wonderful ot3!

Of all the SAG Awards photos, I think this is my favorite, because Natalia looks like a queen who never married because she’s too good for a husband, and Joe and Charlie look like her loyal attendants who are ready to punch anyone in the face if they piss her off.


In which Bakugou is me

Everybody talks about Allura’s age,  shallura, and shallura’s shippers

and here i am

too hyped to notice, rewatching trailer for season 3 and listening to the beautiful voice of Lotor.

and happy because Keith and Pidge are standing so close next to each other lol my shipping senses are tingling i’m trash ok


i don’t even know

i know this is a haikyuu blog but listen. i was rewatching ant-man and literally i totally forgot about the civil war after-credits scene and i wasnt ready. i even heard the music start up, i heard sam yell “cap” and i wasnt ready to see bucky im actually in tears


Ben, don’t you dare hurt her.
[laughs] I won’t. Don’t laugh. She [Ann] means it. I-I won’t.