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Gender: cis Female

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 1.55m

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Black or blue

Favorite Animal: Tiger 

Average Hours of Sleep: 6

Cat or Dog Person: Cat person, but I love dogs as well

Favorite Fictional Characters: Korra from LoK, Sun from Sense8, Pharah from OW, X23 from X-men and Wonder Woman

Favorite Singer/Band: Woodkid is my all time fav

Dream Trip: Camping on beautiful scenic places

Dream Job: Videogame director

When was this Blog made: almost 3 years ago

Number of Followers: 566

What made you decide to create this blog: An old acquaintance of mine showed me tumblr and I liked it so here I am.

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let me tell you, i was having a really REALLY bad day like a month ago and i was scrolling through tumblr and someone had reblogged one of your Keith fanarts and it made me feel all giddy and wonderful bc it was so adorable ? and now every time i have a bad day i just scroll through your art tag and just stare for hours at like all of your Keith and Klance posts, so i just want to thank you for making me feel better and for being a wonderful artist and person ♥ hope you have a wonderful day!

oh my gosh that’s such a nice thing to say?? i’m gonna cry???

by all means, have more cute keiths as thanks for seriously making my whole week, anon

hope you enjoy!

#optomstudies here with a post about university studying! I’ve been reading many study tips masterposts in the community, but some of these won’t work that well for university. So here are 3 tips for adapting to uni study!

Loose leaf? Notebook? Neither! (but if you must choose between the two, I recommend hole-punched loose leaf - easy to file :D) There is just no time, especially once you get to your higher years, that you will be able to write paper notes especially considering the level of detail that you are required to learn things to get good marks. 

When I was studying therapeutics, lectures were more like an essay crammed into 60-80 ppt slides! Using 10pt Calibri, 1.15 spacing, custom 1cm margins - I still had 12 pages for a 2 hour lecture (see below)

Two lectures / week, for 12 weeks! Although this was the most-content heavy subject, my other courses were still way too time consuming to write notes for. Sadly, you can’t summarise much, because MCQs pick at details.  

As for laptops, cheap netbooks are only ~$300, but I’d recommend these really great student laptops

And yet, you have to wonder why #studyblr doesn’t have more digital notes? Isn’t every studyblr the owner of a computer as a tumblr user? I’m trying to encourage everyone to feel more confident about posting their digital notes as part of the “#studyblrs get real” tag (see here), so if you have some great typed study notes, please tag me with #optomstudies and I’ll be happy to reblog you!

Read through your lecture slides so that you have a basic grasp of the topic before classes. If you have any readings assigned, do them too. This means that you’ll

  • go in knowing what concepts you need clarified
  • revise one more time (remember the forgetting curve?)
  • be much better placed to answer questions and participate in class discussions (get those participation marks!! ;))
  • find it easier to follow along with much more complicated topics than you’ve experienced in high school!
  • remember a lot more of the topic when you come back to revise later on!

Yes, I know, studyblr blasphemy right? But this is what you do when strapped for time. Particularly with biological/chemical sciences, lecturers will have basically summarised what you need to know on the slides. 

Before your lectures, read through the slides (should take about 30 minutes for a 2 hour lecture) and mark/circle anything you don’t understand - then when you get to the lecture, jot down a clarification in your own words based on the professor’s explanation. Eventually, you’ll find that you have studied the topic well enough to not need your own footnotes. 

It takes a little experience to know which professors have slides you can study off (tip: it’s usually the ones where you don’t have to write down much) but it’s totally worth the time you save!

Hope this has been an informative post about the differences between university and high school studying! Please follow me for weekly study tips, study pics and now kpop vocab lists!



SEE ALSO My Tips This Past Month - It’s too long to list everything, see all original posts here and my study tips directory (web)

 + my cute stationery + my spreads!

i was laughing with someone recently about “tumblr user unpr*tty” and this seems like a good time to remind people that there is literally no point in censoring yourself if you wanna talk shit because i can’t vanity search, if i try it’s nothing but tlc lyrics and a k-pop competition of some kind. this is also why you have to @ me if you wanna show me something and we’re not mutuals.




this was SO great to plan and organize, and i’m so thankful for all of my incredibly talented wonderful friends who worked on it! 

animator credits in the vimeo post!

I’ll take what’s left of you

The wonderful orenjimaru (I put a link because it refuses to tag) drew a fabulous piece with Jack and Gabriel on Tumblr and Twitter

Which inspired me to write this:

Gabriel visited the one Angela called ‘Jack’ every time he was at the watchpoint.

It had taken her weeks to relent and let him inside, she thought his intentions malicious, but that was to be expected. A cancer was growing inside of Overwatch and it was Gabriel’s job to snuff it out. However, that didn’t mean he wasn’t at the top of the list in ‘persons of interest’.

The first time he visited, it was for a routine check-up and the large, bubbling tube of green liquid caught his eye from the exam room. He had migrated to it like a bug to a light, booted footsteps heavy against Angela’s tile floor.

Jack’ was a sight to behold.

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Hiiii!!! So this isn't a prompt but I was just wondering what are some of your favorite Zutara fanfics, M rated ones preferably.


*= a very personal favorite 

Thanks for the ask. Here’s some of my favorites:

Anything by SongofHopeandHonor tbh. She’s an amazing writer, and I love her style. So far, I can’t tag anything without having an account to a03, where most of her work is, and she sadly deactivated her Tumblr. :(

A Week to Know You Again (M) / Em Dixon

Complete. After the first year of their engagement, Katara felt she and Zuko were already drifting apart. In the Fire Nation, their time always belonged to someone else. Now, in the South Pole for Suki and Sokka’s wedding, they hoped to find each other again. 

The Sparrowkeet Series (M) / Audreyii-fic 

Complete. Ba Sing Se has fallen and Katara has been captured by the Fire Nation; a more adult take on the potential progression of S3. AU series of interconnected one-shots. Zutara. Rated for lemons and general darkness. 

Hot Water  (Hard T) / CultofStrawberry

Complete. Romance, action, drama, and a kickass Agni Kai scene all here! Zuko has finally captured the Avatar and his gang for keeps and reclaimed his birthright, but he realizes that honor is much more than that.

Anything by @theadamantdaughter, she has great smutfics (she’s the smut queen)! 

@justkeepshippingg has great smutfics too! I recommend Fifty Shades of Honor. 

I Was Not Magnificent (M) /  Like a Dove 

Complete. When Zuko first meets the waterbender with the scars, he’s fascinated by her. His fascination quickly turns into something much more. Soon Zuko will have to confront his greatest enemy.

Persuasion (M) / elimaria 

One-Shot. In which Katara has a knack for persuasion. (Yes, I did self promote myself, I just thought it was under the criteria for M rated fics/one-shots.)

Love Amongst the Embers (M) / delectate

One-Shot. After the Ember Island Players’ performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an alternate ending to their story. 

My Heart Burns for You (M) / Alwayszutarian 

Incomplete. Four years have passed since the end of the war, but as they meet again and encounter many obstacles, Zuko and Katara realize that what their hearts truly burn for is for one another. Can they love each other knowing they will hurt those that love them? What will become of them when a new enemy appears with a vengeful plot to destroy everything they had worked for to bring peace?

After Glow (M) / Burning Ice 

One-Shot.  It’s a proven fact that ‘intimacy’ the evening before a demanding physical activity such as a marathon or an epic final battle will improve a woman’s performance, but damage a man’s, the following day.

So far that’s it. MHBFY is very OOC, but it has some really great smut. I mentioned this in another fic rec list. 

I hope this sates your needs. ;) 

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 Oh, hi there, kinkshaming anon…

Originally posted by ivanv

I wonder if you are the same salty anon that’s been haunting my blog… but that one doesn’t speak in capslock… hm where do I start…? Let’s talk in points, shall we, so I can make sense of your screeching kinkshaming.

1.) I will never EVER leave Kojuro alone, he can’t take care of himself and he is the love of my otome life and you just have to deal with me as one of your sisterwives, capiche?

Originally posted by quincette

2.) Do you even know what Daddy kink is, outside of pornstars dressing like little girls calling their fellow performers (usually burly men) that? Not that I will kinkshaming anyone if they are into it. You see, it’s a spectrum. It is NOT ABOUT INCEST - IT’S ABOUT POWERPLAY. My take on Daddy kink is where I can position myself safely as the vulnerable one, the one to be spoiled and adored by a protector, a sophisticated older man who knows what he’s doing, sexually or otherwise. 

Originally posted by cigarettesandlollipopsss

Please note that I am not under any obligation to explain this to you but I will, since you might go around spreading this hate and I just want to get this out there so people who got your hate will read and feel better about themselves - the fault is not with them, they have the rights to enjoy the kink in their own blogs. You might have an anger issue.

Originally posted by i-fangurl

You know the story Daddy Long Legs? (oh dear, have I ruined that story for you now? Sorry not sorry, you deserve it for being a petulant anon) - it’s that feeling of being safe and taken care of - that when everything goes sideways, he’ll be there to catch you and so on. This is the reason why I call Kojuro “Daddy” in my post sometimes… I feel safe and I can be his precious girl when I want to, sexually or otherwise. 

Originally posted by quincette

And, of course, Kojuro isn’t always the capable Daddy Long Legs - the man is domestically challenged - so I, as the MC, can switch to the role of his caretaker anytime I want, this is the dynamic that hooked me to his character, it balances itself out. 

This doesn’t apply to all older characters or love interest though, as much as Voltage shoved Shingen in our face as the “Daddy” character (among other inappropriate stuff), I can’t call him that because I don’t feel safe with him all the time. This is just me. Others may find it perfectly fine, and good for them!

Originally posted by little-lady-mimi

My blog is safe for all kinks. And if I do spot something I’m not comfortable with, I am not gonna go anon to harass them. I’ll just scroll away, why stress yourself out and getting your panties twisted by other people’s stuff. I played otome for stress relief and this blog is for sharing my journey and take on the game, and interact with fellow fangirls.

Originally posted by them-damn-fandoms

3. I don’t have incestuous shit on my ass thank you very much. I don’t actually want to call a man take to my bed with “Daddy” and I don’t feel squeamish about using Daddy to refer to the kink because English is my second language and I don’t actually call my Dad “Daddy” - So I don’t have the ick factor, it’s lost in translation. Maybe this is something you need to consider before kinkshaming people. You, obviously call your dad daddy in real life, hence the ick. Well, you can just, you know, block me?

4. Have you even read my fics? Never ONCE I called Kojuro Daddy in fics… That would be like so anachronistic I can’t even - I’m a fan of the canon universe. I used “Sire”. And I don’t force anyone to read it. 

5. I thought we had this Daddy kink brouhaha last year? You are fairly new to the fandom, aren’t you? My suggestion will be to learn to use the block button or how to block certain tags and keywords, otherwise tumblr would be one helluva trigger hell for your prissy prim ass and you’ll spend all your time sending people this meaningless hate.

I do wonder why I got more anon haters of late…

Originally posted by iammannequinn

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Hello! I just got tumblr but I have been reading your pictures and such for a long time. And was wondering if you take fanart! I also wish to say all of your art makes me smile and I want to be able to be like you one day! An awesome artist! When I get older and if I can I am going to support your patreon! ~yoyr fan Sys

Ohhh yes I do take fanart owo you can post it on your tumblr and tag me~


Because all girls are wonderful and made of shimmering spacedust!!

Who can participate?
~ wlw of all kinds! Transgender girls, Nonbinary girls, pansexual girls, bisexual girls, ace wlw, the whole gang!

How to participate:
~ Post selfies, stories, edits, gifs, anything you’d like!
~ Reblog this post to spread the word!
~ Also cheeky spon but maybe check out my blog ????? idk ????? please don’t hurt me abdnxkslgldjs

Date and Time?
~ Begins: Saturday June 17 (12pm EST)
And lasts for 24 hours!! (Until Sunday June 18th 12pm EST)

#lgbt meetup #tumblr meetup
#pride month meetup #sapphic meetup #spacedust sapphic meetup

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If the five main trc characters were Disney princesses which ones would they be?

Dear panzyparkinson,

I’m a little surprised that you would ask this question, as the answers seem too obvious to require inquiry. Still, I press on. 

Gansey is clearly Ariel. Ariel is a heroine defined by her cultural dysphoria; all day, every day is Human-Time. Although she possesses absolutely no reason to believe that she’ll get her wish nor any peers who share her desire, Ariel wants nothing more than to be a human. And although she’s given a lot of crap for being naive, the truth is that Ariel is kind of the foremost human expert under the sea. Maybe there is something the matter with me, she wonders, as Tumblr often does in the tags, even as she longs to be part of a different world. And when she does get a shot at being something more than mermaid, she fumbles benevolently. She fails at being human because she has studied rather than practiced, and her every misstep is characterized by her admiration and love for the culture. Gansey, you noble land mermaid.

Adam Parrish is obviously both Belle and the Beast. I want much more than this provincial world, he sings in a piercing number that takes place in the carport behind his parents’ trailer. Belle wants something out of this world, and moreover, she’s got the tools and logic to make it happen. She’s well-read and self-assured; she’s curious and brave. As Belle, Adam could really do anything, if he didn’t spend at least six hundred pages of the series cock-blocking himself by being the Beast. She’ll never see me as anything more than a monster, he thinks sadly, while throwing a table against a wall.

Ronan Lynch is Pocahontas. For starters, she’s the only princess who even begins to play compellingly with magical realism, and she’s the only one with a talking tree buddy. Pocahontas also faces what seems to be an impossible either-or choice: responsibility or the desires of her heart. Does she attend Aglionby/ marry Kocoum, even though both of them are pretty square? Or does she see what’s just around the river bend? Throw in the fact that she also has a host of animal friends and falls in love with a white guy, and it’s pretty obvious to me that Pocahontas = Ronan.

Blue Sargent is not a Disney princess and she rejects your gd gender expectations. She is Mike Wazowski. Mike is unlike any of the other monsters/ psychics around him: he is not scary/ psychic. Deprived of this essential monster trait, Mike is forced to find a different way to become successful in a world that prizes something that he can never be. It turns him resourceful, hard-working, bitter, wryly funny, judgmental. He makes friends with Sully, who embodies everything Mike can’t be, because the other option is to hate him. Ultimately, Mike finds a way to succeed that no one else has, all while being a lot shorter than everyone else in every scene. Really the only difference is that he has one eye and Blue has two as of the time of me writing this blog post.

I couldn’t think of any dead Disney princesses to be Noah. Mufasa? They both died from blunt trauma. Do any of the puppies die in 101 Dalmatians? He could be one of those.



Why do I ship Barbossa x Jack

I have seen POTC for the first time last week, and I really enjoyed it! But there are so few tags about this ship and I’m wondering why. Btw I haven’t seen Dead Men Tell No Tales yet, I’ll add some stuff if there is for Barbossa and Jack. So, where do I begin…

  • Haha they want to kill each other how cute
  • The scenario of the third movie is basically Barbossa saying “ok welp time to save this dumbass from death”
  • They are close to each other like twenty time a movie THAT GIF IM SORRY BUT WOW JUST KISS GUYS

(that gif is not mine, original post there: http://scumlow.tumblr.com/post/22374517619)

  • they are children. They both want to be captain, they both are ready to do crazy stuff (like being eaten by a goddamn kraken or marrying people during a fight), they both never surrender during their fights, even when it’s something stupid like a telescope contest.
  • they have a past together, as the two leaders of the Black Pearl.
  • *cough*
  • their conversation about the world being too small <3
  • Barbossa’s tale when they’re tied up to trees in the fourth movie broke my heart, and Jack’s one too I guess.
  • they save each other sometimes, even though they don’t have to. 

- What-are-you-doin’ 

- What are YOU doin’



- No, what ARE YAA DOIN’


  • they literally have been in a bed together once, with no one else around but a skeleton. Yeah nothing happened I know but, dudes, we create otps with less than that
  • When they are judging you, they do it together

“you’re not playing with us you scurvy dog”

  • Even though they kinda hate each other, they will always end up reunited on a boat and ready to kick some butts together
  • that’s all
  • i ship it
  • i call that sparrossa as long as no one has a better idea for the ship name
Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 3

Originally posted by msgem

Part 1 - Part 2 

Poor Adam’s life is about to get difficult. Don’t hate me guys lol <3

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I’m pretty sure tags have been messing up again and certain people aren’t getting notifications, get your shit together Tumblr! If I forgot you or if you want to be added to the list please let me know <3

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I just have to say this to put it into the universe. I understand that paying for diamond choices adds up quickly and it’s expensive. I understand the frustration of not being able to get the diamond scenes. I understand how scenes that cost 20, 25, 30 diamonds seems ridiculous. I do.

Please understand these are people working at a game developer. They need money to put into the app. They need money to get paid and take care of themselves/families. The people behind the app and the app itself need money to survive just like the rest of us.

Diamonds scenes are always going to be available to view, whether it’s on Tumblr, YouTube, or some other platform. Personally speaking, I’ve spent hours on YouTube over time watching scenes I couldn’t afford.

Please remember that the developers likely check out the tags once in a while to get some indirect feedback. Suggestions like “we can watch an ad and get a diamond” may be useful for the staff but “WHYY PB SLSHSL” isn’t getting anyone anything, and I’m sure it knocks a little wind out of the sails of the people who are making us this wonderful app.

I personally will be happy to buy diamonds whenever I’m able to in order to continue to support this staff.

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GOOD LORD YOUR TAGS ON THE OVERSHARING VIA BOND POST. "ARE YOU JEALOUS ~MASTER~" *HE SAYS PINNING OBI AGAINST A WALL* MY GOSH THE IMAGE I would like to formally request a tumblr one shot obikin/obianidala about that on your prompt list for if/when you want to write but need a break from your wonderful glorious stories that I also adore

I’ll have to dig around to like the post this was in reference to, but here you are ‘nonnie! In summary: it was about Obi-Wan feeling it every time Anakin & Padme have sex & getting frustrated about it.


Rating: E

Pairings: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala

Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, That’s Not How the Force Works, Porn Without Plot, Polyamory

~2500 Words

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A lot of people take Phil for granted. And that is not ok. So I wrote this to show everyone how great and underrated Phil truly is. (And this is only starting from around 2007 don’t even get me started on younger Phil)

Ok, so this guy named Phil Lester starts to make videos under the name AmazingPhil:

It’s just for fun. The videos aren’t getting very many views, but he continues uploading anyway.

Phil’s life gets hard. One of his best friends who Phil lived with for THREE YEARS (almost as long as Dan!) dies and, instead of becoming depressed, Phil decides to “swap some of the sadness for the funny memories they had together instead.” CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE YOUR BEST FRIEND DYING? AND PHIL NEVER REALLY TALKS ABOUT THIS, AT LEAST NOT TO HIS GENERAL AUDIENCE.

A short time later

Phil is on “The Weakest Link” (a game show) where he makes it to the final round and loses :( The host of the show also makes fun of his hair and the fact that he likes to make “short films” for the internet. 

Phil doesn’t give up

He continues making the short, silly videos, and he also starts to meet other Youtubers like PJ and Chris. These internet strangers will soon become his best friends.

At this point, Phil’s videos are starting to gain a lot of popularity.

This is the era of Dan the Fanboy and soon comes PINOF 1.

Soon Dan and Phil move into a flat together in Manchester. At this point, Phil still has more subscribers than Dan. And they are both getting really popular. People start to recognize them when they are out shopping or getting groceries.

Then the actual BBC calls up Phil and asks him if he and his friend Dan want to do a Christmas show. Obviously, they say yes! And just like that Phil, a nerdy guy from Manchester has a show (just a one-time thing at this point) with his best friend on BBC RADIO! 

They do the Christmas show for two years.

Then Phil and Dan (ik it sounds wrong but this is about Phil) move from their flat in Manchester, to one in London. There, they have an amazing live radio show every week, plus the constant videos that Phil continues to make.

All this time, he’s never stopped making the videos with those weird animal noises or that girlfriend he broke up with after two days.

And the sad part is that by this time, Dan has more subscribers than Phil. Of course, Phil is happy for Dan, they’re best friends and Dan has worked so hard. But he wonders: “do people really like Dan better than me?”

Phil continues supporting Dan, whether through another existential crisis, or a decision to paint his nails (that comes later obvs :). 

Through the years, Phil has tons of original, creative ideas:

- the tumblr tag

- the toilet tag

and of course,

-the 7 second challenge- a challenge that AmazingPhil invented which took the internet by storm. He never seemed to get that much credit.

And now Phil has visited Japan, Australia, and the US with his best friend, written a book, has a gaming channel, has almost 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, and has changed people’s lives more than 2007 Phil would have ever imagined.

Thank you Phil, for being so Amazing.

Tumblr changed for me. [New blog changes]

So, here we are.
I wanted to talk about this for a very long time, but I kept on trying to rethink and find another ways to change the situation. I failed. So please listen to me.

AfterDeath community. A community, that gave me so much… So much. Almost all my audience came because they saw my fan art, my fanfiction in the afterdeath tag or through reblogs. My art skills, my English language skills grew while I was creating about this ship.
I met so many wonderful people that became my friends after and I’m really grateful.

To be honest, starting from afar, I was crazy about UT. I liked it everything, its still a really unique game with amazing story, soundtrack, mechanics.
But as we all know, UT fandom sucks ass.
It’s too filthy, full of little girls who don’t know what is copyright, or stuff like that. They steal, draw over good fan art, create shitty OCs with superpowers, mix themselves with canon and get so mad when another people say “It’s bad”.
So much porn, too. My standards, my views on life don’t support some of the… Stuff that’s going on. At first, when I join a fandom, I try my best to keep the “canon” behavior alive, to respect author’s work on character development and NOT TO ruin it with stupid headcanons. Headcanons, as for me, need to me based on REALITY. I’m not saying all headcanons are bad, but please think twice before pressing that “post” button.

I was in the Afterdeath community since afterdeath was a lonely post in Ren’s blog. I watched it grow, get bigger and popular. Maybe, I didn’t join Tumblr as an appropriate blogger, but I was watching.
And it only got worse.
So, now I’m not afraid to say this:


Not to say I’ve found fandoms more interesting.

It was my giant mistake to “register” myself as an AfterDeath blogger only. I feel trapped in this AfterDeath cage and it stopped bringing me any more joy.

I want to draw my LoveLive girls. Want to fan art my favorite games. Want to draw something original (Like FLO). I want to be free.
Free in what I do.

I got tired of dealing with problems that AD caused. I loved this ship so badly it really shattered my mental state, nit gonna lie to ya.

Other topic is my activity. Like I said, almost 80% percents of my audience are here because of AfterDeath. How I know? Look at my not-related stuff and my AfterDeath stuff. Look at the notes. See? Most of the people are here for AfterDeath.
Only 100 people outta my 1250+ followers support the original content. Sometimes original stuff get only 50 notes.
Or 25.
Outta all 1250.

And I’m so grateful and thankful to that 100 people.
I was chasing numbers, chasing followers and notes but I got it now.
I want … I want my audience to enjoy everything I do. Or at least most parts and not only one thing. I will not delete all the fan art I did, it will stay as someone asked me. But nothing new will be drawn.


Your AfterDeath king’s OUT. *drops the microphone*

Asking Nicely (Kenny Omega Smut)

Kenny Omega x OC

Trying my hand at smut for the first time for my fav wrestler ;) Special thanks to @50shadesofadamcolebaybay who’s basically become my tumblr bestie and has helped with getting this thing going. You rock ♥

Warning: plentyyyyy of dirty name calling and some dom/sub type of play.

Here’s the tag train- so many of ya’ll asked to be tagged, i’m flattered! ♥

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Asking Nicely

It was the night after Wrestle Kingdom and the whole Bullet Club had decided to go out and celebrate- even the calmer, sober souls of Kenny and the Bucks had tagged along for once. They all sat around multiple neighboring tables, loud banter and the squeals of excited women filling the karaoke bar. Kenny stepped aside from the group and headed to the bar stools, sitting with a profound sigh. A messy grey curl fell forward as he stared down at the heavy glass before him. It was filled with straight whiskey the Bucks had ordered for him.

“Who even enjoys straight whiskey?” He mumbles to himself as he waves the bartender over “sumimasen, o-mizu kudasai” The bartender nods before stepping away briefly and then returning with a glass filled with water. “Arigatou gozaimashita.”

He pushed aside the whiskey and grabbed a hold of the water, tinkering with the sparkling glass and thumbing the ridge. Kenny was by no means a ‘debbie downer’ per say, but he was never the party type. He’d always preferred smaller groups of company and was more of an arcade guy than the bar type if he was truthful. He never saw the intrigue in wandering about in a drunken stupor.

Kenny decided to pull out his cell phone, figuring that maybe twitter could help kill some time until it’d be socially acceptable for him to excuse himself to leave- or til Tama and Fale were too drunk to protest and physically force him down. Whichever came first.

Suddenly over all the loud voices Kenny heard the karaoke section come alive with music- he didn’t recognize the song but he recognized the language. English. There were other gaijins here it seemed. He turned to watch the show: a too drunk guy stumbling about belting his slurred heart out in a way that he can only imagine is butchering the song. Kenny softly chuckled as his friends dragged him off halfway through the song- clearly he hadn’t been the only one thinking about how bad this guy’s voice was.

“Do you guys need someone to show you guys how it’s done?” Kenny overheard a female’s voice in the back of the crowd. Her voice drew him in like a bee to pollen. Feminine but deep, sweet but sultry. Kenny’s eyes remained focused in the direction from which her voice had arisen, impatiently awaiting her reveal. The crowd of friends looked back at her laughing and egging her on before she finally made her way through them to the front.

Kenny’s grip on his glass tightened. A shorter girl walked to the front- she was 5’2, maybe 5’3, at most. She was such a…tiny little thing with such a commanding little voice. Her long dark brown hair faded into a deep hue of blue at the ends, her large loose styled curls bouncing as she walked up the stage. “You guys are trash at this, you need to get some intrigue going!” Kenny chuckled again. He was definitely intrigued. “You’ve got to draw in the crowd…” she began as she trailed her eyes across the room, before stopping when her eyes locked with Kenny’s. She licked her plump lips as his blue eyes pierced straight through her. “…you need to make them…come a little closer.” She said, a sly smile on her face- her eyes staring into Kenny’s still. He smirked as he took a step off the stool and walked to sit at a table by the front of the stage. “Much better.” she nodded, her arrogant tone sliding out smoothly. “Hey uh, you. Music guy. Imma need you to change the song. Play Paris by Grace Potter.” The guy obediently nodded. Seemed like she had everyone by their collars, how damn intriguing.

A song started up and she marched around confidently before pausing in the center stage. She swayed her hips seductively side to side as she ran a hand through her hair. She slowly bent forward and over, sliding her hand down her leg while her friends all loudly laughed and cheered on her confidence. She snapped herself up in a quick motion, throwing her hair back and over her shoulder as she started to sing, her voice seductive and edgy.

“You’ve got me down on the floor, so what’d you bring me down here for?”

“You’ve got me down on the floor, so what’d you bring me down here for?”

Kenny bit his inner cheek, sizing up the petite temptress before him.

“If I was a man i’d make my move.”

Kenny’s eyes darkened, his usual calm and collected self growing dominant and predatory. She kept singing, kept swaying, kept biting her lip in his direction. The song and the world went on around him, but all he could think of through the pounding of the drums was just how damned she was now. He WOULD make that move. He had to have her. Every teasing fucking bit. He needed to put that damn girl in her place if it was the last thing he did. Tonight, that fine little piece of ass was his.

Once the song ended, Kenny watched her as if she were his prey. His smooth curls fell entirely forward over his hooded eyes in a mess of black and grey as he leaned his shoulders in, his elbows propped sturdily on the table. He observed every inch of her closely as she innocently smiled at him before bending over to fix the dainty sandal on her foot, her short leather skirt riding up in his direction. A devilish grin spread across his bearded face. Red lace. He wondered how quickly he could get her into the bathroom as he readjusted the stiffness in his jeans.

She walked off the stage and back to her friends as if nothing had happened. Not a single glance at Kenny again. She wanted to be chased.

Kenny stood up and brushed himself off before making his way over to the feisty center of his attention. He approached the group of friends, by whom she was surrounded, and then cleared his voice loudly. The majority of the group turned to look up at him, somehow surprised. Had they all not just seen all her gestures? Was he misreading something? His tall muscular figure stiffened, domineering over them. “May I have a word?” he said, extending a muscular calloused hand to her. “I don’t know, may you?” she quipped, once again licking at her lips, amused at Kenny’s clearly growing impatience. “I’m asking nicely aren’t I?” he growled. She smirked at his persistence. “That you are. Sure, you can have a word.”

Kenny firmly enclosed his hand around hers- there was no way she’d get away from him now. Not now, not tonight and not ever. He lead her back to the bar, the loudness of her friends growing in the background as they debated over who would be the next singer. He pulled her to a seat by her hand before sitting in his own next to hers. She looked over at him, her brown eyes slowly taking him in like a syrupy chocolate. She chuckled when she realized he was doing the same, blatantly staring at the way her thighs overlapped crossed. “So are you going to tell me your name or are you gonna just keep praying to god i let you in there? Because at this rate I won’t, you aren’t impressing me.”

Kenny’s eyes snapped back to hers, two deep pools of blue now bore into her.

“My name’s Kenny.” She sat back, tasting his name on her tongue.  “Kenny, huh? I’m Genevieve.”

He smiled sweetly. “Such a lovely name for such a-” She cut him off. “Yawwwwn.” He threw his head back in a hearty laugh as he ran his hand across his beard in thought. She was purposely pulling his strings now.

“So are you always this sassy or do you just like playing with me?” He stared at her again, his face intimidating and stern again. Her breath caught for a second -clearly off guard- before she returned back to her cocky demure “Oh i’m always a sassy bitch, but you’re absolutely getting extra. You can’t stand around dressed like that, with a face that intense and not be a dominant, demanding man to me. I mean come on, ripped jeans, a V neck and a leather jacket?”

Kenny’s fist tightened and he pounded it on the bar quietly. “I’m…trying… to be respectful.” he muttered through gritted teeth now. He’d never had a girl give him such a hard time or get under his skin so quickly. He was always so adamantly against sleeping with strangers, it wasn’t like him to feel this angry ache in his loins. She laughed. His jaw clenched harder.

“So are you just gonna sit there and let your balls match the ends of my hair or are you gonna try something. Because otherwise your friend over there looks quite appealing.” She stated with the cockiest grin as she tipped her chin at Tama. That was fucking it.

Kenny stood up and leaned over her ear, his voice a low demanding growl “You better get your ass to the bathroom before i fucking drag you there.” She giggled, attempting to test her luck with defiance. “Awww or what Ken bear?” He immediately hooked his hand onto her upper thigh and clawed into it firmly, leaning closer now. “I’m done with your games, succubus. Go. Now.” She gulped slowly, her cheeks flushing warm and pink as she nodded immediately. Protest was no longer on her to do list. “Such a good girl when you’re nice and obedient.”

She quietly stood up and turned to walk to the bathroom. He smiled and gave a firm squeeze to her ass as she walked by. “I’ll be making this mine.”

Shortly after she entered the bathroom he dropped a couple of bills on the counter and then followed, his strides quick. As he opened the door he found her standing there patiently, looking shyly down at her feet. He turned and locked the door. “So, my tiny little succubus, not feeling as brave anymore?” His tone was gruff. Deep. Dominant. She shook her head quickly “I’m sorry i-” now he cut her off, for once. “You’re sorry? You publicly emasculate me and you think a silly little sorry is suffice? Oh no, baby girl, you’ll be apologizing through much more than words.”

Kenny walked forward, fiercely pressing against her. He grabbed her by the waist and slammed her back into the wall. “I’m making sure you walk out tonight knowing better than to ever disrespect me again.”

He desperately slipped a hand up her skirt, his hands immediately drawn to the warmth radiating from between her thighs. Slowly he traced her inner thigh, a delicious stickiness coating the path to where she needed him most. A rough groan came out from deep in his belly as his fingers pressed at her entrance through the thin lace as she gasped before giving way to a high pitched whimper.

“I’m going to give you instructions and you’re going to comply with absolutely 0 fucking questions, got it?” she moaned, her arousal heightening at the thought of further submission. Kenny crouched down. “Take off the lace and lean back against the wall.” She complied, but was caught off guard when he lifted both her legs over his shoulders.

In a swift motion he quickly stood back up, sliding her up the wall roughly and bringing her core to eye level with him. “God i’ve wanted to eat you alive all fucking night.” He muttered against her entrance before his tongue plowed inside. She yelped out loudly in utter delight as he aggressively intermixed her honey with his seething saliva.

He slowly leaned back, a firm hand on her ass as he lapped up the juice running down his mouth “Looks like we have a loud little bitch on our hands, eh?”

She managed to whimper. “Y- Yes.”

He lightly bit and tugged at her folds “Yes what?”

“Y- Yes master!”

He chuckled sinfully as he continued to ravage every bit of her sweet flower, her mewling growing louder and louder as he tentatively shifted his focus to the darling little bundle of nerves in her center. She buckled and tensed against the wall. Her mewls had turned to wails of absolute bliss. He held her entire weight up confidently as her thighs began to entrap his head like a vice. She placed a hand in his curls as she shook.

“I’m… I need to cum, please.”

He wanted her to suffer.

“No.” he breathed out before placing his lips on her clit, alternating between harsh licks and intense sucking. He shifted her weight to one side before pushing two fingers deep inside, thrusting voraciously.

“But… I… I’m asking nicely…Please Ke- Kenny!”

His pace intensified, her lack of release was torturous.

“That you are.” He whispered evilly, mocking her.

“PLEASE!” She cried out desperately, her breathing labored and hoarse. His assault on her continued relentlessly, her sweetness dripping down a continuous trail through his beard and down his neck and chest. The wetness showing through his shirt.

“Now.” He demanded.

She yelled out at the top of her lungs instantly, her thighs quivering around him endlessly as he leaned back, tilting his head to watch her every expression with immense satisfaction. He gingerly slid her back down and into a cradled position in his arms. She craned her head into his neck sleepily, finally catching scent of his cologne, now mixed with herself and sweat. It was oddly intoxicating.

“Don’t you go getting too comfortable on me now.” He said with a mischievous grin as he walked them out the bathroom and out the back door of the bar, towards his car. “If you think you’re done apologizing you’re going to get a rude awakening.”

She giggled shyly. “I guess you do have some impressing left to do, don’t you?”

He groaned deeply. “If you’re in my apartment tonight there’s room for more than just one good impression.” He placed her down to open the car door for her.

“I hope you like bruises, because the next impression is gonna leave one.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am absolutely in love with your Designation: Miracle series. They are the best stories I've ever read for KnB. I kind of have this headcanon for them, though, that while we know the Miracles are super protective of their own human partners, they are also protective of *each others* human partners. So I was wondering if you could do something like that maybe please? If you don't want to, that's fine, you're still amazing and I love you :)

Kasamatsu has never spent a great deal of time with the other Miracles, despite the fact that he’s known them all the longest. He understands now that had been entirely Kise’s intent, and he thinks it’s a good sign when Kise suggests they go shopping with Aomine and Momoi. It means that the other boy has finally accepted that Kasamatsu isn’t going anywhere, that he doesn’t need to be so possessive of Kasamatsu’s time, that he doesn’t have to view everyone as a potential threat who might take Kasamatsu’s attention away from him. Kasamatsu definitely approves of all the implications of the progress Kise has made over the years.

He just wishes Aomine wasn’t so damn weird.


‘Weird’ might be the wrong word, he thinks. Unsettling is probably the more accurate description. Kasamatsu has often thought Aomine is like a wild animal on the court—all instinct and agility and fierce power. Aomine is loud on the court—not vocally, but his presence shouts at everyone who watches. He’s someone you pay attention to, whether you want to or not.

Now they’re not on the court, they’re hanging out in a shopping mall plaza. Momoi and Kise are cooing over some magazine and Aomine is just staring. Watching, silently, the people who are around them, watching anyone who approaches, watching Kasamatsu.

It’s like he’s on the alert. Quiet, and stealthy, like a hunter.

And it’s very unsettling.


He gets up to buy a drink, mostly to catch his breath more than anything else. He likes all the Miracles, but they can be intense, even when they’re just out having fun.

When he turns to head back someone bumps into his shoulder and says, “Watch it.”

“Sorry,” Kasamatsu says immediately.

“Oh, you’re sorry?” the guy says, and his two buddies snicker. “If apologies were enough we wouldn’t need the cops.”

Kasamatsu blinks because it’s just so stereotypical it’s absurd. He’s never had much use for overt displays of machismo, and has no desire whatsoever to engage. “I am very sorry,” he says, mildly. “I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Hey, you think—”

Something slams on the table next to them, causing everyone to jump. It’s Aomine, suddenly there, bristling and so obviously ready to fight. “He said he was sorry. You have a problem?”

And Kasamatsu will say this for the guys, they clearly recognize the bigger threat.

Kasamatsu would laugh at how quickly they exit, if he wasn’t so thoroughly confused.


“Are you protecting me?” Kasamatsu exclaims.

Aomine’s scowl is more petulant than threatening. “Yeah, so?”

So you’re my junior, Kasamatsu thinks, so you don’t even go to my school, so I barely know you, so I don’t need protecting and definitely not from you. All of those things seem a bit too harsh to say. He does say, “Why?”

“Do you even understand what would happen to him?” Aomine says, his whole manner shifting and the anger in his voice gives Kasamatsu goosebumps. He is once again reminded of a predator. “If anything happened to you, that would be it for him, you get that, right?”

Sometimes, it still makes him uncomfortable. How much he means to Kise. It scares him sometimes. Not because he doesn’t reciprocate, but because it’s slightly terrifying being that important to anyone. He is, perhaps, a bit wary against being someone’s all. And. Well. He does know. He saw a bit of what Kise would be like, when they went to Iwatobi.

“I do get it,” he says, his voice gruff. “But you don’t have to treat me like glass.”

Aomine narrows his eyes. “I don’t think you do. You have too much power over him. I wish I could have stopped it before it got this far. If you ever hurt him…”

“Wait,” Kasamatsu frowns, “Are you protecting me or threatening me?”

“I can do both,” Aomine says. “You’ve always been Kise’s biggest weakness and his biggest threat.”

Those are, Kasamatsu thinks, both roles he very much does not want to have in Kise’s life and he scowls at the Miracle for saying it. It also distinctly chafes to hear this from Aomine. He pulls himself up straight and raises his chin (not that it makes much of a difference, since Aomine is taller than him) and he refuses to show any kind of submission to a kid two years his junior. “I would never hurt Kise,” he growls, and if Aomine were anyone else Kasamatsu might be holding him by his collar. “And I don’t need to you to keep me in line or protect me.”

Aomine, to his surprise, just smirks and slings an arm around his shoulder in a friendly manner. “Sure, sure, senpai, whatever you say.”

“Hey!” Kise says when they get closer to the table. “No touching Senpai, Aominecchi! Only I get to touch Senpai, those are the rules—ow!”

“Shut up, brat,” Kasamatsu says. The tap against Kise’s head is barely a flick. He thinks Kise’s “ow” is mostly reactive, part for show, just like Kasamatsu’s tapping is a show. (He could never actually hurt Kise.) When he sits down again, he takes Kise’s hand in his under the table, and his skin grows warmer when Kise looks at him in that intensely-focused Kise way.

Even though he’s not looking in their direction, he feels Aomine and Momoi’s gaze, and thinks probably all the Miracles are watching him and watching out for him, and it’s a strange feeling, but not a bad one.

A/N: That is so kind of you to say, thank you, anon-friend! Headcanon 100% accepted!!! I absolutely feel like the Miracles would also be protective of each other’s significant others. (I picked one in particular, and it got longer than intended, but I do think all the Miracles would feel the same way about the other’s significant others). I decided I wanted to focus on Kasamatsu and Aomine, and then also remembered it would work well with a request by @angelsdontflytheysoar who wanted to see someone warn Kasamatsu about hurting Kise. So thank you, friend, anon-friend, hope you enjoyed!! =D