Mondays Don’t Have To Be Manic

Matrix Philippines & Status Salon gave me another reason to love Mondays. Aside from the fact that I didn’t have classes or duty on Mondays during my first year in graduate school, our crowning glory can now be treated and pampered every Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I did say “our” because Status Salon is offering 30% of hair coloring services with a free hair treatment on these days.

Be sure to try out Matrix Philippines’ dual colors in WonderBrown or WonderLight. Mine was WonderLight Medium and it turned out to be very multi-dimensional and alive. The first picture shows my hair before the hair coloring. My roots have grown out. The color was fading and dull.

The last two photos shows the finished product. The one on the left was immediately after and in daylight. I noticed how my hair looked a lot healthier and shinier thanks to the Matrix Biolage Hydra-seal treatment. The photo on the right is my hair a week after. Still very shiny and radiant. Since I loved the color so much, I made sure to follow instructions for after-care carefully, which was to use the Matrix Biolage Color Bloom masque twice a week.

So if you’re looking into changing your look or livening it up a little, drop by Status Salon and ask for Matrix Philippines’ dual colors on Mondays/Tuesdays til August and enjoy the 30% discount!

so like.. I feel kinda bad, for just like… Randomly shipping my character with yours even though you probably know nothing about him because i havent talked much about him before but
His name is Wonderlight Blubberquack
The Blubberquack family is really large so he has a lot of siblings, including my main toon, Super Daffy Blubberquack
Wonderlight is somewhat undeveloped rn but iM WORKING ON IT
he’s a really retro guy and is super into old stuff and antiques, and enjoys the 80s and 70s but especially enjoys the 60s and 20s and refined stuff
He loves records too, both him and Super Daffy love records and old music
Their mom used to put on her favorite records and the whole house would listen to them while they did their own things
He acts like he’s superior and such to everyone and super cool but in reality he’s not and a part of him knows that but
Because of this he doesn’t have much respect or attention span for anyone except for a couple certain toons and a specific bunny toon *COUGH COUGH*
He is Yellow and has a Red vest and Orange undershirt, and sorta Maroon pants with a belt I believe
He sometimes wears a detective hat and monocle too
I’ll try and see if I can make some proper refs soon but it might be a while because I have to scan it and ink it and color it and etc but yEAH thats it