wondergirlphoto replied to your post: Sam! Hope you’re well, what point and shoot film camera are you using? I wanna take a decent film camera to download! haha :) Don’t know weather a disposable is up to crack! x

thank you! First time ever using flash at a show that was, I was so scared of how they’d turn out. haha! ohh I’ll have to do a bit of ebaying when I get home tonight then! :) Thanks man! p.s when is the zine out? Really wanna get my hands on one!

Cockpit is really good for using flash anyway! 

I’m still waiting on the photos from a couple of people but apart from that it’s done, all I need to do on my part is write up a bit of text and make sure everyone involved is happy with it before getting it printed. Hopefully before the end of the month though.

anonymous asked:

what kit did you use at outbreak? i'm slightly nervous about going to a diy show in june cause its my first time, i just want a few tips. cheers.

You can always send the promoter an ask if you’re worried about shooting! 17-50mm 2.8 and flashgun. wider lenses tend to look better for crowd shots, but my friends Natalie and Nate are exceptions to that rule, so basically do what you want! don’t use direct flash, bounce it off the ceiling. don’t be scared of getting hit or getting your kit broken at a hardcore show, because a) the best place to shoot from is always going to be somewhere you might get hit, and b) i’ve shot far too many bands to count and never had a broken camera or been close to seriously injured.