wonderful lake

Summer sunsets at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska are truly special. Kent Miller snapped this dream-like photo two days ago of a moose walking along Reflection Pond. In the background, the top of Denali is illuminated by the setting sun at midnight. Photo by Kent Miller, National Park Service.


The Inquisitor is a complete danger-magnet, but she doesn’t realize it. Like, she can’t leave Skyhold without getting into a fight every single time, but it never strikes her as odd. The others notice, though. So when Trevelyan/Lavellan off-handedly mentions that Cullen is taking her on a trip to Ferelden, Cassandra is horrified.

It’s like PTSD flashbacks: red templars and apostates. Spiders. Dragons. AND BEARS! SO. MANY. BEARS.

And so, like a true Defender of Romance™, Cassandra takes it upon herself and enlists the rest of the companions to help give the Inquisitor and Cullen The Most Uneventful Walk in the Countryside Ever.

So at the lake, when the Inquisitor mentions how peaceful it is? What we don’t see is Cassandra punching a bear somewhere in the forest, or Dorian screaming as the Iron Bull laughingly takes on a MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON.

And then, when the Inquisitor and Cullen return to Skyhold all happy and lovey-dovey, she turns to see her companions in varying degrees of tired/injured/so-done-with-this-shit, and she goes: “Did I miss something?”