I keep seeing all the bookish subscription boxes people are getting, with wicked cool book swag, and I realized a lot of the book swag is created by the readers themselves. I can’t go into a regular store- even Barnes and Noble- and find any book swag that isn’t for the most popular series at the moment and maybe bookmarks. But no one thinks readers may want the same thing that sport fans do, which is swag to show our pride!!

But now if you want a shirt that says “books are magic” some reader online made it, if you want a mug that says you’re a “book dragon” you can find it. You want a sticker, a shirt, a candle, a bookmark for a specific fandom? You can find that!! Yeah, it sucks that we had to create it ourselves, but at the same time it’s amazing that we wanted it and so we made it! Plus most of the money will go the reader who created it. Book nerds are amazing!


fairy tale meme  →  the wicked witch

Just a silly sketch of Enj and Grantaire for my Corinthe School for Boys fic. Okay okay, so admittedly Enjolras isn’t a blonde stereotype but I couldn’t resist the Loathing lyrics from Wicked, forgive me.

“It’s not a very sane thing to try to be great all the time. You want to make something magical, you want to make something wonderful, you want to give to everybody, you want to heal people, you want to still be inspired. That’s not easy.”

Lykke Li.



there’s a serious lack of gérard fanart on this fandom


musical theatre meme → [3/5] solos → wonderful
A man’s called a traitor- or a liberator. A rich man’s a thief- or philanphropist. Is one a crusader? Or ruthless invader? It’s all in which label is able to persist. There are precious few at ease with moral ambiguities, so we act as though they don’t exist.


Jackie Burns sang a wonderful mashup of Wicked, Frozen, and If/Then during the Broadway Princess Party at 54 Below, which included “Let It Go,” “Defying Gravity,” and “Always Starting Over.” (Thank you to whoever took this video!)

anonymous asked:

Title Fanfic Thing; "Heir Of Night", "Blind To Your Love", "For The First Time", "Unrequited", "A Passion Brewing", "Carved Bones, Bloodied Bodies and Hollow Hearts", "A Story Carved From Bone", "Set In Stone", "When We Lost Our Children", "We Forget Our Love", "The Stars Remember Our Story", "Our Children Fear The Night", "A Paradise for You and I", "Never Will We Be Again", "Midnight", "A Land of Wonders", "Wicked Be The Light", "A Traitor To Love", "A Traitor Amongst Them", "Fire", "Ruins"...


Blind to Your Love  Kallias, the high lord of the winter court, meets Tarquin and falls head over fur-lined heels for him. In his defense, tarquin was wearing something very close to this:

And Kallias was just NOT repared for the sheer expanse of beautiful brown abdomen.

Basically he spends a lot of time pining over him like a schoolgirl and being a complete dumbass about the fact that Tarquin is, in fact, flirting with him. And I mean, he is not being subtle. He makes three trips to the winter court in a single month. he keeps touching Kallias’s arm and making thinly-veiled innuendos. He gives Kallias a priceless summer court heirloom as a gift just because. At this point every single person in the winter court except Kallias himself is aware that the high lord of summer wants to bone him. 

  • Kallias, to his political confidante the prime minister: “WOE IS ME, LORD TARQUIN IS SUPER HOT BUT HE’D NEVER BE INTO ME :(((((((”
  • The prime minister, who just spent an entire state dinner watching Tarquin blatantly make bedroom eyes at the other high lord: [screaming internally]

Eventually Tarquin just goes for it and kisses him and Kallias is over the moon and kisses him back even if he’s so surprised that when they break away he blurts “what was that???” And tarquin says with a Roguish Grin™ “Diplomacy.” They proceed to furiously make out and everyone is like “Oh thank god. finally.”

At some point as it becomes more of a Thing, Kallias is like

  • “Can we even, I mean, is this ALLOWED? Two high lords?? Together?????”

And Tarquin’s like

  • “Who’s going to stop us? ;)))”

It’s kind of a long-distance relationship, bc summer and winter don’t share borders, but there is no war in this AU so they can delegate responsibilities and take long trips to visit each other. Kallias gets horribly sunburnt on the beach and they find the only thing in the world Tarquin is not Dignified and Beautiful while doing, which is skiing. He falls down a lot. They make out in snowbanks and when they get home Tarquin complains about being cold just so Kallias will warm him up. They buy each other a lot of shiny things and have a lot of sex. there’s no conflict, except maybe their staffs having to endure THE MOST SICKENINGLY IN LOVE POWER COUPLE ON THE CONTINENT. (when they attend functions where Rhys and Feyre are also there it devolves into a competition of which couple can be more adorable, which Feyre doesn’t want to play but Rhys is like TARQUIN IS NOT A BETTER BOYFRIEND THAN ME WE CANT LET THEM BEAT US. No politicking gets done at all. The prime minster of winter heaves a long-suffering sigh.)

what probably happens in the aether foundation
  • wicke: hello faba what are you up today
  • faba: *hurriedly stuffing a type:null into his jacket* nothing. converving pokemon. definitely not experimenting on them or catching ultra beasts
  • wicke: sounds wonderful and also not suspicious at all goodbye
  • faba:
  • lusamine:
  • faba: how has she not figured it out yet
  • lusamine: just give her time

The last month has been straight blood, sweat, and tears for these costumes, but the first 2 are complete. These were commissioned for the theatre group of a children’s museum. I’m still finishing up Glinda, but she’s  not due for another two weeks. 

Everything was handmade by myself, except the Lion prosthetic, which was purchased from FX Warehouse.