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Happy Birthday to Johnny Depp (June 9th, 1963) ♥

Sir Christopher Lee you were the face and voice behind many of our childhood memories through generations. You will live on through all of the roles you played. Such a timeless actor and talented man. Nothing slowed you down and movies wont be the same without you. You will forever be missed. RIP.

Raven’s grown on me a lot. I initially felt a bit neutral dislike of her, but she’s become a bit more endearing to me.

I enjoy her insecurity the best though, from shaking hands after not-signing to when all her friends were pressuring her to break the Wonderland curse. It’s like so many people believe in her when she never does and I like that.

Faybelle’s Mistreatment by the Writers (& other characters)

I’ll start with what happened in Way Too Wonderland. Faybelle tries to undo the Wonderland curse, but due to some kind of spell protection, Faybelle is instead turned into a sheep. Sure, it makes sense a Dark Fairy can’t undo Evil Queen magic (and Dragon Games confirmed vice versa to be true as well), but why should Faybelle be punished and humiliated for trying to help? We never even see her for the rest of the special. I just don’t like how in this instance she’s punished the moment she tries to help. I guess it’s supposed to be punishment for her ego, but personally I see no issue with her being confident in her magical abilities, and I’m tired of seeing confidence be punished in media. She may have been being punished for how she was treating Lizzie tho, but if that’s what they were going for, it was unclear, bc a lot happened between the time of her mocking Lizzie and being turned into a sheep.

Then we get to Dragon Games which punishes and humiliates Faybelle throughout the entire thing. I would like to discuss the scene that I found to be most disturbing. Raven comes looking for Nevermore, and the Evil Queen averts everyone’s attention to where Nevermore is, tied to a balcony, Faybelle fluttering next to her. Faybelle uses her magic to break the ropes securing Nevermore to the balcony, Nevermore starts flying, but then Fay is dragged along on the rope for what seems like forever to me. It may have only been a few seconds, but it was long enough to make me very uncomfortable. And the thing is, Faybelle can fly. She didn’t have to be hanging onto the rope for that long! There was no reason to drag her through the air and hurt her like that. And it’s played off as funny.

Practically every scene Faybelle is in in Dragon Games has her getting physically hurt. I think we’re supposed to see it as she’s deserving of this but… I mean there’s just a point where they take it too far, and this movie took it way too far. Interestingly, Apple too sided with the Evil Queen, and yet she’s not punished for it in the way Faybelle is continually punished for it. It’s all played off as funny, but if you ask me, it’s just bad writing. And the thing is, Faybelle’s dialogue is already very funny and entertaining. This is just so unnecessary and I find it to be very unsettling.

It’s also odd how we’re clearly supposed to feel sorry for Faybelle, but then they treat her like this. It’s made clear when the Evil Queen yells at her and she realizes the Evil Queen didn’t care about her and she starts crying. They wouldn’t have given her that scene if we weren’t supposed to feel sorry for her in some kind of way, but then in every other scene she’s in, we’re not supposed to feel sorry for her. We’re supposed to feel like she deserved being hurt like that. But that’s the thing is, if you’re gonna try for slapstick humor, then you cannot choose a character who people may feel sorry for. Bc then you’re going to make your audience uncomfortable.

Then there’s also how the other characters treat Faybelle in the special. I find it a very odd writing choice for Raven to be complicit in manipulating Faybelle. Her plan was literally for Faybelle to get hurt. I think it just makes Raven look bad. The Evil Queen even compliments Raven on how manipulative it was, and I think that says a lot about what Raven did in and of itself. I get that with the narrative they chose, Faybelle getting hurt was inevitable, but that doesn’t mean Raven had to be complicit in it. Maybe the time used for Fay getting physically hurt could have been used for Fay being more hesitant. Maybe Raven could have warned her. Maybe instead Raven could have tried to show Faybelle some care, and that would have made Fay realize the Evil Queen didn’t care about her. I don’t know the perfect answer, but I just think this is a really low point for Raven to manipulate Faybelle like that.

Then, there’s Apple, but this one is more like a missed opportunity. Faybelle and Apple were BOTH fooled by the Evil Queen. No one could have understood what either of them was going thru at that time besides each other, and I wish they would have taken the opportunity to acknowledge that. I think they could have rlly connected and I would have loved to see that. I’m also miffed abt the scene where they’re on dragons and the Evil Queen throws a fireball at Apple and Faybelle. Fay has to jump off just to avoid being hit while Apple just ducks. Now, I get this was the writers just getting Faybelle off the dragon so that we can have our Apple and Raven save the day scene, but c’mon. Apple shows zero concern for Faybelle who just had a fireball thrown at her. Honestly, a simple “Faybelle!” would have sufficed and showed she cared.

The only character who I can think of who showed any kindness to Faybelle in this whole movie was Darling, and that was just a scene at the end that showed them talking together in the background. And I get Faybelle was an antagonist in this, but I think after she switched sides, someone (Apple) should have talked to her or at least showed they cared abt her.

Anyways, my point is I’m disappointed that EAH resorted to slapstick “humor” SO much in this movie. If Fay got hurt once, I mean I’d probably hardly think anything of it, but she got hurt over and over in this movie. A ridiculous & unsettling amount. & I hope that the writers will treat her better in the future.

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