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In which Bakugou is me


Ben, don’t you dare hurt her.
[laughs] I won’t. Don’t laugh. She [Ann] means it. I-I won’t.

Something to consider...

so I see a lot of shipping wars/hate/drama/whatever going on between genyatta and gency ships and tbh, I think ya’ll are missing out on a wonderful, pure ot3 opportunity.

allow me to explain:

Zenyatta is an omnic. So far as I know, there’s nothing in Overwatch lore that says omnics age and are mortal like organics are.

Genji was rebuilt by Mercy using nanite technology. The only part of him which we know for certain is still organic is his head (maybe even just his face). Mercy was brought into Overwatch due to her breakthroughs using nanites, and that’s probably what she used to rescue Genji.

Mercy herself has been the subject to a lot of theories. People are saying she tested the nanites on herself, and is actually dead; the nanites are just holding her together and allowing her to function. Assuming those are the same nanites she used on Genji, they’d both be essentially immortal.

And who else is essentially immortal? Zenyatta!

What if after all the other Overwatch have aged, died, moved on, w/e, Mercy is left wandering the world, wondering what it’s like to feel alive. She ends up in Nepal. Shambali monastery. Zenyatta is still there, and, surprisingly, Genji. Genji, realising that she is now going through a simillar problem to him, begs Zenyatta to allow her to stay at Shambali. She does.

Seasons pass. Omnics move in and out of the monastery. These three remain constant. Genji feels more than thankfulness towards Mercy for rebuilding him, and more than that towards Zenyatta for mentoring him. After all those years and everything going down, these three end up all together, cuddling, etc, just being in love. Pure, sweet, simple. Which, from what I gather, is what everyone loves about gency and genyatta.

Proposed ship name for this ot3? gencyatta

One more question though: where would Reaper fit in with all of this, as we know Mercy rebuilt him also??


Briggs, Johnny and Charlie in every episode ☞ 2x04

B: Every Bonnie needs a Clyde. C: You know I’m the Clyde, though, right?