wonderful life with the elements

Night in the Woods is a weird game. But it’s cute. Been watching a Let’s Play of it–lord knows I wouldn’t have time for it myself. It kinda reminds me of Life is Strange, sans the supernatural elements (maybe?). I wonder if it’s gonna be the new Undertale. The whole cast is just super endearing, and the writing is flawless.

If you haven’t heard of it, I do suggest you check if out if you like either of those games.

Anyways, Beatrice is a weirdly adorable lizard goth girl. Smoking is gross though.

Translating the game’s hyper simplified art style was a weird challenge. I hope I get time to do more. Back to homework now.

The Octet Rule to Stability.

20th June 2017. Tuesday

The periodic table of elements teaches us a wonderful thing about life. The outermost shell of the atom has electrons that are called valence electrons. Each element of metals and gases have different electrons in its valence shell.

The Octet Rule tells us that Atoms react to form compounds that allow them to have eight valence electrons. This is the most stable arrangement of the element. Once their outer layer has eight electrons their energy level is full and they do not react anymore and become insert.

Sodium as an example has just one electron in its valence shell and Chlorine has seven valence electrons. They combine to give us sodium chloride - table salt. The sodium atom releases its one valence electron to chlorines seven and thus makes a stable compound with eight valence electrons.

The elements that are inert and non reactive are called Noble elements in Chemistry. Gases like Argon, Xenon, Neon, Krypton and Helium are examples of Noble gases and metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium are called Noble metals as they do not corrode or oxidize easily.

Similarly in life, if our energy field is full at our outermost valence layer, we become a stable arrangement and do not react easily with other elements. Volatility of elements is not linked to external factors but the internal instability of its energy layer. Once it has eight electrons it’s energy layer is full, it does not react with any other element. Similarly if our outer energy layer is full, we do not react to external circumstances and people that easily.

Just like iron exposed to atmosphere reacts with oxygen and corrodes rapidly while Gold exposed to the same oxygen does not react easily so it is that things outside can’t destabilize you. If you are unstable than you react to things outside. Anger cannot be given to you from outside. It’s an internal instability that brought it in. We have a choice of being a Noble human who is balanced in his energy field at the valence level and thus becoming inert and non-reactive.

Announcing the Winner of my 1k Sculpture Contest, tiinasaurus !!

Knuk is a beautifully designed gryphon that I am excited to integrate into my new class.  I will be able to cover a lot about fur and feather textures as well as proportions and color schemes.  He will be really fun to pose with that lanky, yet stout form.

Congratulations, Tiina!  You will be receiving a free enrollment in my class once it opens and will have the chance to receive the finished sculpture once I am done filming.

Thank you to all that entered.  I got some really awesome designs submitted, but ultimately, Knuk was the best fit for the needs of my class.

Honorable Mentions

I would like to include a few honorable mentions that really stood out to me.  These entrants are entitled to 10% off my commission prices if they want to commission me for these characters.  They will also be  guaranteed a slot in any round of commissions that I offer this year OR they may choose a 50% off coupon for my class once it opens.

External image

anemicshoe for her delightful “gardeners”.  These have such a clever design.  I love the contrasting textures and the personality that each one shows.  Very believable!

External image

dokibird for her simple but lovely Maple.  I am a big fan of designs like this that are well composed and have excellent color schemes.  How can you not love that face?

External image

jsug for her beta fish dragon, Ozai.  I love that I can look at this design and literally see it gracefully swimming through the water.  Wonderful integration of real life elements into a fantasy character.

Thank you again for all that entered and reblogged the contest post.  I gained a bunch of new followers because of this contest and I really appreciate the support.  

I will be filming my class in a few weeks and hope to have it ready for enrollment over the summer.  Stay tuned and thank you everyone for making my contest a sucess!