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The Dakota Access Pipeline was located beneath Lake Oahe, which is a lake created by a dam on the Missouri River. This was the site of the protests by the Standing Rock Sioux and several other Native American tribes against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Have you ever wondered how Lake Oahe came to be? This video tells the story from the perspective of a elderly Native American whose family was affected by the construction of the dam and the flooding of the Missouri River behind the dam.

Description from Reveal:

The Dakota Access Pipeline now runs beneath Lake Oahe. The lake was created after the U.S. government seized the surrounding land through eminent domain and dammed the Missouri River. Candace Ducheneaux’s father was a negotiator for the tribe in settlement talks with the government. She remembers what life was like before her family was relocated from its ancestral home and the tribe from its most fertile farmland. She shares her family’s collection of photographs, along with her memories.

Summer sunsets at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska are truly special. Kent Miller snapped this dream-like photo two days ago of a moose walking along Reflection Pond. In the background, the top of Denali is illuminated by the setting sun at midnight. Photo by Kent Miller, National Park Service.


The Inquisitor is a complete danger-magnet, but she doesn’t realize it. Like, she can’t leave Skyhold without getting into a fight every single time, but it never strikes her as odd. The others notice, though. So when Trevelyan/Lavellan off-handedly mentions that Cullen is taking her on a trip to Ferelden, Cassandra is horrified.

It’s like PTSD flashbacks: red templars and apostates. Spiders. Dragons. AND BEARS! SO. MANY. BEARS.

And so, like a true Defender of Romance™, Cassandra takes it upon herself and enlists the rest of the companions to help give the Inquisitor and Cullen The Most Uneventful Walk in the Countryside Ever.

So at the lake, when the Inquisitor mentions how peaceful it is? What we don’t see is Cassandra punching a bear somewhere in the forest, or Dorian screaming as the Iron Bull laughingly takes on a MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON.

And then, when the Inquisitor and Cullen return to Skyhold all happy and lovey-dovey, she turns to see her companions in varying degrees of tired/injured/so-done-with-this-shit, and she goes: “Did I miss something?”

The amulet is in tune with Jim’s emotions. That’s how it deactivates after a fight’s done, because it senses he’s no longer in distress. Blinky says the amulet requires the incantation to activate, but we witness once in the beginning, before Jim’s begun to master the amulet, it activating out of the blue at school without him ever speaking the incantation. That’s how he ends up at Romeo and Juliet tryouts wearing the armor of Daylight.

We also witness Jim will the amulet to him in Claire and Present Danger. The amulet doesn’t activate per se, but Jim (literally) calls to it and it responds, rocketing to where he is because Jim needs it.

It makes me wonder like, can the amulet also activate based off of Jim’s emotions? Will Jim always have to speak the incantation to activate it, or will there come a point in the future where Jim and the amulet are so in synch the amulet will just know when Jim needs it to activate without him having to say anything? Just based off of his emotions or what he wants to happen in that moment.

Speak- A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: Okay, so I read this request and had something in mind that followed it perfectly. But as I wrote, it kind of morphed into something different and this is what came out. I hope the anon that requested it doesn’t mind too much! Anyways, part three of the Alone Together series will be out tomorrow. Enjoy. 

Request from Anon:  Id like to make a request A remus lupin smut where they’re doing it in the shrieking shack and the other marauders go to find remus and find him there.

Warning: SMUT

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You’ve been with him for a year. You’ve been with the person you loved most in this entire world for a whole rotation around the sun. You have been blissfully in love with Remus John Lupin for an entire year. Things couldn’t be better.

So, for your anniversary you’d thought you’d surprise him with a scavenger hunt. You wanted him to remember everything you had given him, and him to you. You wanted him to remember how happy you made him, and hopefully he’d know how happy you will be.

The first note was left by his bedside. It was a neatly folded letter that explained exactly what this Saturday would entail for him. He would have to go through the past year with you to find the present– technically his present.

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