wonderful map

You date a boy and afterwards, I watch you turn him into a city. You say, this is the road where his car went over the guardrail and he walked away without a scratch and took three whole days to call you. You say, this is the road where you threw my flowers out to make room for him in the passenger seat. You say, this is the road between his house and our apartment. This is the restaurant you used to frequent with him, which is also where you took me for our first dinner date. This is the used condom we found stuck between the wall and my side of the bed. These are the sheets you still hadn’t changed by the time I moved in. This is someone else’s bed and I am laying awake at night in it, folding and unfolding city maps, wondering if there’s a casual way to say, “Hey, is your ex-boyfriend Rome? because everything leads back to him.”
—  ROME by Trista Mateer

*squints* I recognize this map

And here’s my other piece for @lesmisartcollab, an illustration of a line from the book by @threadbaremillionaire which seemed perfect to try a technique on which I’ve been itching to do. Which… Didn’t really go as planned, but I think I like the result anyway? I was trying to go for the scene being lit just by moonlight… Not sure how well I managed that, but hey.


they proceeded to jump off the map and i went in the corner…because im a bad Hanzo

but yea, ive made a lot of friends in skirmishes who love Mchanzo, but sometimes they join me and im already kinda flirting with another McCree, i feel like im cheating tbh but its so overwhelming, like…who do i chose?

if ya’ll dont believe me:


31 Days of Muse | Day 15 - Favorite drum part: Map of the Problematique

The Signs As Maroon 5 Songs

Aries: Makes Me Wonder

Taurus: Wake Up Call

Gemini: One More Night

Cancer: Misery

Leo: Animals

Virgo: She Will Be Loved

Libra: Payphone

Scorpio: Moves Like Jagger

Sagittarius: Maps

Capricorn:This Love

Aquarius: This Summer’s Gonna Hurt

Pisces: Sugar