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Late Monday night, Patton Oswalt made a political joke. This guy responded with “Oh (bleep), the little troll has an opinion again,” and not satisfied with being only a partial dick, followed up with “I’m a psychic and I am channeling his wife’s opinions.” He’s talking about Oswalt’s wife, who passed away not even a year ago.

The thing is, Oswalt has 3.4 million followers on Twitter, and most of them are more than just fans. He’s a fellow geek who made himself a damn nice career, so he’s a pretty big inspiration for us. “Big” as in fat. Ha! Suck it, Patton! Anyway, a group of people looked at the profile of the guy harassing Oswalt and found out that, “Holy shit. This is his goddamn business account. There’s the link to his employer’s website. I wonder …”

Within minutes, the guy’s customer review page was being flooded with people warning clients what kind of person he was. Several people contacted the company itself to let them know what was going on and how much of a shitcock this guy is. By sunrise, all of his social media accounts were deleted. He was wiped clean from his company’s site. He was just gone.

I’m not going to dive into the morality of that. I have my own thoughts on whether that’s right or wrong, and I know you give as much of a shit about my opinion as I do about yours. I want to talk about how someone can be mentally vacant enough to use a professional account to post something that stupid. It’s more common than you think.

How To Lose Your Entire Career In Two Minutes On Twitter

Hey there boys and girls! Ever wanted to speak to your most favorite cartoon character ever? Well golly! Luckily you get to speak to Bendy The Dancing Demon!

No, Mickey Mouse is not here.

The Toons on this wonderful futuristic uh… ‘website’, is gonna be your main event this episode!

Me, the devilishly handsome Bendy
And good ol’ Bonnie the angelic prude

Let ya in on a little back story. Me and Bon here were assigned to be Boris’ shoulder fellas. Obviously Boris likes me more than Bonnie. I mean, who doesn’t?

So ask away, let good ‘ol Bendy know your highly personal questions!


Versatile stump play video - I wonder how secure his website is ?


Who are you? Alex. From? Sheffield. From? Eng… Shef… Arctic Monkeys!

One of the things I’ve really wondered about on this website is that oftentimes people don’t acknowledge that human beings grow and change and recognize their mistakes and learn from them. (Well, most human beings, anyway.) There’s a strong callout culture on this website, and whilst it certainly makes sense to explain to people why what they’re saying is problematic in the here and now, going back ten years to something they said or did when they were 13 and learned from is a bit much. (If they haven’t learned from their mistakes, that’s naturally very different, because then they’re not committed to being a better person. Most people are committed, though.)

I realize, too, a big part of this is that Tumblr’s userbase is very young. Your frontal lobes don’t stop developing until you’re in your mid-twenties, so it takes a while to fully develop rational thought and understand that the world doesn’t simply operate in black and white. The world is a very grey place, and there’s no such thing as a perfect human being because we’re human beings, not dogs. (Dogs are, in fact, perfect.) People are going to make mistakes, mess up, and say and do things that aren’t always the right thing to do, and most of them are going to learn from those mistakes and grow as people.

If a person does a problematic thing at some point, they’ll probably be called on it, and they’ll probably learn from it. If they learn and improve as a person, that’s the best thing you can possibly ask for, because they’re growing! We’re all constantly growing. I’m turning 28 in less than two months and I’m still learning, too. But it’s especially important to remember - since many of you are very young - that things are in color, not in black and white, and that people are constantly growing and changing. Something someone did or said years ago isn’t necessarily representative of who they are now, so before you judge, learn about them and see if they’ve changed first. Trust me, it’ll help you big-time in the long run.

Of course, if a person is still a jerk (think Jeff Sessions, for example), then yes, it’s absolutely worth saying something. If you see someone say or do something that’s not right in the present, jump on that and explain why it’s wrong and hurtful. Working on fostering understanding is absolutely important and pointing out when a person’s blind to something can help them grow! I know I’ve learned a lot ever since my senior year in college when my roommate informed me that I was being close-minded because I was judging the people around me simply because they looked like the people I went to high school with who weren’t nice to me.

A person doing or saying one thing that is deemed “bad” but otherwise being a decent human being doesn’t make them nonredeemable. It means that this is a chance for them to grow, and you can be the one to help them grow by pointing out why said thing is bad. This can include accidental (or even intentional, amazingly) racism, sexism, ableism, LGBTQIA-phobia, anti-Semitism, or any other form of bigotry or bias. Oftentimes, people don’t even realize that these things are what they are because these behaviors are so ingrained in them. Pointing it out and explaining it to them (via discussion, protesting, or other ways of fighting back) is incredibly important because it can be really eye-opening for some people. As an autistic woman, I’ve found that explaining to people that I don’t want a cure for who I am, for example, is particularly interesting because so many people don’t even consider that we might not want what people try to push on us because we’re individual human beings with wants, desires, and lives. Sometimes I explain this with civility. Sometimes I get angry. It depends on what’s appropriate to that situation.

Human beings naturally want to learn and be the best people they can be, so before you jump to conclusions about them for things from their past, look at their present and see if they’ve grown and changed. If they have, great! They’ve improved as people! If they haven’t, then you can set about making them see the error of their ways in whatever way is applicable to the situation, be it a gentle explanation, a planned (or spontaneous) protest, or whatever has to be done to get the point across.

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Hi! I really love TSFHJ but I was wondering something about the website. When I try to go onto the CAST page it only loads a handful of the pictures - I can't view the rest of the profiles, either on my phone or my computer. Is there a tumblr post you have of all the character profiles? Thank you in advance and keep up the great work!

Actually I just updated the Cast Page with new characters!                            You can view them here.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I hadn’t noticed that some of the profiles weren’t appearing.

Happy Birthday!

PAIRING: reader x bucky barnes 

WORD COUNT: 710 words (just a little drabble)


If anyone of you don’t know it’s the wonderful @capsbuchanan birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILA <3 <3, so in celebration of this wonderful human who has been the kindest and supportive friend I have on this weird and wonderful website I have written a Fluffy Bucky drabble for her and everyone celebrating their birthday!! 


Originally posted by natpekis

Entering your apartment you were not expecting the carnage that greeted you. The place was a mess, cautiously you picked your way across the floor, cleaning equipment and the attempt of tidying the apartment could be seen. You had been gone for most of the day, spending some quality girl time with Wanda and Nat!

“Come on you deserve a break (Y/N) today especially” they persuaded you.

However half a day was clearly long enough to leave your boyfriend to his own devices. You spotted the man in question all 6f of him in the kitchen. If it was possible was even more of a war zone! Utensils strewn haphazardly across the surfaces some of them drowning in a sloppy pale looking substance. Identifying the alien liquid as cake batter your eyes flicked over to the now panicking assassin. You smirked at the sight of him, his hair tied up in a bun, flower and was that mustard on his face? You shuddered slightly as strings of swear word flew out of Bucky’s mouth. A plume of black smoke billowed out of the oven as Bucky pulled something akin to a volcano.

“Shit” you muttered hurrying over to the window, throwing it open the smoke escaped into the New York air leaving a bewildered looking Bucky in its wake.

“What are you doing here?” He exclaimed.

“Well I do live here as well Buck” you watched your boyfriend roll his eyes at you.

“Yeah I know that (Y/N), I mean what are you doing home so early” Laughing slightly you dumped your shopping on the only clean space in the kitchen.

“Can’t I spend my birthday with my loving boyfriend” Bucky looked down at the ruined attempt of a birthday cake. You glanced over at him, his expression reminded you of a scolded puppy. You shrugged,

“You know me, spending a day fighting against crowds of shoppers is not my idea of fun.” you made a face of disgust. Nat and Wanda had dragged you all over New York shopping, it was nice spending time with them. But at the end of the day spending time cuddling with Bucky on the couch was your idea of a perfect day.

“But I was going to bake you a cake, I had tonight all planned. Home made dinner, its your birthday (Y/N) you deserve a day off” you chuckled, wrapping your arms around his waist you pulled him close to you. Forcing him to look down at you. Rising up on your tiptoes you captured his lips in yours. Humming slightly at the slight sweet taste of the batter than covered your kitchen. Bucky always had a sweet tooth.

“I want to spend my birthday the way I want to, with my gorgeous boyfriend in our home and maybe a take out. Because not matter how hard he tried he’s a terrible cook” Bucky growled slightly wiping his fingers in the mixing bowl he brought his hand down over your face.

BUCKY” you shrieked as Bucky’s laugher sounded around you. Narrowing your eyes you scooped some batter next to you and aimed.

SPLAT” you hit your target face on.

“You didn’t just do that” nervous giggling turned into fearful shrieks as Bucky opened fire, handfuls of batter and broken off bits of chard cake went flying through the air!

“WHITE FLAG, I YEILD, UNCLE UNCLE” you gasped, your stomach ached from laughter. Your cheeks punched from smiling so much; looking at Bucky he sported the same look covered in bits of cake and batter. You knew you looked much the same. A large piece of cake was dangling from your hair in your peripheral vision. Carefully walking over to you in fear of slipping on the floor Bucky took you in his arms, lifting you up. Your legs wrapping around his waist instinctively, you picked crumbs out of his hair.

“Sorry about the kitchen doll, I’ll clean it up”

“Don’t worry, so far I’ve had a great day”

“Really?” He gave you a doubtful look; you leaned down to kiss him again. You felt Bucky nip your bottom lip as your pulled away, playing with the hair at the nap of his neck you pressed your foreheads together.

“Best birthday ever”

“Love you too doll”

Hey, look at this cool thing I did for school. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out. We were supposed to write our name in symbols that represent us. 

The C is the symbol for common time in music, aka 4/4 time, and as I’m a very musical person, this definitely fits. 

The a is a clover to represent my Irish heritage (I’m half Irish on my Mum’s side). 

The i is a lily flower (yes it is a lily) to represent purity, as that’s what Caitlin means (though I am definitely not pure in the slightest). 

The t is obviously the Tumblr t because this wonderful website has been alongside me in finding out who I am, and has helped me learn so many things and find so many new people thatI never would’ve otherwise.

The l is the Elder Wand because I’m obsessed.

The second i is decorated with the Maori tukutuku pattern ‘steps of knowledge’ not only to symbolise my Maori heritage (on my Dad’s side), but because the search for knowledge and curiosity are a big thing in my life. The dot of the i is supposed to be a koru, but I realised that it looks like the Moana thing. I mean I love the movie and themes and stuff, and I do live in New Zealand, so there’s that.

The n is a rainbow because I’m that gay.

Tl;dr my name in symbols representing who I am.

This was for a school project, but I think it would be pretty cool if other people did this too. I challenge you to write your name in symbols as I did, and tell Tumblr a bit more about yourself. Can I tag people? Cause I’m tagging people. 

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Hi everyone - 

I’ve received a lot of lovely messages from people since starting this blog, and I appreciate them! As always, please continue to reach out if you have any questions or comments. 

I’ve also received a few messages now from people (some politer than others) indicating that they’d rather see less Calista and more Harrison, and/or, for whatever reason, sharing their general dislike of her. I’m going to say this once and then will have no more to say on the subject, either privately or publicly:

This is a blog devoted to Calista Flockhart, Harrison Ford, and their relationship. This blog is as pro-Calista Flockhart (and pro-Harrison Ford) as they come. If you are looking for a blog devoted to just Harrison, or one that features him with people other than Calista, this is not that blog. There are plenty of wonderful blogs and websites that fit those descriptions, and I recommend that you check them out.

I’d like this place to be as positive as possible. I don’t want there to be any confusion, though, about what this blog’s purpose is: to celebrate Harrison and Calista, together and separately, and to share content that fans of the pair will appreciate. To that end, I’d suggest that anyone who really doesn’t want one half of that pair on their dashboard would probably be happier not following this blog. 

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

senatorial candidate james madison meeting a class full of kids for a pr piece and being so uncertain how to deal with them and so flustered that he eventually just says “HOW YA DOIN KIDS” in his mickey mouse voice and continues to explain the tenants of american democracy as such