wondering why it's even there

  • me:*joins family for a meal*
  • family:wow you never come out of your room!
  • family:*sexist bullshit*
  • family:*racist bullshit*
  • family:*homophobic bullshit:
  • family:*transphobic bullshit*
  • family:*islamophobic bullshit*
  • family:*bigoted bullshit*
  • me:you've just insulted me and my friends and our family
  • family:UGH you pick at eVERYTHING
  • me:*gets angry*
  • family:why are you angry?
  • family:you have nO RIGHT
  • family:we did nothing wrong
  • family:you're overreacting!!
  • me:*goes back to room*
  • family:ugh she's so difficult
  • family:she tries to pick fights
  • family:she's so unreasonable
  • family:she never even spends time with us

– oh, right. jasper’s parents. the parents of jasper. the parents chosen especially to give birth to jasper, jasper jordan’s parents. those parents?
yes, @the100writers, those parents!


IU’s discography

inspired by x x


Painting practice/rough draft of Beren and Luthien

It was suppose to be  rough draft for their chapter’s illustration but it ended up just painting of them in general…

I’m panicking about going back to school so I ended up staying up the whole night and not getting stuff done for my printmaking class which I’ll probably regret  in the next two hours when i head to school ._. Been so worried about my thesis that I forgot to juggle my printmaking work this Thanksgiving break and when I did remember I just panicked and avoided it T^T. 

God help me

Its kind of weird how one day someone wakes up and no longer wants to talk to you anymore and it happens and then so much time passes and they have moved on got a new life and they don’t even mention you in passing and you’re still here wondering why and how this even happened and why its not as easy for you as it was for them


Mfw I need to calm myself down when somebody is telling me they hate Steven Universe and I didn’t even ask

The why-do-you-keep-forgetting-us-members-Jun? segment

As Keisuke and Jun mention that they meet recently at stores (sometimes for drinks), Ohmiya find it important to express disgruntlement on behalf of the members.

Nino: It appeared!  It appeared!  The store where celebrities gather has appeared!

Jun plays innocent with a what-can-I-say smile.

Satoshi: So celebrities will definitely be there?

Jun: Not always, but it will usually consist of directors of commercials.

Satoshi, Kazu and Sho mentally pout and wonder why our youngest leaves them out of the fun. (LOL)

Sho: So do you (Jun) run into any celebrities by coincidence?

Jun: I met with Matsuda Shota for meals… after a long while…

Sho (barely restraining the envy leaking out): That’s 2 out of F4 (from Hanadan) you know~

Jun: … and when we entered the restaurant, we ran into Kinashi Noritake-san who was already there.

Ohmiya: Eh~ Where is it (that you go to)?  That’s why we asked you before…

Jun: Even if I were to say let’s go together, you wouldn’t go anyway right?

Kazu (softly to Satoshi): You go on and tell it to him.

Satoshi: (We’d / I’d?) Definitely go~

Jun (laughingly): You so would not~

Riida’s expression is too cute and causes everyone to erupt with laughter! LOL.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 08.08.2015

i got to see Aladdin in the west end today (even for free since my dad worked on the show, omg), it was unbelievably gorgeous!!!

i think Friend Like Me is the single most intense performance i’ve ever seen in a musical, i’m honestly amazed no one passed out, and i’m just going to be thinking about the entire Cave of Wonders segment for the rest of my life okay


I remember all those years in the woods, listening to Gale rant against the Capitol. Me, not paying close attention.Wondering why he even bothered to dissect its motives. Why thinking like our enemy would even matter. Clearly, it could have mattered today. When Gale questioned the existence of the hospital, he was not thinking of disease, but this. Because he never underestimates the cruelty of those we face.


every westallen scene ever (38/?)

klanced  asked:


may 29th, 4am, 2016, picarto: frogopera makes a mistake that she will never be forgiven for…..a mistake that will haunt her dreams and torment her nightmares…. a mistake that echos down every dark alley she walks through, and clutters her inbox with asks she can never forget…. the first domino in a line of comics and fanfiction that flow towards her at breakneck speed…. sexy kermit.

Characters whose every action is heavily criticized and usually twisted into something negative and who get way more hate than they could ever deserve:

  • Orihime
  • Renji

Characters who actually deserve to have their behaviour criticized and yet hardly ever get called out on their actions:

  • Mayuri
  • Urahara
  • Isshin
  • Aizen

Laura Marling’s cover of “Colorado Girl” by Townes Van Zandt