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“If [Sarah Michelle] Gellar were a decade and a half younger, she might be starring in The Hunger Games, or the Mortal Instruments franchise, or any of the post-apocalyptic series with surprisingly tough female heroines that owe a debt to Buffy. I’ve written repeatedly before that one of the most exciting things about going to the movies these days is that it’s become entirely possible for girls as young as Chloe Grace Moretz to credential themselves significantly as action stars, just as Gellar did, but unlike Gellar, to expect that work that makes use of their talents will be available to them. When Hailee Steinfeld’s stealing the remake of True Grit, Jennifer Lawrence is going back and forth, repeatedly, between action roles and Oscar bait, and Saoirse Ronan can go from playing a little girl with a typewriter to a trained assassin, it’s encouraging precisely because it suggests that a new generation of actresses aren’t going to face the plight that Gellar did, of proving that they’re tremendously good, credible action actresses, and then having to choose from bad horror or supporting roles that don’t make good use of their talents. Gellar helped pry the door open so younger actresses could have more expansive careers, but it doesn’t seem to have done much to help her.” (x)


Behind the Scenes of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Part One)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 414

“It’s such a privilege,” says Anjli Mohindra (Rani), “We are so lucky, because David is a legend, really.  Hopefully, it’s going to do this show a lot of favours. There’s so much to learn from David’s energy playing the Doctor. He’s great, and completely committed.”

“When he’s on set, he’s so animated,” agrees Tommy Knight (Luke). “He makes the scene more upbeat. Everybody raises their game. It’s a faster pace. It’s really, really brilliant to work with someone like that.”

Were the young cast nervous on their first day with David?   Anjli nods. “For the first scene we shot, actually one of the last in the episode, we had to pretend to be in awe, but we didn’t have to act that at all.  I’d never met David before, but neither had my character, luckily, so it’s nice to have that actual, real kind of shyness on screen.  Still, you have to try hard to contain it, and channel your shyness into the work.”

“I was nervous on my first day, too,” says Daniel [Anthony], “because I thought it’d be all of us - me, Tommy, Anjli, and David - but it was just me and David!  I had like a private screening, almost, showing me what he can do.  He’s seriously amazing. It’s wicked to be working with him.  I learnt a lot. You can ask him anything. I was well starstruck.”

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I really really hate when you meet a quiet person and you really want to get to know them and be their friend but you are also a quiet person so instead you’re just sort of near them sometimes and don’t really talk

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry about the criticism that you're facing. I'm not exactly sure of what's going on, but sweetie, don't take their words. There are haters here, and you are one of my favourite people on tumblr despite the fact we've only interacted a few times. These haters are not worth your time. I'm not good with words, but I wish I can give you a hug now :c *sends a virtual hug* Love you!

Thank you sweetheart, I truly appreciate your kind message, thanks for making me feel better. You’re an angel, those anons should take note from you :)


“On a tree in the garden I carved your name
In a word that spelled desire
Like an ocean deep where the waters heaving, heaving
And your love pours down like a waterfall
And I can’t escape the tide
Here’s my hand baby, take it or leave it, leave it…”

I don’t know why but when I look at this photo, Mikky Ekkos song “Time” comes into my mind and makes me imagine a scenery inside of the droplet and the more I think of what could be inside that tiny drop the more humiliated I feel about it.

For the whole lyrics go here: http://www.metrolyrics.com/time-lyrics-mikky-ekko.html


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