“Anti fans turn out to be like a whip to me.” Anti-JungYongHwa!?

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa talks about his feelings towards his anti-fans.

Jung YongHwa was on KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 22nd June when he talked about the rise in number of his anti-fans after filming the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, “There are a few unpleasant things.”

He continued, “To start with, antis said that my image in the drama looks like I could not sing. Back then, in order to break the prejudice, I practised harder than when I was a trainee. But more unpleasant things followed after that and I was sad that I have even more anti fans. When I was filming that drama, I didn’t have anti fans. But when I do what I wanted to do more which is singing, I have to accept all the criticisms – I have felt really bad.”

Jung YongHwa, “Anti fans turn out to be like a whip to me.”

Are you friggen serious!? Ugh. I hate what antis do. Bleh. Tooeh Tooeh. ihateantis.  NO I DONT. I HATE WHAT THEY DO. What group or person do you like. Lemme hate on em’.