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here is a list of some fonts that one of my teachers from the past school year said we weren’t allowed to use

please help me make a “lazytown characters as cursed graphic design fonts” list (the above picture being a possible reference)

bonus option:


Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。


Happy Birthday, Tumblr, you wonderful little website! You let me talk with people who appreciate my silliness better than most other platforms I’m on, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. <3

Bryan Fuller: “Mads in a motorcycle jacket. Do you fancy Mads in a motorcycle jacket-”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh my God when… when I saw that scene with him driving up and then he takes his helmet … I mean come on. Come on!” 

Bryan Fuller: “So if you had to pick between the three-piece plaid suit  and the motorcycle jacket you would pick the motorcycle jacket?”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh yes, I’m sorry. Absolutely. I mean look at that (shows Hannibal in a leather jacket ).

Bryan Fuller: “The leather is much more of an olfactory experience. That's for sure.”

Gillian Anderson: “Um yes… amongst other things. Do you know the After Dark website… I wonder if they have done a drawing for Mads- I mean Hannibal. I was going to say Mads and Gillian instead of Hannibal and Bedelia.” 

I wonder when this website is gonna stop pretending biological sex is an absolute mystery until someone yells HAHA! SURPRISE I HAD A PENIS ALL ALONG!!!

Dude stop kidding yourself. Face structure is different. Fat distribution is different. Body shape is insanely different. Hands, muscles, skin and hair, they’re all different. Smell is so fucking different.

It’s not just the penis lesbians don’t want. It’s all of the male characteristics AND the lack of female characteristics. Deal. Breaker.

And y'all are rape apologists.

lindsaylove1226  asked:

What are some of your favorite Wincest one shots, AU, series ... well whatever ... what are some of your favorites

oh, that’s a really good question and by good, i mean really fucking hard question because i’ve read so much and trying to find them all is kinda hard but i’ll do my best. *cracks knuckles* let’s do this thing.

  • title: sharp dressed man
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 4,200+
  • warnings: weecest, underaged, spanking, daddy!kink
  • summary: sam gets in trouble at school. dean arrives, playing as john. dean’s wearing a suit, sam has finds it hot, ensuing daddy issues and punishment that turns heated.
  • title: unexpected consequences
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 1,700+
  • warnings: weecest (sam is 17), spanking
  • summary: dean catches sam skipping.
  • title: fullofsugar!verse
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 46,000+
  • warnings: student/teacher, cross dressing, feminization
  • summary: a verse about the love story between a boy and his dearest teacher. little glimpses, long nights, teenage love, everything that’s wrong.
  • title: american sweetheart
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 7,600+
  • warnings: teacher/student
  • summary: professor ackles lives in a structured world of suits and ties and the monotony of a mundane life. the wearisomeness of his life changes drastically when he stumbles upon a website that alters his once thought of ordinary life and brings out the dark desires of his heart. twenty-year-old jared padalecki lives in a conservative world of class schedules and paying rent and trying to find his place in a black and white world. on the other side of his webcam, jared learns he can be made of lace and soft fabric and pastel colors—bringing out the darkest desires in strange men over the internet. in an odd turn of events, fate will bring them together and it will be their duty to hold themselves together or allow fate to ultimately tear them apart once more. a professor and a college student will together learn the meaning of mortality, vulnerability, and heart break.
  • title: born to die!verse
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 63,000+
  • warnings: underage, rape, drug use
  • summary: this story follows the lives of two young brothers as they try to make it in a dark world. after an overdose threatens to tear them apart forever, sam and dean vow to never leave each other’s side again and hit the open roads of the american west to live fast and free together. they fight and fuck like every day could be their last because one day it just might be.
  • title: v i c e
  • pairing: sam/dean, lisa/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 56,600+
  • warnings: police officer dean, prostitute sam, underage, daddy kink, control issues, drug abuse, abuse
  • summary: dean winchester is an undercover cop in the sex trafficking unit of the chicago pd. he suffers from the loss of his former position in narcotics, a bullet injury that causes him to limp, and the sudden divorce of his wife lisa who'se kicked him out of the house and kept their son, ben. dean meets sam during one of his stings, an underage prostitute who loudly proclaims his sexuality and a penchant for older men. they become slowly fascinated with each other, developing a strange and twisted relationship, while dean struggles to regain what he’s lost, and sam looks for any way out of his life on the street.
  • title: poughkeepsie
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: teen and up
  • length: 5,700+
  • warnings: pre-series
  • summary: the reason “poughkeepsie” became their code word for “drop everything and run” was because that was the one place child protective services ever caught up with the winchesters.
  • title: air catcher
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: mature
  • length: 1,000+
  • warnings: curtain fic
  • summary: sam’s rocking chair always stands to the left of dean’s and no-one will tell dean that sammy’s not coming out to sit with him anymore.


ok, my people, bear with me because this is my first giveaway. this is a thank you to all of you wonderful people on this website. there will be 2 winners!! the 1st winner will get the first picture and the second winner will get the second picture!! i will include a list of everything that i sent but some things that i am SUPER excited to be able to share with you guys are the howlite hearts, black moonstone palm stones, fluorite points, and those adorable tea cups!! each winner will also get one of the sets in the last picture. i also plan on getting some incense, sage bundles, and a couple of more goodies that will also be added. so!! rules. ok. here we go. 

1. to enter!! 1 entry per person and reblogs are entries. likes do not count!! you can get an additional 2 entries by entering the project that @growing-yet-into-magic and i are doing. you can find the post for that here: https://growing-yet-into-magic.tumblr.com/post/161292821361/my-crockpot-is-my-cauldron-contest 

2. you have to be following me!!

3. this is in no way associated with tumblr. 

4. this is for in the u.s. only please!! i might do an international giveaway one day, but not this time sorry!! 

5. have to be over 18. it is actually a rule here on tumblr apparently?? i double checked. sorry!!

6. please don’t reblog and tag as giveaway. 

7. this runs from today, which is the first of June 2017 until July 14, 12:00 pm PST. that’s my birthday and seemed like a good day to end this. 

8. i’ll contact the winner after the giveaway ends and if i don’t receive a response after 24 hours i will pick a new one. 

thank you and good luck!! hit me up if you have any questions about anything

uncultureddoubloon  asked:

For a history class, I used your site to pull some people who'd experienced conflict in two different (and, hooray, not Europe/USA) parts of the world and compare/contrast their experiences. Thank you for the map, and for your wonderful info!

There’s a website revamp rolling out this week that will put all the modern-day figures on the map, as well as provide a ton of new ways of browsing the site. I’ve categorized the illustrated entries into a ton of categories - LGBT, magicians, artists, you name it. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow. :D

(I actually mailed out a link to Patreon subscribers two days ago, and mailing list subscribers earlier today - but it’ll go live in the next day or two.. been a stupid amount of work!)

Late Monday night, Patton Oswalt made a political joke. This guy responded with “Oh (bleep), the little troll has an opinion again,” and not satisfied with being only a partial dick, followed up with “I’m a psychic and I am channeling his wife’s opinions.” He’s talking about Oswalt’s wife, who passed away not even a year ago.

The thing is, Oswalt has 3.4 million followers on Twitter, and most of them are more than just fans. He’s a fellow geek who made himself a damn nice career, so he’s a pretty big inspiration for us. “Big” as in fat. Ha! Suck it, Patton! Anyway, a group of people looked at the profile of the guy harassing Oswalt and found out that, “Holy shit. This is his goddamn business account. There’s the link to his employer’s website. I wonder …”

Within minutes, the guy’s customer review page was being flooded with people warning clients what kind of person he was. Several people contacted the company itself to let them know what was going on and how much of a shitcock this guy is. By sunrise, all of his social media accounts were deleted. He was wiped clean from his company’s site. He was just gone.

I’m not going to dive into the morality of that. I have my own thoughts on whether that’s right or wrong, and I know you give as much of a shit about my opinion as I do about yours. I want to talk about how someone can be mentally vacant enough to use a professional account to post something that stupid. It’s more common than you think.

How To Lose Your Entire Career In Two Minutes On Twitter

just before I go to bed, I know a bunch of people who lost their blogs today because tumblr terminated them and theyre trying to get their blogs back. keep an eye on your own and be careful it seems to be something to do with editing your theme and staff is being slow getting back to people. yes, you can get your blog back, but its hella anxiety inducing to lose it. good luck guys see ya’ll on the flipside