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iamthegoblinking  asked:

Hello! I have noticed there aren't very many INTP characters, could you identify some for me, also I would like to know more about it. Thank you for considering!

You are very right, there is quite a sad lack of strong INTP characters, not even just in the animation world!  For one thing, Disney I often find rather more full of Te characters than good Ti ones, and they account for a good chunk of the characters.  Disney also seems to have lots of Fi.  

Hiccup, from the How To Train Your Dragon movies, is a great INTP example, probably my personal favorite of this type as well.  Another lesser known INTP from a non-Disney movie is Curdie from The Princess and the Goblin.

Hiccup is a pretty well developed character, I think, and even through the two movies his personality stays very true and three dimensional.  He’s strongly contrasted with the very Se heavy community, but he’s always clearly more of a thinker than a doer.  He really enjoys analyzing, is great at convincing through logic, and looks at things very much in terms of a sound reasonable approach, all of which show strong Ti (introverted thinking).  He is always one of the first to eagerly think and explore beyond what is generally taken for granted, and his ideas often clash a bit with the stable ways of the group; he isn’t happy with the everyday though, much preferring to explore some new concept or discover new possibilities (Ne, extraverted intuition).  He is a very kind person, but the way that he highly values and prioritizes peace and group harmony is also indicative of Fe (extraverted feeling).  The fact that this is his inferior function naturally shows more earlier on in the movies, when he is clearly drawn to the idea of being part of the group, even though it really isn’t him or his strong spot.  The inferior function can be a strong driving force!  And overall, Hiccup is someone who constantly seeks something in life, some greater meaning, and something about who he is–this is a defining characteristic of the INTP.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland is a rare and good example of a Disney INTP.  A character of persistent reason in a world of absurdities, Alice is endlessly fascinated by all the bizarre and intriguing possibilities around her (Ne), but she never fails to chase some reasonable answers and try to apply good logic (Ti).

Thank you for asking, and I hope this answers your question!


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The Magical Musical Automaton Toy Cabinet - Jean & Pierre Bellin, circa 1990.

Made of gold embellished with mother-of-pearl, enamel, and carved chalcedony and rose quartz flowers and foliage, the Bellins’ automaton opens to reveal an animated Alice and White Rabbit atop a revolving drum. The toy train circles the drum, pulling cars filled with sapphires, emeralds, and rubies; the hot air balloon also spins. The many toys in the cabinet are of enameled gold set with diamonds or carved from semiprecious stones.