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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
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Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri, Katsuki Mari, Christophe Giacometti
Additional Tags: Victor’s Foot Thing, the ankle is the gateway to the foot, not pictured: yuuri’s sock collection, sort of inspired by official art, ankle kink, victor is suffering, as kixboxer would say enough thirst to drain the pacific ocean, Canon Compliant, Humor, my eros is ankles

Next to him, Yuuri shifts. He bends down to itch at his ankles. Then he rolls down his socks. The the curve of his ankle bones catch the late afternoon light and Victor suddenly feels breathless.

Yuuri turns his head, looking up at Victor from under his lashes. “I um,” he says, biting his bottom lip. “It’s kind of hot.”

It sure is, Victor does not say. He rubs the back of his neck with the hand that’s not on Yuuri’s thigh. “Uh huh.”

“I’m…I’m going to change. My pants. I’ll be back.” Yuuri says, almost tripping over his own feet as he flees.

Can I watch you change, Victor also does not say.


Yuuri’s eros is ankles.

for @cafecliche because our conversation is the reason this exists <3


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Soooo my excitement about @black-kite‘s D&D campaign has hit critical levels. 

Kite’s gonna make an official announcement about it at some point, but we do still have two player slots free! 

 In the meantime, I imagine Orissa and Orion are just going to sit around, look pretty, drink, and snark at each other until adventure rolls around. 

@otooru hope you like your boy! 


Sunflowers in Summer [Songs for Dana]

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Maximum Fun Dot Org

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how to distinguish between three steves
  • steve harrington: single teenage dad steve, has a nail bat and six children and has never been near a plane
  • steve trevor: blonde-haired blue-eyed steve who blew himself up in a plane in 1918, a spy, not that Extra
  • steve rogers: blonde-haired blue-eyed steve who crashed a plane in 1944, Captain Fucking America, Super Extra (tm)

can you believe miss barb had a total of five (5) minutes of screen time which were spent shaming nancy for her choices and she still gets more attention than lucas who was in every episode

hey can we uhhhhhhhhh get rid of boob armor?

and i mean in every fictional setting like fantasy, scifi, etc but here are two prime examples:

these are both………… pretty weird. i get that wonder woman’s outfit has been the same since 1941 but she still serves as a good example, and idek what’s going on with valkyrie. a lot of people praise this for being “feminine but functional” but this still means there’s some armor smith out there carefully molding breastplates to fit each individual boob (as per that one tumblr post going around that i don’t have the link to).

here’s an example of real life armor on women:

there you go. some real women wearing real armor made for real combat situations. now listen, i’ve worn this and yeah—– this shit’s functional. and no, it doesn’t squish your boobs in, no matter what you’re doing. it actually fits quite snugly despite how it looks. see how no effort was made to have individual boobs poke through? that’s because that shit ain’t necessary. in fact the breast molding would be pretty terrible for your rib cage but i’m sure you’ve all seen that post.

at least star wars got this one right:

what if Dean and Cas are on a case together and Dean the little shit decides to throw Cas under the bus the way he does with Sam sometimes (eg. the sketch artist thing), but joke’s on him because turns out Cas is actually insanely good at whatever Dean claimed he was