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So I’m just saying, there are a lot of supercorp fics out there but tbh a lot of them I’m just like. Eh. About.

So here’s a list of my favorite supercorp authors and/or their fics—10/10 would recommend, and sure I may have only mentioned one fic, but if they’re on this list they’re quality all around and they’re good for all the fics (the ones I mention are just personally my fave). This will be a link to their ao3 page btw not their tumblr (and again–this is STRICTLY about supercorp fic, although if they do have other pairings lol i’ve read them they’re also good but then i’d need a longer list)

Sunlight Honey and Lavender Sunsets
honestly this is an amazing outside look at supercorp, featuring non-human “passing” aliens and a wonderfully crafted Jess the Secretary!!!

love all your fix it fics and oneshots!

listen closely and the stars will sing
Wish that Mon-El would have been a smol little girl who gets v attatched to lena instead of the gross dudebro and see Kara do what Clark wouldn’t?

ALL the fics. Cant really pick out just one standout tbh p much trust anyone by them

such unruly heads and hearts
HP supercorp au!

literally read every single up. 10/10 would die for. You don’t understand I die every single time I read one of your fics holy shit please go read there’s ALL the ships I more than lowkey scream every time I see an email saying there’s a fic update

hi I also love you but my favorite is probably wonderful electric (cover me in you)


I don’t think I can do a better job than the description: “
“Lena has a crush on Kara.
Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara.
Obviously the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.”
It IS as great as it sounds


there’s a moon in the sky (she calls me)
“The one where Lena finds herself falling for both eager cub reporter Kara Danvers and the mysterious caped protector of National City”
When Lena has a crush on BOTH supergirl and Kara and hijinks ensue it’s great

Honestly if you’re in the mood for multi-chapter fics and supercorp heroism is a full time job is one you’d probably wanna read. Also danishes and other sweet treats feature actual!genius!kara! which makes me v v happy because she’s not an idiot

The Death of Supergirl
Kara forgot to leave a note when she went to the Flash Universe and Shit Happens

i follow just to find you (a kiss we had to wait for)
sometimes you gotta just read Sin and if you do it might as well be well written sin?

Her Brother’s Keeper
holy fucking character study of lena batman

this list is for @pyrotechnician originally but everyone feel free to enjoy!


Goals. Simple, sexy, classic.

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 1

rain (reddie) a blurb

Type: Blurb/filler (read rest of series here or here)

Setting: Five years previous from current setting

A/N: soooooooo. i had a little idea that i would create small blurbs between chapters as fillers if i can’t get the next chapter out for a while. im just telling you guys, my amazing beta did NOT look over this, so it’s probably shitty af lmao. you may or may not get some clues throughout blurbs so i mean. take that as you will. it’s just a blurb man. hope you guys like! also, if you would like to listen to the song, it’s called someone who does by issues.

Even behind the stage of the semi-big arena, Eddie could hear the screams from the crowd loud and clear.

“How y’all feeling tonight?” Richie’s sultry voice sounded into the microphone and echoed throughout the arena, somehow making the already vociferous screams get even louder. 

Eddie knew the feeling. Richie’s voice brought chills to him all the time.

His eyes followed as Richie turned around walked towards him behind the stage, throwing Eddie a quick wink as he grabbed his water bottle; This caused Eddie’s cheeks to heat up slightly.

He loved this man.

“The next song is one.. That I hold near and dear to me.” Richie walked back to the front of the stage, crouching down as he exchanged a look with the screamer of his band, David.

“I want everyone… to raise a goddamn middle finger in the air. I wanna see every single hand in this arena, giving a middle finger. Go ahead, I’ll wait.” Richie’s dark eyes scanned the crowd of fans, a small smirk slipping onto his lips once he saw mostly middle fingers. “Alright, good.”

The lanky man stood up tall, momentarily watching his bandmates gear up for the song before he turned his attention back to the crowd. His own hand shot up, transforming into a middle finger.

“This song is for those who have been… neglected, treated like shit, and abandoned by the ones who were supposed to love them. Listen to me,” Richie paused, taking a quick look behind the stage where Eddie was standing. Eddie was almost frozen in place - he knew what song was going to be. “Fuck them. They didn’t deserve you. This song is called Someone Who Does.”

Eddie hadn’t thought it was possible for the screams to get louder, but alas, he was wrong. The crowd went absolutely nuts when they heard what the band was playing next.

“I wanna feel this motherfuckin’ arena vibrate.” Richie yelled over the instrumental in the beginning, his body beginning to move to the song before he began to sing.

“Hopeless, just a kid with a craving
To make memories with my father
It’s taken a lifetime to chase ‘em
That’s why I seem to reserve this space in my head
For the grudges of all the nights you didn’t tuck us into bed.“

Eddie heard them perform this song many times. He even had Richie ask for his opinion on lyrics during the process of writing it. Even so, he still got chills hearing it.

“Never showing up to my games
Never taking us to arcades
Seems like nothing has changed
When you don’t show up for my shows
But straight up wait till the day of
To tell me that you can’t make it
So I hit the stage and it’s raining
I’m a man, no thanks to you Dad.”

The crowd sang the lyrics back at the band, and Eddie could swear that the air felt electric. He wondered how many people related to the song out in the crowd.

Just like Richie had asked, it felt as if the room was vibrating.

What seemed to catch everyone off guard was Richie kneeling down on one knee during the bridge, not singing anymore. He had an arm over his eyes, and David rushed over, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Eddie wanted nothing more than to run onto the stage and pull his boyfriend into his arms, but he knew that wasn’t a good idea. He would probably only get in the way.

Slowly, the band stopped playing, and Richie sniffled gently into the mic. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I just need a minute.”

However, the chorus of the song began to sound from the crowd, and gradually, it picked up volume as more and more fans started to jump in. It shocked Eddie and caused him to shudder, the moment bringing tears to his eyes.

Richie looked up from his arm in bewilderment, his red eyes beginning to glisten again - but the smile on his face reflected that they were tears of happiness. “Thank you… I love you all so much.”

Eddie had hardly ever seen Richie get emotional in public, but he knew what the song meant to him. He knew what the fans meant to him.

He had made a promise to himself that he would never let Richie feel the way he felt in the song ever again.


Tina Guo - Full performance of Hans Zimmer’s “Wonder Woman"theme


“Dean remembers Shell Cottage, the three of them planning something big and never telling him anything about it. He remembers falling asleep with Luna on the sofa in the conservatory every afternoon, walking with her on the beach. He remembers Harry catching him on the stairs one night and kissing him roughly, ferocious and eager with his hair long in Dean’s hands. You and Seamus though, Harry had said afterwards, upstairs in the unmade single bed he slept in every night, his arm across Dean’s stomach. Yeah, Dean had replied, and they hadn’t done it again.”


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what's your fave supercorp fanfic

ahhh I can’t choose here are some of my favorites 12" by 8"wonderful electric (cover me in you)Handling ItDonuts and Flowers, A Few of My Favorite Things (Besides You)AlmostUnavoidable DreamsYou’re Never Alone, LenaPursuit and PowerOf RedK & One-Night StandsThe Green RoomLipstick On Your Collar and Act Natural

I Wanna Get Better!

Summer - Fireworks // Let You Get Away - Electric Century // It’s Time - Imagine Dragons // Came Out Swinging - The Wonder Years // Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy // Kids In The Dark - All Time Low // Joyriding - frnkiero andthe cellabration // I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance // Guts - All Time Low // Lipstick Covered Magnet - The Front Bottoms // Someone, Somewhere - Asking Alexandria // Empty Gold - Halsey // I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers // Contagious - Night Riots // Forever Stuck In Our Youth - Set It Off // Losing Teeth - Neck Deep // (Coffee’s For Closers) - Fall Out Boy // Right Back At It Again - A Day To Remember // Last Hope - Paramore // New Americana - Halsey // Old Scars / Future Hearts - All Time Low 

Songs for when you’re sick of being messed up and you want everyone to know it

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