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can you tell me your top 10 of anime? pls, im bored and i need to watch something new:(

I’m assuming you’re the same anon who has sent some AnE asks so I’ll not name Blue Exorcist on this list. I hope you don’t mind me putting some lesser known but neat anime on this list? Anyway! Here I go!

1. Bungou Stray Dogs (2 seasons, 50+ manga chapters)
2. Nanbaka (2 seasons, idk how many translated manga chapters, around 30?)
3. D.Gray-man (5 seasons, 220+ manga chapters)
4. 07-Ghost (1 season, manga finished with 17 volumes)
5. Mob Psycho 100 (1 season, 80+ manga chapters I think..?)
6. Psychic Detective Yakumo (OKAY I GOTTA ADMIT I only watched like the first two episodes but I adore the manga, which has 60 chapters so far!)
7. Poco’s Udon World (1 season and a manga that’s not translated rip)
8. Makai Ouji/Devils and realist (1 season, around 70 chapters I think?)
9. Deadman Wonderland (1 season, manga finished in like 8 volumes)
10. Ajin (2 seasons, 1 movie, 2 OVAs, around 40+ manga chapters?) 

Thaaaat’s it! It’s better to ask me for manga recss, I read more manga than I watch anime but I hope you have fun!

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