Erstmal Kaffee und Frühstück :-)
Euch einen guten Morgen und einen stressfreien wundervollen weiteren Tag. Auf an das Tageswerk. :) Ich muss noch ein bissel schaffen. Endspurt der Aufbauarbeiten für das Jahr ist auch auf Knibbli.com
. First time coffee and breakfast :-)
You have a good morning and a stress-free wonderful further day. On to the day’s work. :)
I have to make a little more. The further construction work for this year is also on Knibbli.com
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izaya-wonderfuldays-orihara replied to your post:“Mew!!” He mewled for attention.

“Oh.” He sat on his knees, looking at the cat. “Ehi there~ Why so lonely, neh? Did you get lost?” Izaya smiled, scratching the cat behind the ears to catch his attention. After all he had always loved cats and that one had a rather particular look.

The cat froze as soon as he heard the ‘oh’ he knew that voice, he loved that voice after all, he looked up at the male and noticed the raven did not know who he was, he was happy of that, so he started purring loudly when Izaya started scratching behind his ear, ooooh that felt good, he leaned on the tough and quickly jumped into Izaya’s shirt, keeping himself there thanks to his nails, he cuddled on the informant’s neck satisfied.



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