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Night in the Woods is a weird game. But it’s cute. Been watching a Let’s Play of it–lord knows I wouldn’t have time for it myself. It kinda reminds me of Life is Strange, sans the supernatural elements (maybe?). I wonder if it’s gonna be the new Undertale. The whole cast is just super endearing, and the writing is flawless.

If you haven’t heard of it, I do suggest you check if out if you like either of those games.

Anyways, Beatrice is a weirdly adorable lizard goth girl. Smoking is gross though.

Translating the game’s hyper simplified art style was a weird challenge. I hope I get time to do more. Back to homework now.

Masterlist Part. 1

So I’ve been bored and I decided to make a list of some of the imagines/headcanons that I have reblogged that I really like (side note: I️ was doing this and I️ realized how many I️ have reblogged in the last year and I️ just couldn’t fit it all. I️ will make a part 2 eventually) . Don’t forget to follow the writers!:

“Drabble 148″ by @fangirlnova
“Movie Night” by @wynterrobin​ 
“Habits” by @aerodynamic-occamy
“So Much More” by @avengerdragoness
“You’re A Furnace” by @makeup-wonder-woman
“Here Comes The Anxiety” by @galacticgraysons
“Oblivious” by @the-smexy-robin
“I Love You” by @youlightmeupfinn
“Soft” by @stardustginger
“Away” by @writingtheworks
“While I Was Asleep” by @writingtheworks
“Despite What You Think, I Am Completely Capable Of Taking Care Of Myself” by @avengerdragoness
“The Reader Tells Jason She Loves Him For The First Time” by @theunchartedsuperheros
“Deep Blue Sea” by @writekindofwrong
“Scars” by @loudmouthwally
“My Boyfriend Dresses Me For a Week” by @jxsontxdds
“Tipsey Motorcycles” by @thesebatbrats
“I Love Coming Home To You” by @comiccwrites
“First Date W/ Jason Todd” by @yikes-man
“You’re Beautiful To Me” by @dcandmarvelimagines
“Ranting for Days” by @fellowintrovert
“What Ifs” by @youlightmeupfinn
“A Birthday Surprise” by @twinniepie
“Adoration” by @loudmouthwally
“Mud Masks” by @uncpanda
“Can I Get A Kiss First” by @dc-hoe
“Happy Birthday Jason Todd” by @bioticgoddess
“Day Full Of Surprises” by @avengerdragoness
“We Fell Asleep On The Couch Together…” by @batarang-s
“Confession” by @tgwltw
“Training Begins” by @flowerpot101
“She’s The One” by @bucks-metal-arm
“Interruptions” by @youngjusticewritings
“Unexpected” by @jennsimagines
“SOS” by @makeup-wonder-woman
“When the Day Met the Night” @multi-fandom-fanfics
“Bath Bombs and Dislocated Shoulders” by @arrowguyxx
“Blow Your Mind” by @youngjusticewritings
“The Macarena” by @snickletastic
“A Cliche Dance” by @gingersducksandbubbles
“Lessons” by @youngjusticewritings
“Points To You” by @youlightmeupfinn
“Little Little” by @youngjusticewritings
“Coffee Date” by @redhoodshood
“Haunted House” by @dc-x-readers
“In Those Moments” by @writingtheworks
“Jason Todd Drabble” by @anonymous-dream
“Lazy Days” by @youngjusticewritings
“ I’ve Been Told I Give Really Bad Hugs, People Say It Feels Like I’m Trying To Escape “ by @hell-faerie
“A Day Off” by @gurlluvswriting

Superhero/Metahuman Reader:
“Seasons Change” by @writingtheworks
“They Can’t Hide From Me” by @makeup-wonder-woman
“The Elements: Fire” by @writingtheworks
“Hidden Life” by @makeup-wonder-woman
“Secret Superpower” by @marvel-dc-hybrid
“Restless” by @batfamwritingsand-more
“Heart of Stone” by @youngjusticewritings
“Subtext” by @writingtheworks

Featuring Batfam
“Attention” by @marvel-flower
“Damien ‘Cockblock’ Wayne” by @alphaabucky
“A Good Influence” by @arrowguyxx
“Game Night at Wayne Manor” by @imagineyoungjustice
“Haunted House” by @differentjokes4differentfolks

Jealous Jason/Reader:
“I Can’t Stand Him” by @princessquinn33
“Reader is BFFs with Dick and Jason Gets Jealous” by @aerodynamic-occamy
“Reflex” by @avengerdragoness​​
“Why Take It Out On The TV” by @alphaabucky
“Shut Up And Kiss Me” by @batfam-imagines-bymelia
“Jealousy” by @marvel-flower
“Lucky Bastard” by @writingtheworks
“Jealous of Dick/Reader” by @youngjusticewritings
“The Wayne Gala” by @snickletastic
“But Your Didn’t Hear It From Me” by @budhaven
“The Unknown” by @the-smexy-robin
“I Can’t Stand Him Sometimes” by @princessquinn33
“Unofficial Firefighter” by @avengerdragoness

“Sneezing” by @dc-comics-imagines
“Heated Make Up Sex” by @dc-comics-imagines
“Car sex looks so much easier in the movies” by @ellana-ravenwood
“Birthday Boy” by @flowerpot101
“Worth It” by @a-n-n-e-j
“M’Lady” by @maybe-its-5sos
“Come Home” by @bat-trxsh
“Sex With Jason Todd” by @fellowintrovert
“Stuck” by @winterguardianswife
“Slow Burn” by @winterguardianswife
“My Girl” by @dc-hoe
“K, L, M, and R” by @writingtheworks
J, T, and U” by @writingtheworks
“C, F, K, L, and M” by @writingtheworks
“A and D” by @writingtheworks
“E, G, H, and I” by @writingtheworks
“Safe” by @batarella
“Kink A-Z” by @baby-batboys

“Our Mouths Grip To The Words We’re Saying” by @onceuponanotherassumption
“Phone Call” by @crowleyellestair​ 
“This Moment” by @ohmababypoe
“More Than Enough” by @batfam-imagines-bymelia
“Without You” by @gamelickerwriting
“I Promise” by @dc-hoe
“Nightmares” by @bay-chester
“Brave” by @avengerdragoness
“I Could Say That I’m Sorry But I Can’t Even Remember How It Happened” by @stay–satan
“I Won’t Let Them Hurt You” by @batfamwritingsand-more
“Hanahaki Disease” by @batfamwritingsand-more
“World Turned Gray Again” by @dc-marvel-imagines
“Key To My Heart” by @snickletastic
“There’s a Dark Room inside of my Head” by @onceuponanotherassumption
“I Learned To Love Myself Through You” by @hell-faerie
“Without You” by @cattwomannn
“Stalker” by @marvel-flower

Pregnant + Dad!Jason:
“I’m Pregnant + About The Baby… It’s Yours” by @loudmouthwally
“How Jason Deals During Each Trimester” by @super-shield
“Imagine Being With Jason Todd” by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Jason Todd’s Childhood:
“August 16″ by @gothamwonder
“Mistakes Were Made” by @supersonicsidekick
“Baby Bird” by @makeup-wonder-woman

Jason Todd Headcanons:
“Jason Having A Crush On You Would Include” by @princessquinn33
“When Did The Batboys Realize That They Were Falling For Their S/O And What Was Their Reaction To Realizing They’re In Love” by @super-shield​ 
Jealous Headcanon” by @loverandomness2
“Cuddling Headcanons” by @comiccwrites
“Jason’s S/O Beating Him In A Match” by @angstytodd
“Bed Partners” by @aspiratinganxiety
“Jason Trains The Reader In Self Defense” by @super-shield
“The Batboys- Jealousy” by @dc-hoe
“Batboys Getting Married” by @angstytodd
What Jason Loves About You” by @posiey
“Batboys With Busy S/O” by @sailorkeann
“Dating Jason Todd Would Include” by @redhoodieandtheoutlaws
“Bat Boy Headcanons Sick S/O” by @aspiratinganxiety
“How Would The Batboys React During Their S/O Labor” by @posiey
“Batboys Before Getting With S/O Would Include” by @posiey
“Batboys Finding A Positive Pregnancy Test” by @posiey
“Getting Married To Jason Todd Would Include” by @superhero–imagines
“Jason Todd Being A Protective Boyfriend” by @fellowintrovert
“Fighting With Jason Todd” by @fellowintrovert
“How Jason Todd Would Show Affection If He Was Dating You” by @jasontodd-is-alive
“How They Propose-Batboys” by @youlightmeupfinn
“Reader Tells Jason She Loves Him For The First Time” By @youngjusticewritings
“Commoner Jason Todd Falling In Love With A Princess” By @fellowintrovert
“Cuddling With Jason Todd Would Include” by @princessquinn33
“Dating Jason Todd” by @batfam-imagines
“Batboys When S/O Are On Their Period Headcanons” by @arkhamsdarkestknight
“Dating Jason Todd Includes” by @baby-batboys

“Pixar” by @chimaerakitten(1) (2) (3) (4)
“Connected” by @kayleethedreamer​ (1) (2)
“Game of Thrones” by @theunchartedsuperheros(1) (2)
“Candids” by @fangirlnova(1) (2)
“Voodoo Doll” by @fangirlnova(1) (2)
“The Quest For Lost Treasure” by @jxsontxdds(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
“Colleagues” by @jaybeartodd(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
“Save Me Only To Kill Me” by @cas-backwards-tie (1) (2)
“Soulmate AU” by @i-write-what-i-want (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

because i’ve found so many AMAZING stories recently, i decided to do a little reading corner. when i find new stories, it will be updated, of course :)
so … yeah. here it comes:

@blarffy  🔖 greene legacy
@simtrovart  🔖 ilkay Family
@oakglow  🔖 grove legacy
@nadehzdia  🔖 the chien-medina family
@ambrosiay   🔖 darkfall story
@mysimblruniverse  🔖 summerberry family
@tigresssimmer  🔖 history challenge
@edens-star  🔖 history challenge
@aapollo  🔖 dalton legacy
@femmesim  🔖 a serious case of the novembers
@feme-rebelle  🔖 cherryblossom Legacy
@cinemasims  🔖 rookies story
@ichosim  🔖 the curious life of billie priest
@bratsims  🔖 woods legacy
@citrontart  🔖 dina & dante
@bustedpixels  🔖 S1M0NE story
@fatpandasims  🔖 the mcKinnon legacy
@peonypyxels  🔖 sparks legacy
@wildlyminiaturesandwich  🔖 when life gives you lemons + au
@andromeda-sims  🔖 coldwater legacy
@tiredtoothache  🔖 fitzgerald legacy
@simsomedia  🔖 elementals story
@penelope-and-wonders  🔖 life in patterns legacy
@cellblocksimmer  🔖 borowski legacy (and yeah, still love her lightwood legacy)
@keeksim  🔖 valentine legacy
@tea-sims  🔖 the applegate legacy
@ohthesefaces  🔖 asylum challenge
@sammyshuno  🔖 running from wildfires story
@saucysims  🔖 new beginnings story
@macandcheats  🔖 jones legacy


anonymous asked:

So I was thinking about a couple of the MML episode titles, and here's what I've come up with: "A World Without Milo": A sort of an "It's a Wonderful Life" plot where either Bradley or Eliot complaining that life would be so much easier without Milo, and then he has a dream or something that shows them what life is like without Milo, and it's not like he expected it to be. (Probably not, tho. :P) "Love Togboggan" [sic]: I believe the most likely route would be MILOMANDA!

“World Without Milo” made me jump to the Wonderful Life plot too, but I realized with the time travel element it could concievably be literal—what if something happened to prevent Milo’s existence before it occurred? bonus points if they link it to the P&F finale

Personally, my Milomanda money is on “Disaster of my Dreams.” 😏💕

Announcing the Winner of my 1k Sculpture Contest, tiinasaurus !!

Knuk is a beautifully designed gryphon that I am excited to integrate into my new class.  I will be able to cover a lot about fur and feather textures as well as proportions and color schemes.  He will be really fun to pose with that lanky, yet stout form.

Congratulations, Tiina!  You will be receiving a free enrollment in my class once it opens and will have the chance to receive the finished sculpture once I am done filming.

Thank you to all that entered.  I got some really awesome designs submitted, but ultimately, Knuk was the best fit for the needs of my class.

Honorable Mentions

I would like to include a few honorable mentions that really stood out to me.  These entrants are entitled to 10% off my commission prices if they want to commission me for these characters.  They will also be  guaranteed a slot in any round of commissions that I offer this year OR they may choose a 50% off coupon for my class once it opens.

External image

anemicshoe for her delightful “gardeners”.  These have such a clever design.  I love the contrasting textures and the personality that each one shows.  Very believable!

External image

dokibird for her simple but lovely Maple.  I am a big fan of designs like this that are well composed and have excellent color schemes.  How can you not love that face?

External image

jsug for her beta fish dragon, Ozai.  I love that I can look at this design and literally see it gracefully swimming through the water.  Wonderful integration of real life elements into a fantasy character.

Thank you again for all that entered and reblogged the contest post.  I gained a bunch of new followers because of this contest and I really appreciate the support.  

I will be filming my class in a few weeks and hope to have it ready for enrollment over the summer.  Stay tuned and thank you everyone for making my contest a sucess!