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I bet Mark Watney could have used Tater Trot's help on Mars. Always wondered what she would have thought of his farming efforts on a sterile planet.

she don’t get how someone turned off the “makin’ things fall down”


Glyph ( ♂)

Ruler of Aries (co-rules Scorpio)
Exalted in Capricorn
Detriment in Libra and Taurus
Fall in Cancer

Time Spent in a Sign: About 6 weeks (sometimes a month)

Mythology behind Mars
Mars; the Roman God of War, and Ares; the Greek God of War. Is it any wonder why Mars is the ruler of Aries? In Greek mythology, Ares was representative of violence, bloodshed and obviously… war. In Roman mythology, Mars was representative of these similar things as well but not as aggressive as Ares. Mars was representative of structured military power and a strong warrior who still liked seeing bloodshed. Ares was savage, dangerous and an overwhelming force. He was destructive and untamed, impulsive you could say.

Mars in Astrology
With great courage, comes great strength. Mars is symbolized by the warrior or soldier. Whatever sign Mars is placed in is going to be how you assert yourself. Mars is also your anger, your stamina and your drive. More than anything, we know that this planet also determines your libido as well. The way we approach things, our impulsive desires, even something as random as last minute decisions is usually determined by Mars. Are you passionate and fiery like a Fire sign Mars? Or maybe much calmer and grounded like an Earth sign Mars? However you act out on things is determined by Mars.

Mars in Aries
Mars is domicile in Aries. These people are not necessarily ones to think before they do something. The energy they put into things is impulsive and aggressive. What they want, they will get one way or another.

Mars in Taurus
The energy is rather slow, but steady with Mars in Taurus. These people would prefer to take their time accomplishing something, but be aware that they will finish it no matter what. Their goals are usually long-term so know that they value security and stability.

Mars in Gemini
The energy is scattered and flighty with Mars in Gemini. These people are capable of putting their energy into many different tasks at once. At their best, these people can be powerhouses.

Mars in Cancer
Mars is in fall in Cancer. You’ll notice these people can often have trouble asserting themselves properly. They are incredibly tenacious and fiercely protective people, especially of their loved ones.

Mars in Leo
The energy is massive with a Mars in Leo. They have a strong will and can aggressively stay committed to a task for long. You’ll find that they have tremendous staying power if its something of importance to them.

Mars in Virgo
The energy is always put to great use with Mars in Virgo. You’ll find that they are practical people and would prefer things to have a place. There’s a nervous energy with them that they could keep hidden very well.

Mars in Libra
Mars is detriment in Libra. They can struggle with getting things done since they tend to procrastinate a lot. These people would much rather have opportunities come to them.

Mars in Scorpio
The energy is intense with Mars in Scorpio. They are capable of sticking to one thing until it is completed before moving on to the next task. You’ll find that they can reach great heights with this dedication.

Mars in Sagittarius
The energy is also scattered, but aggressive with Mars in Sagittarius. These people get random, explosive bursts of energy and you’ll find that they struggle focusing all that energy into one thing. In the end, they can surprise people with their accomplishments though.

Mars in Capricorn
Mars is exalted in Capricorn. You’ll find that these people are constantly setting goals and are extremely productive and dedicated… or at least they strive to be!

Mars in Aquarius
The energy is fixed and they can be quite productive as well with Mars in Aquarius. There’s a method to the madness of these people. They are much more interested in mental pursuits.

Mars in Pisces
The energy has a “go with the flow” motto with Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces lets life happen as it comes and might let opportunities pass by.

hey guys!! it’s crazy that i made this blog on a whim a couple of months ago, and now 500 of you follow me!! i’ve loved being a part of this community, and i can’t wait to experience the 2nd half of season 4 with you!! 

i decided to make a follow forever/mutuals appreciation post, so i’ll put the rest under a read more so it isn’t super long and obnoxious

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jaredleto Revenge 🖤

Jared on instagram, 03-05-2017

Revenge is definitely one of the most beautiful Mars songs. That voice is everything…

cool kids (don’t) dance // [listen here]

shut up and dance - walk the moon // uptown funk (feat. bruno mars) - mark ronson // girl almighty - one direction // parls - magic man // idgaf - watsky // reflections -misterwives // passing through a screen door - the wonder years // fast in my car - paramore // guilty pleasure - cobra starship // ocean avenue - yellowcard // na na na (na na na na na na na na na) - my chemical romance // can we dance - the vamps // the rock show - blink 182 // vegas - all time low // shake tramp - marianas trench 

Ever wondered how tall the characters are in Atom: The Beginning? Look no further! Here’s a height chart for each of the main characters in the anime.

Here’s my approximations for each of the main characters in this chart:

(going to leave out Moriya and the two older men on the right for now)

A106 = 160 cm / ~5 feet 3 inches
Umataro Tenma = ~184 cm / ~6 feet 0.4 inches
Hiroshi Ochanomizu = ~182 cm / ~5 feet 11.65 inches
Ran Ochanomizu = ~125 cm / ~4 feet 1.2 inches (the beret makes it look like she’s 130 cm, but the top of her head is closer to 125 cm)
Motoko Tsutsumi = ~168 cm / ~5 feet 6.1 inches
Shunsaku Ban = ~155 cm / ~5 feet 1 inch
Kensaku Ban = ~144 cm / ~4 feet 8.7 inches
Dr. Lolo = ~178 cm / ~5 feet 10.08 inches
Mars = ~218 cm / 7 feet 1.8 inches
Saruta = 150 cm / ~4 feet 11.055 inches
The Tsutsumi’s Grandmother = ~124 cm / ~4 feet 0.8 inches
F14/Tom = 25 cm / ~ 0 feet 9.84 inches (at least when he’s in that sitting up position)

Pokemon Card of the Day #972: Team Galactic’s Mars (Secret Wonders)

So, did anyone who played the game a bunch back in 2007-2008 cringe when seeing this card? If so, I can’t blame you. Team Galactic’s Mars was an annoying Supporter that combined modest drawing with luck-based hand disruption. A lot of the disruption back at that time was luck-based, and Team Galactic’s Mars was a prime example of this.

When played, you drew 2 cards. Then you chose a card from your opponent’s hand without looking and put it at the bottom of their deck. 2 cards wasn’t special when other Supporters could get 3, but the combination of the cards plus the chance to get that one card and mess up the opponent’s strategy with a lucky pick was worth it to many people. As a result, this was seen very often in competitive decks.

As time went on, the game changed and people started using Supporters for specific things while using the many good normal Trainers as well. This left Team Galactic’s Mars a bit behind, but it was still a good card for the long haul. It still did what it always did: get a couple of cards and hopefully disrupt the opponent. Nothing too fancy, but it worked.