amadswonderland asked:

i’ve been promoted to romancticbohorocker botm, so excited!!tI if you can, vote for me, at romanticbohorocker tumblr, then message me the number and ask for any of the following promotions: - screenie blog/archive - solo - description - full blog rate or anything else you desire or we can agree on :) go on vote for me pleasee THANK YOU

Of course darling! No problem. (:

amadswonderland asked:

would you teach me japanese ? :) at least the basics :) ( i love languages so i try to learn a little bit from every language, im fluent in spanish, english, and italian)

wow, you’re fluent in spanish, english AND italian?! i’m soooo jealous!!! i bet you’ll be able to learn japanese very quickly then!! of course i can try teaching you lol. you can send me fan mail/message me privately if you want to start haha.