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Hey blue have you seen sarada's new outfit? Jesus christ there sexualising her like where are her shorts or her leggings? I think those are her undies, and her "high heels" are ugly.

Hello, anon! :]

I’m not sure what you are referring to. You mean recently? ‘Cause I haven’t found any pictures, but if you are referring to the ones from last year, well I just don’t care.
With that said, have a wonderfulday! :]



Since I hit 100 followers I’d figure I’d do another Follow Forever!  I’m nothing but trash but thank you all so much! Love you all!

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🎃  Here are just a few incredible blogs who are participating in the Durarara!! Halloween Event, or Duraween!!. that will be going from October 1st to November 1st. Be sure to check them out!

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🎃 Links to the information: 1 | 2

🎃 If you want your participation to be advertised, message me here! (It is never too late. If your muse is already up here, don’t feel like that character has been taken! Go ahead and participate! Have fun!)

🎃 Tag: Duraween

Ugh, it looks blurry. I have a serious new-found respect for graphic-editors/designers. This seriously took me about two hours to make, and I didn’t even make the transparent. ((Credits to Shabby for making it))

Hello~ So, I’ve actually meant to do this for awhile now, but then one-year anniversary of this blog came up, soooo…it was the perfect opportunity! I want to thank all my friends who’ve supported me all this time and the senpais who always graced my dashboard with uber cool posts, so yeah~ (I’m also sorry for being inactive 90% of the time lol) Here we go! Each and everyone that I follow are really important to me and I look forward to meeting/talking to you in the future! I’m sorry that this is so long. RIP mobile users

PHOTOSHOP FIGHT ME. (I lost though)

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izaya-wonderfuldays-orihara replied to your post:“Mew!!” He mewled for attention.

“Oh.” He sat on his knees, looking at the cat. “Ehi there~ Why so lonely, neh? Did you get lost?” Izaya smiled, scratching the cat behind the ears to catch his attention. After all he had always loved cats and that one had a rather particular look.

The cat froze as soon as he heard the ‘oh’ he knew that voice, he loved that voice after all, he looked up at the male and noticed the raven did not know who he was, he was happy of that, so he started purring loudly when Izaya started scratching behind his ear, ooooh that felt good, he leaned on the tough and quickly jumped into Izaya’s shirt, keeping himself there thanks to his nails, he cuddled on the informant’s neck satisfied.



Inktober days 6, 7, 8

Star Wars Rebels time…in my excitement for Season 2 next week! It has a hard time living up to the greatness of Clone Wars, but it’s getting there…

Day 6: Aged up Ezra. Always thought he’d grow out a ponytail like his master

Day 7: mother hen Hera. The Mom and Pop routine she pulls of with Kanan is wonderful

Day 8: Mandalorian graffiti artist? Sign me up 100%