them to connect in a deeper way with the people around them as well as each other. The makeshift family that arrives when Anne sets foot in Green Gables is at the core of the story, and we see it played out beautifully in the series. Marilla’s moment sitting on the fallen tree with Anne, Matthew and the “Avonlea Ace”, and signing her name in the Bible are just small moments in the overarching theme that keep this an adaptation that still fulfills expectations.

(Now, as long as the additions to the story don’t go too far afield in season two…)

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Do you ever do the thing where you just look around you and become aware that everything is atoms and molecules and the air you're breathing is all these different gasses and just wave your hand through the air and realize how COOL it is? And just touch things and be like "That's molecules?" I love it when I get like that, it's one of the reasons I'm studying science. The world is wonderful!

idk not really

I made my piece with atoms and shit a long time ago


@thedavisworldtour The Greatest Man made structure on Earth.
- Khufu’s pyramid, known as the Great Pyramid stands at 481 feet.
- Constructed in 2450 BCE
- The most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error.
- Estimated at 5,955,000 tons
- Also the last remaining structure of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Needless to say, this is by far the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. #cairo #egypt #gizapyramids

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Dark skin is so beautiful. I don't know why but it always reminds me of nature, forests, trees, lakes. It's just so beautiful.

Agreed. It’s no wonder the western world sit out tanning all summer trying to get a darker shade. Darker skin just seems rich and smooth and as my friend Scola would say - luscious 🙌

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Compared to kanako, what type of gods are lunarians and how do they acquire faith? Like Eirin hid for millennia is there shrine dedicated to her? Or perhaps she was well known by other names in other cultures like Artemis in Greece. There was a huge cult following in Ephesus where the temple of Artemis was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Eirin is Omoikane, the Shinto god of knowledge. There are a number of shrines to Omoikane throughout Japan, so it’s not like she isn’t receiving faith. Omoikane is one of the major gods in their Pantheon. If anything, she’s probably more popular than Artemis these days.

Anyway, in Shinto belief, there are two separate lineages of gods: the amatsukami (heavenly gods, including Eirin/Omoikane and Amaterasu), and the kunitsukami (earthly gods, including Suwako and Sanae). They’re both gods, but different tribes of gods. If you’re familiar with Norse mythology, you can think of it as somewhat similar to the Aesir and Vanir.

The, uh, backstory of Japan is that it used to be controlled by the kunitsukami, but was conquered by the amatsukami. This conflict is represented by Kanako and Suwako’s backstory (who also have that whole Heaven and Earth theming), although it’s unclear to me if Kanako is actually an amatsukami in Touhou. I’m thinking no, because what she says about the moon in Sanae’s LoLK ending doesn’t make much sense if she is. Actually, on that note she specifically calls out LoLK as Sanae (a kunitsukami) invading the moon (home of the amatsukami), as a reversal of the old war. She also notes that if the Lunarians actually had moved to Gensokyo, it would’ve been the second coming of heaven, the first one being when the first emperor of Japan (a descendant of Amaterasu) descended. As in, it would’ve been an event with tremendous religious significance, a “new myth”.

And… that’s all we really know about the amatsukami. We don’t know how they acquire faith, if they even need to acquire faith, or any other details of their meta-physiology. All we really have is Kanako going “Whoa, the Lunarians are the amatsukami?! Mind blown!”

Edit: Although given that the Amatsukami have shrines, I suppose we can at least assume that they can do the same soul-splitting thing that other gods do.

Weirdest thing just happened. Was walking home with 8kg of dog food when this super cute guy ran up to me and literally carried it all the way home…like 20 minutes away home. And he’s Irish..and he lives a street away…. what a wonderful world

Thick hair gothic

The pillow is wet when you wake up. Your hair is still drying. It’s always drying. You washed it 3 days ago and need to wash it again soon. It’s still drying.

All the hair balls in your room seemed to have moved into one corner on their own. You don’t know where they’ve come from or how they keep growing. They feed on each other. Soon it’ll be too big for you to escape.

You comb your fingers through your hair only to pull out a clump of hair. You do it again and another clump comes with it. You do this several times with the same result, but the number of hairs on your head is both constant and infinite. 

“At least I’ll be warm in the winter.” You reassure yourself as the sun beats down on your head. Your scalp is melting off, every journey outside is a mistake. The winter will never come.


Some particulars from my snapchat, chronicling the EPIC FUCKING DND GAME OF TONIGHT

Including this boss-ass diorama that @edwardinkhands, aka the world’s best DM, created, and the MOST TRAGICAL END TO A DRAGON-DAD, EVER.

RIP, Thaddeus, my (character’s) step-daddeus, aka Markender the Traitor, aka the meddler of the realm, aka the best foster-dragon-dad to both dragon and dad, ever in the realm of ebberon.

You’ll be missed, pops!