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im so grateful for @pissedchicken like yall have no idea bb u make me so happy and i cant believe u love me back i feel like the luckiest person in the world u make me feel so safe and warm and loved….. nothing bad can happen when im w u…… ilusm……….. wish i could b w u all th e time…………. if ur asleep then good night my sweet prince……i loaf u forever n always…… my baeguette

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2, 5, 6, 10, 14 (honestly I just more femslash ships to ship so I need your answers :D)

Always happy to meet another thirsty femslash fan!

#2: Favorite femslash ship of all times

I think my overall favorite femslash ship would have to be Rakka/Reki from the obscure anime Haibane Renmei. But it’s a very close call between that and Utena/Anthy from the famously gay anime Revolutionary Girl Utena (which every femslash fan needs to watch, btw).

#5: Femslash ship I produced/consumed the most fanworks of

Right now, I think I have consumed/written more Touriko than anything else. I actually wrote a fic for them that’s over 60,000 words… still unfinished. Ahahahaha…

#6: Fluffiest femslash ship

Touriko is definitely very fluffy, unless I’m the one writing it. Rakka/Reki is also fluffy for most of the show and then :’(

#10: A f/f/f OT3

Picture this: Akira/Touka/Rize. Imagine those wildly different but equally combative personalities having to put up with each other. Imagine the fighting. Imagine all the clashing. Just, it would be great.

#14: A fandom where I have so many femslash ships

I have a lot for Tokyo Ghoul, obviously. But I also have a ton for Revolutionary Girl Utena–there just isn’t much of a fandom for that anime, so : ( 

There are also a lot of shippable girls in Haibane Renmei and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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can u expand on why the media thinks michael is a "huge fucking asshole?" like give examples?

by “media” i mean those people from other fandoms that like to hate on 5sos (sometimes michael specifically) and call them assholes, f******, losers, etc

(please take note that michael is my sweet baby angel and i would never call him an asshole, thats just what ive h]seen the “haters” call him/ the band)

Dude i just remembered that when me n this girl Paige had a thing it was so weird like…we held hands n texted and she’d call me late at night and we’d talk n talk n talk until she fell asleep n I remember one time she said that the youngest person she would date would be 16 but only if they were a girl and like she always hinted at things like that but then she’d go on to say how she liked this boy nicky that I knew n it was just weird…n then I’d always get anons (I think I got 3) asking if I liked her n I knew it was probably her n the first time I talked to her she asked me to make out “jokingly” and then like some nights she would refuse to hold my hand and cry to me about the boy she liked and we got high together at her house n I was getting in the car about to leave her house but she told me to get back out of the car and I was confused as to why n she wouldn’t tell me but then later she claimed it was bc she didn’t wanna walk back to her apartment bc there was a dude standing outside n she thought he looked creepy but really I think it was bc she wanted to kiss me…and then next thing I knew she started dating this boy nicky so that’s when I was like fuck it I’ll just date Sarah and it was all a petty thing I was so awful lol n then after her n Nicky broke up she told me that she liked me but she dated Nicky bc she thought I didn’t like her n all this bs n ugh I was so weird n naive I didn’t understand how to handle things like at all…