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I have a feeling that tokyo ghoul will end with kaneki dying and his kid will take the throne as the new half ghoul to create peace. only if kaneki didn't get the chance to do it

I also do think Kaneki’s going to die by the end of the manga yet at the same time I feel like Kaneki dying feels a bit lazy as an ending. :c 

His kid could be a new symbol of hope but that really depends on how things end up; whether this battle between humans and ghouls will ever end. There are several characters, half-ghouls/half-humans who have tried to do so but it only causes more deaths and suffering so far.

However, the manga right now seems more like half-ghoul (human) vs half-ghoul (ghoul) and there’s still not much about the Dragon. Just wondering how the story will play out from hereon out.

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I love yuuram so much😍😍😍. I want more canon about yuuram if you don't mind . And the novel end or still released ?

Hello fellow yuuram fan!

I’m glad you’re enjoying my yuuram posts ^^

In regards to yuuram in the novels, I’ve only done till novel 14 ( 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14| ) there’s some more goodies in 15; but 16 and 17 have very few yuuram, mainly because the two are in different places.

There are nonetheless many wonderful side stories, like misepan 2, do you want an exorcism, and many other yuuram stories for you to read in the same place where you can find the novels. My suggestion is read them all.

All the main novels have been translated (there’s one gaiden that’s missing).
The novels have not ended yet, but have been on hiatus for 7 years. We’re always waiting for a new one to be released. There’s not much one can do but support the series and keep waiting.

There’s some more information in regards to the interpretation of the novels here, and here. Yuuri and Wolfram’s daily routine, here.

But if we’re talking about general aspects of the yuuram relationship, there are five main points that are very important to me:

1. Novel 9, chapter 9. When Yuuri believes Wolfram is dead and reacts in a way he has never done before or since (let’s recap: Gunter, Conrad, and Josak all ‘died’ in front of him at some point). With Wolf, he loses it. He turns into the maou. He swears vengeance. And then, even though Wolfram is okay and Yuuri knows this; Yuuri acts permanently scarred by this situation (all the way to novel 17 where he mentions it again and how much Wolfram ‘dying’ troubled him to that very day). 

2. Novel 9, chapter 9: There’s a scene that can be interpreted as them kissing. But the way the scene is narrated makes it impossible to tell if they did or not. I analyzed this scene here.

3. Novel 14 chapter 7: The bed scene. Since the scene where Yuuri is ‘honest about his feelings’ , ‘because he doesn’t have the strength to pretend anymore’ is cut short, we don’t know what happened next.  In ‘From Shin Makoku with love” he will complain to Conrad about Wolfram not sleeping with him in the boat (this is because of what Gunter did to him in that room ). So after the bed scene (and we see this again in CD71, which continues the novel canon) Yuuri wants Wolfram in his bed, and complains if he’s not there. We do know that much.

4. Misepan 2 (post novel 17) : In Misepan 2, Yuuri wanted to cover Wolfram’s chest and didn’t want anyone to see it acting very jealous. (He couldn’t even understand himself why he was so jealous). After that he says one of the most wonderful lines ever (some lines for context)

(Wolfram) “If I was in trouble, and I was missing something important. And you had one that was exactly the same ….“ 

(Yuuri) “I’d lend it to you, of course”

I thought about this, literally with my hands on his chest. In fact, with my hand, that was pressed against his chest, I could feel that the speed of my partner’s and my heartbeat was the same. Anyone would get blood rushing to their brains when they’re seriously thinking about something. When I could calm down a little, I let out a small sigh.

(Yuuri) “Or rather, when it comes to things that I can give you, I would give you anything, Wolf.”

So in Misepan 2, he promises to give Wolfram anything he wants AND says that he and Wolfram feel the same for each other. Aight.

5. Do you want an exorcism? (post novel 17): Overall, this is a wonderful story that foreshadows how Yuuri’s soul/memory problem will be fixed. But there’s one line here that makes all the difference in the world.

I remember that right before I read this story, there was a conyuu fan claiming that Yuuri didn’t say that Wolfram was beautiful because he liked him, but simply because he was stating Wolfram was good looking…. 

And lo and behold! Takabayashi-sensei seemed to be aware of this interpretation and wanted to destroy it, which is why she wrote yet another wonderful line for Yuuri, this time, it’s an inner monologue (in italic):

And because of that rich VARIETY in the configuration, mazoku is more an ethnicity than a race.

You have from kotsuhizoku, kotsuchizoku, and bone fish who are living creatures, even though they are just bones, to the seasonal migrating tribe of half-humanoid, half-fish maidmer princesses. As for the humanoid ones, there are regular looking ones like me or Conrad, but there are also some who are super beautiful like Günter or Wolfram…………. as for the last one, this is just a little bit of my own personal bias, but it makes no difference if he’s beautiful or not.

So finally he said it! Wolfram is beautiful, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if he’s beautiful or not, he likes him all the same. That phrase is really important, because he has spent LONG LONG paragraphs in the novels describing Wolfram and his beauty in poetic ways… saying things like  ‘after all this time, I should be used to it, but omg! He’s so gorgeous I wanna die!’ (I’m paraphrasing XD) and now, bam! ‘Yeah, he’s super hot, but it doesn’t matter.’

This is one of my favorite phrases, Yuuri saying he doesn’t care what Wolfie looks like. 

So there! My top 5 Yuuram moments/stories!

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So you know my exo dream dilemma. I have an update and it's weird. I had a sensual dream about a kpop idol. He's from one of my favorite groups!!! But it was Haechan from nct and now I feel dirty he isn't one of my biases I never thought of him like that before he is many years younger than me and I mean nothing sexual HAPPENED he just like. Lifted me on the counter and he was standing while I was sitting and we made out secretly and I still feel very dirty I can still taste it make it go away

Secret makeouts on a kitchen counter with a much younger man who you never even thought of like that 😱😱😱😱 omggggggg I think this can be a wonderful story hehehhe

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Your, and your guild's, stories are wonderful. They're all so well written, and really draw the reader in. Well done. (Please tag Quai too, I noticed she's been getting a lot of underserved hate, and this is for all of you.❤️)

Thank you, Anon – I am glad to hear that you are as interested in where our story goes as we are. :-D

@quai-mason is one of the nicest people I’ve met on here; I know she’ll appreciate your words as much as I do. We really do just want to bring the best prose we are capable of making to our readers, and I know the rest of the guild feels the same way. After all, what good is writing no one reads, you know? :-)

Here is a picture of a yawning kitty, because you have helped make my day better.

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  • commenting on fic before you're friends with the author: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us, I loved it so much! You're such a skilled writer and your characterization is excellent. Bookmarking so I can read it again later :)
  • commenting on fic after you're friends with the author: hey bITCH how DARRREEEEE you. can i get a uhhhhhhh fucken happy ending??? but omg that one part i'm? ahfbshdbglhfdas anyway i'm coming to your house to murder you but thnx so much for the update ilysm
The Signs as Mermaids

aries: the mermaid with fiery red hair and a tail to match. she lays out on hot rocks in the middle of the sea, basking in the sun, tanning her skin and luring sailors to crash against the stones with coy smiles and a glint in her eye. 

taurus: the mermaid with a mane of golden hair, and a tail to match, a long neck and strong shoulders. only her voice is more stunning than her beauty, and she’s often adorned with pearls and jewels of all kinds. 

gemini: the most curious of all the mermaids. she has a tail of dark green and shimmering yellow. she loves to explore the reefs, but swims out farther than she should because she wants to see what’s out there, and goes too close to the shore because she wants to see the humans. 

cancer: the mermaid with soft, smooth skin and a pale pink tail. her eyes are always expressive—sometimes they are alight with happiness, and sometimes they burn with anger. she loves all creatures, but it’s the humans that catch her eye. she can’t help falling in love with them from afar. 

leo: the mermaid with a tail of cobalt blue, her body adorned with gold jewelry, precious stones and pearls. she is the fastest swimmer, and loves to glide across the waves, letting the current pull her, laughter bubbling at her lips and a smile in her eyes. 

virgo: a more reserved mermaid, with a tail of sparkling silver. she has spiky black hair, and skin that is paler than usual, for she spends her time exploring the caves deep below rather than the beaches above. 

libra: a regal mermaid with beauty unmatched, long, luxurious hair, and a tail of magenta and red. she is sassy and charming, sometimes sultry, but also very sweet, and always kind to those in need. 

scorpio: the mermaid with a tail of deep purple and ebony, she has piercing violet eyes and hair of midnight black. she is quiet, sultry, and intuitive, and her nails and teeth are sharp, always ready for a hunt. she is the one to brave to the storms and the rocky, wild ocean while others go off and hide. 

sagittarius: an exotic mermaid, with a tail the color of sunsets and eyes that shine like one. she has travelled far and wide, collecting artifacts and jewelry from across the world. she never stays in one place too long, but she is kind to those she meets and always has wonderful stories to tell. 

capricorn: the mermaid with a tail of deep blue, high cheekbones and a jawline like a knife. there’s always a glint in her eye, like she knows something you don’t. she is regal and independent, and doesn’t worry herself with such frivolous things as humans, but rather such frivolous things as emeralds and pearls. 

aquarius: the mermaid with flowing hair and tail of teal green and aquamarine blue. her eyes are piercing, sparkling, so intense you have to look away. she swims about the reefs, splashing in the waves and basking in the sun. she is the only one who dares to go against the currents. 

pisces: the mermaid with a tail of pale purple that sparkles silver in the moonlight. she is sweet and dreamy, letting the current pull her to and fro, making friends with all the sea creatures she meets. she loves to stay up and stargaze late at night, unafraid of the dark and wild ocean that surrounds her.

I don’t know all the reasons why I like dark things, and I don’t think I need to know them all, but… I was just looking at the blog of that person who said I “dehumanize and fetishize” gay men, and I saw that he was quite young (15) and his blog was all full of pastel colors and references to his mental illness and something dawned on me that I hadn’t thought about in a Tumblr context at all.

Part of my PTSD is about experiences I had in hospitals, and because of that one of my triggers is… not pastels, all by themselves, but like… have you ever stayed in a hospital as a kid? And everything is covered in soothing soft colors and all the nurses wear scrubs with like… cute animal drawings on them and everyone talks in a sing-song voice and reassures you things won’t hurt when they OBVIOUSLY will and you’d rather they tell the truth, accept that you have good reasons to be scared, and get it the hell overwith?

Yeah, I think I just figured out why those kids’ blogs give me a weird tingly feeling of creeping dread.

And I think I figured out, also, where my intense leeriness of “safe spaces” and trigger warnings comes from too–even though as a person with PTSD I’m supposed to want them.

It’s because in my experience, people who were trying to make me feel safe were LYING. They were lying because it was in their interest–in mine, too, but in theirs–for me to feel calm and soothed. For me not to feel despair, or anger, or blind screaming rage.

…Is it any wonder I like the stories where the people with the knives and the cruel smiles and the mind games are blatant about it? Or that I might want a few knives of my own, even though I have no desire to hurt anyone who isn’t going to get off on it?

I don’t want those kids to not need safety.

I want them to stop pretending safety looks the same for everyone.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I just saw a post telling people that they should be pissed about Koogi’s break


“We have every right to be pissed”

“She took on this job - do it right”

“Stop treating koogi like she’s special and needs special treatment”

Are you for real?


This young, young woman creates content for you to drool and gush over weekly and you have the nerve to complain when she needs a rest?

We should be so fucking grateful that we even have Killing Stalking to begin with. 

Not to mention, In japan at least, making manga is an extremely taxing job. They don’t get a break. They literally work all damn day. Aren’t we just fucking lucky that Koogi, in Korea(not speaking for every manhwa artist), has the chance to even have breaks? Not only that, but I’m sure she doesn’t make that much money. So…pumping out this wonderful story, with amazing art, weekly, with little pay, doesn’t deserve a break?

Stop being so damn entitled.

And “treating her like she’s special” - you mean treating her like a human being?

Yeah, the fandom often babies her and worships her feet, but why is that a bad thing? This woman, whom we’re so grateful and appreciative of…who makes this story that we all love and adore…is there something wrong with admiring that?

For fuck sakes, I admire her for being able to even get the manhwa out weekly..

You do have every right to be upset about the hiatus, but pissed? Fuck right off.

Everyone deserves a break. Not to mention, if we never give Koogi a break, how mentally and physically taxing would that be? Working all the time with no break, but you’d have no problem with that, right? Because she’s supposed to be a “professional”, that’s what she signed up for, right?

“I stuck up for her hiatus the first time..but this time..no” Well aren’t you just special. Because she needed a break once, it was all g, no problemo, but a second break???TWO???? No WAY! !!! ! 


You can’t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver plate without the server needing to rest every now and again.

I’ll say it one more time, stop acting so fucking entitled.

Wonder Woman spoilers. Hit J to skip. 

Got into a discussion about the implication that Diana finding love with a man was what saved the day and I thought I should go ahead and bring it over here. 

I can see the argument being made here. Diana has been around women all her life. That suddenly a man, and more specifically sex with a man, changes her and makes her a hero. That hetero-sex is what saves the day. 

I have a couple objections to this theory, but let me start by saying I can see why you would feel that way, particularly for those of you who are lesbians. I don’t, and I recognize it’s largely because of who I am and my own views.

What I won’t agree with is the implication that Amazons are all straight. It’s just not true. When Antiope was killed, three women came to her side- her sister, Diana, and a third grief-sticken and screaming who got the camera’s attention for an extended shot even though nobody knew who she was. That was her wife. Fight me. 

Additionally, when Steve and Diana are having their boat sex talk, she says she knows of sex. She knows the pleasures of the flesh. Men are unnecessary for pleasure. She’s either talking about lady love or masturbation (both of which are still pretty taboo to talk about as women today let alone in 1918). I choose to believe it’s the former. She’s had at least one Amazon lover in the comics- Mala in Earth One. 

On to my objections:

Diana’s not a lesbian. She’s bisexual. Bisexuals are allowed to love men. We’re allowed to like men. Steve Trevor, whether romantic or platonic, is a big part of Wonder Woman’s story. He is the Lois to Diana’s Superman. For those of you who say Steve was too much or Steve was intolerable or the het love story ruined it, I ask you to accept that you might have some biases based in your preference for a queer Diana who doesn’t like men. Again, I understand why you feel that way, especially for those of you who are lesbians. But to constantly hear ‘het love’ and ‘het sex’ is annoying at best and erasure at worst. Diana is bisexual. She is queer. Of course I’d like it to be more explicit in the movies, whether through her expressing attraction to women or outright saying it, but the point still stands. This is the most powerful canonically queer character in media. 

Nothing she does is heterosexual. 

Another point is about the love saves the day. It wasn’t just Steve’s love. It wasn’t just Diana’s love for Steve. (And yes, I can see why it might seem rushed, especially for those who aren’t aware of the “Diana’s Lois” history of the ship, but how often do we see the woman falling head over heels for the hero of other movies and why can’t we allow the script to be flipped here? Steve Trevor is very much a counter to most macho action movie stars full of toxic masculinity which is a whole post on its own.)

Love saved the day, but it wasn’t just romantic love. It certainly wasn’t just sexual love. It was also platonic love between the men themselves. When she sees the men embracing each other in the face of certain death, what does she see?

She sees three men who could have gone home when the money ran out. Three men who continued into a suicide mission, following Steve because they loved him too. When Steve gave them the option to go home, they say “she can handle herself, but what would you do without us?” They follow him because they love him. They’d deny it, of course, but it’s there. That brotherhood. She sees that. She recognizes it from the way the Amazons loved those they fought with. That’s how she recognizes that there is good in men. That’s why she believes they can choose good. They aren’t fighting for the anger and the bloodshed. They are fighting because they love. 

Just like she does. 

Gal Gadot Got Paid the Same as Henry Cavill in Their Superhero Stand-Alone Debuts
Slow your roll, Twitter Outrage.

Contrary to a story that Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot made millions less than her DC counterpart Henry Cavill as Superman, the two were paid the same for their debut standalone outings.

That’s according to a source familiar with both negotiations, who told The Hollywood Reporter that Gadot made the same amount upfront if not slightly more on Wonder Woman than Cavill made on 2013’s Man of Steel.

The alleged salary discrepancy story was based on a post from Elle magazine, which cobbled together salary information that had previously appeared in various publications and did not differentiate between upfront salary vs. bonuses and performance escalators.

The story was later updated but caused a stir on the internet as Hollywood’s gender gap on wages has become a popular issue. The Elle story said Gadot was paid $300,000 for Wonder Woman vs. $14 million Cavill received for Man of Steel. The source called the latter figure “ridiculous.”

Warner Bros., the studio behind both movies, declined to comment.

A salary of low- to mid-six figures is standard fare for Hollywood tentpoles, especially for actors with short track records; Gadot had bit parts in movies such as Date Night and Knight and Day before landing a more substantial but still supporting role in the Fast & Furious movies. Chris Hemsworth made $150,000 for his starring debut in 2011’s Thor, for example. Adam Driver was paid in the $500,000 range for his part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, according to sources. Felicity Jones, who had an Oscar nomination under her belt before landing the lead in Rogue One, was paid more than $1 million for the Star Wars stand-alone.

These salary figures do not take into account box-office bonuses, which hit when certain benchmarks are hit. And actors gets substantial increases when it comes to sequels, even in spite of having option agreements and especially if a movie is as successful as Wonder Woman (the film has earned $574 million worldwide to date). Gadot’s deal will very likely be renegotiated.


It’s a huge honour to be the one who got this amazing opportunity to tell such an important story. I have a four-year-old daughter and she adores princesses. At the same time, she would tell me, ‘The princess, she’s so weak; she falls asleep, the prince will come and save her and kiss her and he’s the hero.’ So I’m so happy to be the one that’s going to tell the Wonder Woman story. It’s such an important story to tell and I’m grateful for it, but I also think that it’s so important for girls and boys to have a strong female superhero to look up to. The more the merrier, and there’s plenty of room for women to come. I’m very, very happy to be a part of that.

WONDER WOMAN Breaks Glass Ceiling For Female Directors & Stomps On ‘Iron Man’ With $100.5M Debut
The warrior princess of Themyscira is finally leaping past the century mark this weekend with $100.5M according to Warner Bros., however, other studios believe Wonder Woman has the power to exceed $101M.
By Anthony D'Alessandro

The success of Wonder Woman this weekend even impressed John Fithian, National Association of Theatre Owners CEO & President who exclaimed, ““I want to congratulate Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Warner Bros on the terrific opening, but Wonder Woman’s success is everybody’s success. AT NATO, at CinemaCon, we have for years called for diversity in movies that match the diversity of our audiences, not just because it’s a good idea but because it’s good business.  What we really look forward to is the day when a movie directed by a woman and telling a woman’s story is no longer news because it was successful – or even that it was produced at all – because such movies should be a matter of routine. We will grow our audiences by telling more stories that tell their stories.”