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The Mad Hatter portrayed in various adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, including illustration, television shows, movies, video games, and live performance.

Gifs and pictures not mine – all found on the internet.


You shot up in bed at the sound of breaking glass and a scream. You felt for your husband beside you but he was not there and you knew what was happening. “Jeff!” you called. “Jefferson!” 

No answer. 

You walked down twisting halls and into the living room where Jefferson sat in the floor in front of the couch with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees, sniffling, tears dripping from his tired eyes. “Jeff…” you put your hand on his shoulder crouching in front of him. 

“It’s real, Y/N.” he told you, looking up at you with watery eyes. “It’s real, I know it is. I see all of us every time I close my eyes. It’s like it’s taunting me, dangling it in front of my face.” he cried. 

“I know, babe.” you sighed, sitting in the floor beside him, resting your head on his shoulder. He’d been having dreams for months about this alternate universe in which he was the Mad Hatter and you were Alice, you had a daughter together. It tore him apart. You found it hard to believe in what he told you but something told you he was telling the truth. Not even a mad man could make up the stories Jefferson told you. You knew him, he wasn’t making it up. 

“I’m crazy, Y/N.” he said pitifully. “I’m crazy.” 

“Jefferson,” you held his face in your hands. “You aren’t crazy.” you told him sincerely. “I believe you.” you whispered to him. “I believe you.” 

“You believe me?” he asked and started to sob harder as you nodded your head. You hugged him close and kissed his head, closing your eyes as you let you husband cry on your shoulder. 


Imagine you are the Cheshire Cat (female pronouns) and find Henry lost in Wonderland. You help him, as you find him cute…

Henry stumbled over yet another log. He didn’t know how he gotten there but he had and now he was stuck. He had thought Neverland was bad, but now he prayed for the place. For this was Wonderland. And anything could happen there.

He rubbed at his forehead, ignoring the fact he just smeared more dirt all over him. He had gone to sleep in his bed but woke on the woodland floors of Wonderland’s Dark Forest. Everything was strange and twisted there. The trees were a dark inky black and if one didn’t like the look of you it might lift its roots just to trip you. The animals never came out of hiding, always stayed a few paces behind the boy, stalking him, hunting him. They all had wide, bright eyes that followed him no matter which way he turned. Even the flowers were against him, they hissed when he got too close and a few had tried biting at his shins.

He flopped down on the ground, having tripped once again. That was it. He had had enough. No more wandering aimlessly. If help was going to come, he might as well just sit and wait for it. And it not-

Just as the mere thought crossed his mind he heard a forced cough just above him. He looked up slowly, frowning. When he noticed he had company he jumped to his feet, raising his fists so he was ready for a fight if it came to it. He didn’t trust anything that lived in those woods, not even the young girl resting on the tree branch right in front of him.

She was stretched out lazily in a very feline position, on her back with knees up, hands resting on her chest.

“Are you lost, Henry? Or just tired?” she asked, her large (Y/ec) eyes making him shiver.

“Neither I’m just-“he stopped, his heart leaping in his chest “Wait, how do you know my name?”

“You didn’t mention it?” she sat up, tilting her head to the side.

Henry shook his head quickly, shuffling back a few paces when a wide grin spread across her face. It was a mad grin, as mad as the forest he was trapped in.

“Oh yes, so you didn’t” she giggled, leaping down from her tree branch. He was almost shocked by how expertly she landed, knees bent slightly, hands raised to the sky. But this was Wonderland, and as said before, anything goes.

“Well if you aren’t tired or lost, why are you here?” she asked, brushing any leaves off her short skirt.

“What do you mean?”

“Only the lonely come to this part of the forest” she whispered, suddenly right in front of him, reaching out to stroke the boy’s cheek “Are you like me then? Lonely”

“I-um” he didn’t answer, staring in shock as a thin tail wrapped itself round his leg “Who are you?”

“I’m (Y/n), but most here call me Puss for obvious reasons” (Y/n) purred, her head twitching to the side at the sound of a bird.

“You’re the Cheshire Cat” he mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

“I suppose so, is that what your story books call me?”


“Oh how wonderful, I do like that name. Suits me very well, wouldn’t you agree”

He was about to answer her when the bushes behind them rustles. A low growl echoed around the trees and (Y/n) stiffened, her tail bristling.

“We must move swiftly. It isn’t safe here anymore in Wonderland” she explained “I think that’s why you’re here Henry. You’re meant to help us”


“hush now. We must  get going. Stay close to me and we might just survive”



Warning/s: Gore? Psycho reader? Idk? 


Y/N, the queen of Wonderland, was outside her castle painting every white rose, bloody red. Literally BLOODY red. She was recently proclaimed the Queen of Wonderland after she violently killed the previous Queen along with her good friend, the mad hatter. She cut off the Queen’s foot, shoved it in her mouth, cut off her five fingers and shoved two of it up her nostrils and made her choke to death. She finds it entertaining and amusing to kill someone in a creative way. She’s clearly mad. That’s why she gets along with the mad hatter and is strangely perfect for the title “Queen of Wonderland”. Although she was quite young to be a Queen, no one dared to go against her knowing how she can easily kill you in a very ‘unique’ way.

“Jefferson!” Y/N called.

“Yes milady?” the mad hatter asked.

“I need more blood.” Y/N pointed at the empty, blood stained bucket.

The mad hatter smirked and nodded, leaving to get more blood.

Y/N hummed and walked over to her pet wolfdog.

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N patted her pet.

“You hungry?” she asked the wild animal.

Y/N has a soft spot for anyone who can relate to her or anyone who she sees herself in. In other words, her fellow psychopaths and this dog.

While Y/N was feeding her dog, a puff of smoke appeared in front of the castle. It was a boy who looks like he’s about Y/N’s age. The boy looked around the place, seeing as if everything changed from the last time he was there. When he spotted the girl kneeling in front of an enormous dog, he raised an eyebrow and approached her.

“I’m guessing you’re new here? I’ve never seen your face here before.” The boy asked Y/N.

Y/N looked up to see an attractive teenage boy. Y/N smirked and looked back down to her dog.

“Yeah.. You could say that” Y/N chuckled darkly.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?” Y/N asked the boy.

“Peter Pan, King of Neverland.” Peter bowed, took Y/N’s hand and kissed it.

Y/N face lit up and formed a wide grin.

“And may I ask who the pretty lady in front of me is?” Peter flirted.

Y/N stood up and smiled

“Y/N, Queen of Wonderland.”

Peter had a shocked and confused face.

“What happened to the previous one?” Peter asked.

“Killed her.” Y/N laughed.

Peter gave an amused look.

Jefferson came back with a bucket filled with blood.

“Here’s the blood you asked for, Y/N.” Jefferson set the bucket near the roses.

“What’s that for?” Peter asked.

“Well for painting these roses of course.” Y/N said in a ‘duh’ tone.

Peter nodded in response.

Peter was starting to think this girl is mad and somehow, he likes it.

“So what brings you here, Peter?” Y/N asked.

“I was suppose to talk about ‘business’ with the Queen but I guess I can’t, considering you killed her.” Peter chuckled.

“What business?” Y/N asked, interested.

“It’s nothing now. It seems like I have other plans now.” Peter smirked at Y/N.

“Yeah? And what’s that?” Y/N asked.

“You.” Peter stated in all seriousness.

Y/N started laughing hysterically, Jefferson joining her.

“You think you can overpower me?” Y/N said, suddenly with a sinister voice.

Y/N laughed again, seeing Peter’s frightened reaction.

“I was kidding, mate. You should’ve seen your face.”

Peter’s face turned to his normal smugness and quietly said

“You’re crazy.”

Y/N stopped laughing. Jefferson’s eyes widen. No one ever dared to call Y/N mad, crazy or a psycho.

Y/N slowly walked over to Peter. Peter stood still, slightly frightened to what Y/N would do.

“The best people are.” Y/N smiled genuinely at Peter.

Peter sighed in relief and Jefferson stood in the corner looking so confused.

Peter tilted his head and studied Y/N’s appearance.

“I like you.” Peter said.

Y/N smirked and said

“I like you too. What do say about being the King of Wonderland?” Y/N offered.

“As long as you become the Queen of Neverland.” Peter said.


Days, months, years passed. Peter and Y/N ruled both Neverland and Wonderland, the lost boys coming to Wonderland from time to time to explore and play.

Peter loved how crazy Y/N was that it made HIM crazy.

not literally.

I don’t see Peter being king of Wonderland but I tried. This is my first requested imagine. Thanks for the request anon :))

Requests are OPEN

Wonderland Meets Neverland - Part One


  1. I love your blog!!IT’S AMAZING!!!Anyways I wanted to request a Wonderland crossover.I don’t really know if you need any specific ideas,but I just think a Wonderland crossover would be awesome!! Lots of love!
  2. I’m not the person who requested the crossover but I do have an idea. So like y/n is Jefferson’s sister and she’s the queen of wonderland and maybe the shadow took one of her prisoners so she and Jefferson go after the shadow and find that they’re in Neverland and then you can figure out the rest? Like you know make Jefferson an over-the-top protective brother?
  3. (the-rad-mad) For the Wonderland crossover,maybe Y/N could take on the role of the Cheshire Cat,and that’s why Y/N and Peter get along a bit,but also get on each others nerves.They both mess with people’s minds,speak in riddles,love adventure,and are mysterious and mischievous. But the reason they don’t get along at times are because Y/N is carefree and Peter is pretty serious at times,while Y/N actually is serious in a carefree way??? (idek how to explain that) Sorry these ideas really suck.I don’t have ideas really for a plot at all,just Characters.

Warnings: none

Notes: SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT! I asked for help because I’ve never done a crossover, so thanks to the people who helped with ideas!

Part Two || Part Three

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“Big Brother!” You spooked your brother, Jefferson, by dangling right in front of him from a tree. You smiled wide, a grin stretching from ear-to-ear, eyes wide.

“Gah–Gosh,” Jefferson jumped back a little. He shook his head once he realized it was only you. “Always smiling so wide like a Cheshire Cat.” He noted. 

“I guess that’s why they call me just that, Big Brother,” you giggled, coming down from the tree. Both of you started walking.

You and your older brother, Jefferson, were the best of friends. Always with one another just about. Always wreaking havoc and creating some kind of ruckus in Wonderland. You were the trickster, and he was the thief. You were mischievous and abject. He was sly and a plausible liar.

“Jefferson, have you heard that a Shadow took a boy away?”

Your brother turned to you as you both continued to walk down a path in Wonderland. “A boy taken by a Shadow?” 

You nodded your head. “Yes. I think we should go find him, and bring him back. He is one of my friends, you know.”

“You have friends?” He retorted sassily. You rolled your eyes at him before walking ahead of him and stopping right in front of your brother.

“Okay, not a friend, but I think it’d be cool to bring the kid back.”

Jefferson gave you a look, folding his arms over your chest. “I think little Cheshire wants an excuse to go on an adventure.”

It was true, you did want to just go on an adventure. You and your brother both hated Wonderland for the most part. The thought of going to another realm, another land, sounded intriguing. 

Though Jefferson knew damn well where this missing child had been taken to. The second you said he was taken by a Shadow, he knew. Only one land had a Shadow that took children. A land in which a demon inhabited it and ruled everything on that island. The place was dangerous and deadly. Jefferson never wanted to take you there.

“But it’s not going to happen. That place is not meant for you.”

“So you do know where he is!” You pointed, smiling wide once again. Jefferson nodded. “Then let’s go, please?” You begged.

“No way, Y/N, it’s dangerous there.” You scoffed, waving your hand.

“Please, Dangerous is my middle name. C’mon, Big Brother, please?” You butted out your lower lip, clasped your hands together, and showed him your big eyes. You were giving the puppy eyes look. A look no one could ever resist.

Jefferson rolled his eyes, mumbling a small ‘fine’. You cheered and quickly hugged your brother. He didn’t hug back, too concerned about your safety. But nevertheless, Jefferson took off his infamous hat. The black and light orange hat he always wore and never left his sights. He set it on the ground, explained that you and him needed to jump inside it.

“Jump inside the hat? Now I’m sure that you’re absolutely mad,” you cackled.

“Only the best people are, my dear Cheshire. Now c’mon. Let’s go.” 

When you realized he was being serious, you grabbed his outstretched hand. “On three,” Jefferson had told you. You nodded. He counted to three, and you both jumped inside the hat. You’d no idea his hat could do that. You’d no clue his hat was a portal hat. No wonder he always had it with him.

In this room were multiple doors. All different, too. There was a lime green door, a door with four different doorknobs, a pink door, a door made of only flower, a grey door; so many doors. But one door stood out to you. It was different than all the rest. It was of pure black, white shiny specs on it, but in the right upper corner, there were two brighter and bigger specs. A few vines were on the door, and the doorknob was a flower. A real flower was the doorknob. You couldn’t believe it. It was such a pretty sight.

“Quit gawking, and let’s get going,” Jefferson dragged you over to the pretty door.

“You mean we’re going in there?” You asked excitedly.

“Yes, and whatever you do, you stay by my side at all time, understood? Neverland is not a place to mess around in. Are we clear?” 

“Yes, let’s just go already!”

Jefferson opened the door, and you guys walked through it.


The boy in green and his best henchman walked through the forest in Neverland. They were discussing what to do with their newest hostage. A boy from Wonderland. Nut not just any boy. He was the Queen of Hearts’ son. She had wronged the Bot in Green, Peter. She wronged him and that made him mad. His revenge was taking her son.

“If she doesn’t cooperate, Felix, she’ll never hear from her son again,” he snarled. Felix, his tall friend, snickered.

“She’ll cooperate, Pan. That boy is the only thing that keeps her going.” The two boys laughed some more before coming to a halt.

Off in the near distance stood two intruders. Peter’s sense were going off the wall, and now he knew why. Two people were on his island. And he recognized one of them. Jefferson. The thief with a very special hat. He was from Wonderland.

“Look who we have here. Dear old Jefferson.” He whispered.

“You mean Mad Hatter? Who the girl? Think they’re here for the boy?” Peter shrugged. He’d no clue who you were, but you sure had big eyes and a wide smile. He also wasn’t sure why you and Jefferson were here.

“Not sure. You go back to camp and hide the boy, I’ll deal with them,” Peter ordered. Felix nodded, turning back to camp.

Peter watched you and Jefferson for a bit. Jefferson, in his usual raggedy dull mix-matched clothes, and that hat. But then there was you. Aside from you big eyes and wide smile, your clothes were brighter. You were also energetic and climbing up in the trees like it was nothing. Interesting.

You were having the time of your life. Neverland. It was such a wondrous place. So different. So new. You loved it. You would much rather live here than in Wonderland. The trees were so huge and fun to climb in, and the air felt fresher. Though Jefferson kept telling you to get down from them, worried about what could be in the trees.

“Big Brother, you’re no fun–”

“Big Brother? Oh, Jefferson, you never told me you had a baby sister, I’m hurt.” You were cut off by a deep voice. He sounded so sarcastic and maniacal. 

Jefferson instantly pushed you behind him, but you couldn’t help but peer from behind. This boy was… cute. He was tall and had broad shoulders. Had dirty, dishwater blond hair. It was light brown, but at the same time, it wasn’t. His hair was baffling, but it was nicely swept to the side. He was in dark green and brown clothing, had piercing green eyes, and had an accent. It was a British accent, like yours, but his was different. You liked it.

“Back away, Pan,” Jefferson spat.

“Now why would I do that? You’re the one who’s on my island. My home. What are you doing here?” His tone went from sassy to serious in a split second. You couldn’t help but step a little to the side of your brother. You wanted to see this Pan character more.

“We’re just–”

“We’re trying to find the boy who was taken here,” you cut your brother off. “Why else would we be here, hmm?” You said, tone noxious. You displayed your enraptured smile, making Peter tilt his head.

Your brother was about to scold you, but Peter got to you first.

“And who have we here? What’s your name?” Peter asked you, tone sounding more vicious than anything.

You smirked. Jefferson looked at you, shaking his head. He didn’t want Peter to know your name. Ever. But there you went, telling him. “Y/N, but people call me Cheshire Cat because of my wicked smile.” You smiled wide once again.

“That’s enough chit-chat, we’ll be leaving now. C’mon, Cheshire,” Jefferson grabbed your arm. Peter wasn’t having it though.

“No. You’re not allowed to leave. I forbid it.”

“Pan,” Jefferson snarled. You only snickered like a madman. 

“Oh joy, staying here? What a delight,” your tone was laced in sarcasm. “I’ll be having fun around here.”

“I quite like you,” Peter smirked. Jefferson covered you again, putting you behind him.

“Watch yourself, Pan,” Jefferson warned. “You go anywhere near her, I’ll–”

“You’ll what? Put me inside your hat? Are you trying to threaten me? Because you’re doing an awful job at it.”

You couldn’t help but giggled quietly. This Pan character was quite a show. Very funny to you, and sassy. You liked it. What you didn’t like was your protective big brother killing all this fun. So, you turned around, face-to-face with a tree. You jumped, clinging onto a branch.Both boys were busy bickering, not noticing what you were doing. You climbed around in the big tree, going over to where Peter was. There was a branch right above him. You thought it’d be funny to scare him just like you did to Jefferson earlier today. So you got to the branch, sat on it, and fell backwards. Your legs clung onto the branch as your body fell down closer to the two boys.

“Gotcha, Pan,” you hushed, laughing carelessly. He didn’t jump or make a sound, but you did give him chills. He didn’t sense you at all with his powers. He whipped around, stopping conversation with Jefferson who was looking behind him. He was baffled that he didn’t notice your disappearance.

“How’d you do that?” He asked, poison in his voice.

“Well you see,” you began, still hanging from the tree upside-down. “It’s called I climbed on branches.”

He cocked an eyebrow at you, not taking light of your sassy sarcasm. “Not that, twit. I mean how did you get up there without my knowledge? This is my island. I know every little thing that goes on. I know who’s in the trees right now, and which trees. Why can’t I do that with you?”

You were confused. How could Peter know who was in the trees and which trees they were in? How did he know that? It was puzzling, but you found it interesting that he couldn’t do that with you.

“Maybe it’s because I’m from Wonderland… or maybe it’s because I don’t think about climbing the trees. I just do it.”

It was true. You didn’t need to think about climbing trees, or which specific tree to climb. You just did it. You were a careless person for the most part, never thinking about what to do or say because you didn’t care of the consequence. You’d nothing to lose.

Peter cocked his eyebrow again, thinking about it. Strange. You didn’t need to think about your actions, you just did them? Weird how his magic couldn’t work if the person didn’t think about it hard enough. He never knew that, and now he hated it.

“You know, I’m beginning not to like you,” he seethed a bit.

“Awe, is the poor Green Boy not happy that I beat him at a game? Oh no, whatever will I do now knowing that he doesn’t like me,” you rolled your eyes, finally swinging down from your tree branch, as the blood rushing to your head was making you dizzy.

When your feet hit the ground, Peter still couldn’t sense you on his island. You were right in front of him, and he still couldn’t feel your being. It was irritating. He knew exactly where and what his Lost Boys were doing. He knew exactly where his hostage was, and he knew where Jefferson was, but he couldn’t feel you. He couldn’t for the life of him grasp onto your presence with his magic.

“I want to see more of the island, Jefferson, c’mon,” you grinned innocently. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Y/N,” Jefferson said, rushing to your side. You were too close to Peter, and he didn’t like that.

“Well then you can leave, and I can stay. I want to explore. Maybe find treasure.”

Peter turned towards you. “Treasure? There’s no treasure on this blasted island.” He snapped at you.

“Zip it, Zippy,” you hissed at Peter. Once again you smiled. It looked sinful and frenzied. It was inhuman, this time giving Peter chills. It was the second time within fifteen minutes you gave him chills. 

“I’m not talking about that kind of treasure. You’ve precious cargo on this island and I want it. And I always get what I want.”

“Good luck with that, Cheshire. Because you’ll never find it.” Peter growled, understanding what you were talking about now. 

“Let’s go, Big Brother. I want to see more of the island,” you went right back to sounding innocent. “Bye-Bye, Pan. See you around.” You winked at him, a smirk playing on your lips. 

Jefferson followed you, not daring to let you leave his side. He would never dream of leaving you alone in such a wretched place. As you two walked away, Peter stood there completely taken aback. You were something. You really were something. You showed no fear towards him, he couldn’t sense you on the island, and you gave him chills. You were a mystery, and he wanted to figure you out.

Once Upon a Time needs to be renamed ‘LOST: The Reunion’.

Seriously. Look at all these actors that have appeared on both shows.

1) Emilie de Ravin. Plays Belle in OuaT. Played Claire in LOST.

2) Lana Parrilla. Plays Regina in OuaT. Played Greta in LOST.

3) Jorge Garcia. Plays Anton on OuaT. Played Hurley on LOST.

4) Alan Dale. Plays King George on OuaT. Played Charles Widmore on LOST.

5) Rebecca Mader. Plays Zelena on OuaT. Played Charlotte on LOST.

6) Elizabeth Mitchell. Plays Ingrid on OuaT. Played Juliet on LOST.

7) Patrick Fischler. Plays The Author on OuaT. Played Phil on LOST.

8) Eric Lange. Plays Young Leopold on OuaT. Played Stuart on LOST.

9) Robin Weigert. Plays Bo Peep on OuaT. Played Rachel in LOST.


10) Zuleikha Robinson. Played Amara on OuaTiW. Played Ilana in LOST.

11) Naveen Andrews. Played Jafar on OuaTiW. Played Sayid on LOST.

And I just love the last one… it convinces me that they just ask the LOST cast before offering roles to anyone else…

12) Anthony Keyvan. Played Young Jafar in OuaTiW. Played Young Sayid in LOST

Have I missed anyone?