wonderful looks

sassybonbon  asked:

Your simplified style is fantastic and I love it!

Ahhh, thank you so much ♥ I know the style’s not as fancy as what I normally do (and I’m still a little self-conscious over it), but I’m enjoying it like mad!

Aah you noticed?? I’m wondering if you’re the first one. I understand that Scrooge and Donald are the same height. Actually, I always draw him shorter because of a very personal reason. A long time ago I’d read that when you start to get older, you start to get shorter too. And Scrooge’s a rly old bird. Plus, I like the idea he helped raising Donald somehow and, idk, it sounds cute for me that his lil nephew is taller than him now. So yeah, I headcanon Scrooge shorter than Donald. Call me dumb. Here, have a very quick and very messy doodle:

It explains this better than me.