It was her way, her nature so to speak, to pursue everything in life with everything she was. Everything she liked she emphasized with a passion. Everyone she loved she adored with her entire heart. And that, tragically, was where she was flawed- because when her heart broke, it broke all of her completely and irreversibly.
—  the downside of being passionate //thediaryofaninvisiblehuman//
Do you think about me like I think about you? I just can’t stop wondering about that, because the thing is, I don’t wanna look pathetic for thinking about you 24/7. So tell me babe, do you?
—  L.N. | i’ve been wondering lately
i need to know

i get upset
when you’re not up
at 4:14 am
when i miss you
the most

i wonder often
where you are
what you’re doing
how you are

i drive myself insane
worrying about you
not that you care

i just miss you
at all the hours

of the night

i wish you’d
miss me too

you’d miss me enough
to call me up
to tell me everything

to give me the answers
i deserve
give explanation to why
you left me hanging

i want to know
why you cared
why you stuck around
why you hate me now
why you flipped on me